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Recent posts by Roger Yates

Hi Eric,

The description of the book talks of various techniques and concepts but, for me, leaves one question unanswered:
As a Java developer of many years, will I be able to use Java to use Quantum Processors (QPUs)?
Having seen your answer in thread then the answer seems to be ‘yes’ with the appropriate native libraries (and of course when running on the appropriate hardware or simulator).

So my question becomes more: ‘what language is/can be used to develop these native libraries for QPUs? Is this more assembly-like or are there already compilers for higher level abstractions?’

5 months ago
Hi Josh,

I’m a great fan of your 2nd edition book. What would you say are the compelling differences from 2nd to 3rd editions?
2 years ago
Thanks Ilja.

So, as a summary for anyone else interested in copying/moving whole lines:

  • Ctrl+Alt+down: copies current line or selected lines to below
  • Ctrl+Alt+up: copies current line or selected lines to above
  • Alt+up: moves current line or selected lines to above
  • Alt+down: moves current line or selected lines to below
  • Ctrl+Shift+L: brings up a List of shortcut keys & pressing twice gets...
  • Window/Preferences - General/Keys: allows you to modify the lot

  • As an example, to copy a whole line somewhere else:
    1. Press Ctrl+Alt+up (or down)
    2. Press Alt+up (or down) as many times until you reach desired location.
    ... and for a shortcut to editing the shortcuts...

    When you've pressed Ctrl+Shift+L for the list of shortcuts, you can then press Ctrl+Shift+L again to get taken straight to the 'General/Keys' section of Windows/Preferences.

    i.e. Press Ctrl+Shift+L twice and you're there!

    I like Eclipse more and more.

    Now to find a shortcut to cut a whole line ready to be dropped somewhere else of my choosing...

    Thanks, but...
    I have a tablet-pc and if I dare to use ctl-alt-down, my screen rotates upside-down.
    and I couldn't see Windows/Preferences - Keys

    However, I've now disabled that little-used feature of my graphics driver in favour of the more useful copy line in Eclipse.

    and you did lead me to find Windows/Preferences - General/Keys.

    Thanks very much - an extremely useful page that one.

    I'd found Ctl-Shift-L to get a list of key combinations and hadn't found anything, though now I see Ctl-Alt-down is there - I think the sheer number of shortcuts must have frazzled my brain.

    Also Ctl-Alt-Up will duplicate lines.

    So, as a summary for anyone interested:
  • Ctl-Alt-down: copies current line or selected lines to below
  • Ctl-Alt-up: copies current line or selected lines to above
  • Ctl-Shift-L: brings up a List of shortcut keys
  • Window/Preferences - General/Keys: allows you to modify the lot

  • Is there a keyboard shortcut to duplicate a line of code?
    E.g. Ctrl+D deletes current line.

    I know I can: move to start of line, select to end of line, copy, paste
    ...but that's a bit long-winded.

    There must be a combination to copy a whole line at once, just like that good old dos editor Brief, but I haven't found it yet. Anyone know if such a shortcut exists?
    Can't help about the re-adding it, but if you are running on Windows, did you try restoring them from the Recycle bin?!
    I don't believe it!

    Yes, it was a basic error, but lead me to erroneously believing I'd been infected with some netster spyware that had somehow gotten into Tomcat!

    This: should have been this:

    Somehow, I managed to type an extra 'u' into sourceforge :roll: .
    The domain '' has been taken by netster and the request gets redirected to the netster site, causing my XML to be invalid!

    I'd have wasted a lot less time if I'd got an invalid URL message rather than finding netster in my output! Thanks a bunch netster - NOT!

    Not amused, but happy to be back in action again.

    I considered deleting my former post, but have left it here for the unlikely event that someone else hits the same problem. (And I thought I'd checked that XML soooo carefully!)

    For the record, removing that extra 'u' results in a lovely set of creation messages beginning with a 'Mapping Class' message.

    [ March 14, 2006: Message edited by: Roger Yates ]
    I'm trying to get to grips with Spring/Hibernate/Struts using a cut-down variant of AppFuse. When starting Tomcat (5.5) having deployed my first hibernate definition, I get "Error parsing XML..." as shown in the extract of output below.

    I also notice that the output mentions What is 'netster' doing here? Is it causing me a problem? If so, how do I stop the webserver from looking there?

    The xml that should be evaluated is as follows:

    Any ideas what could be going wrong?
    Assume nothing - I could have made some very basic error!

    [ March 14, 2006: Message edited by: Roger Yates ]
    'listIdx' with quotes round it is just the string 'listIdx'.
    We can assume that list is of type List and so can be accessed using [] with numbers only. So list[1] is fine, and list[someAttributeThatCanConvertToANumber] is also fine. But list["someAttributeThatCanConvertToANumberButWontAsItIsInQuotes"] will not work.

    Actually as it stands F also does not work (exception gets thrown for same reason as E).
    Here's the error you get for F as it is now:

    The EL expression ${list[list['listIdx']]} throws a ServletException
    (The "[]" operator was supplied with an index value of type "java.lang.String" to be
    applied to a List or array, but that value cannot be converted to an integer.)

    I've logged 'F' as an errata, and it's currently in the 'unconfirmed' bucket here:
    Nicely done Satguru!

    Here's to 94%
    Wahay! WINNER

    Cheers guys
    If you have more than one .jsp page with v2.3 specified, you could add this to your DD:

    [ October 24, 2004: Message edited by: Roger Yates ]