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Recent posts by Ed Villamizar

A Timex-Sinclair 1000, with a 16K memory expansion.

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14 years ago

Originally posted by navat venu:
Who is the women on the cover page of Head First Servlets & JSP book?
Is it sierra (author of the book)?

Kathy Sierra's picture is on page viii.
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Originally posted by Marc Peabody:
What? This girl?

Not that one, she is the one in HF Design Patterns!!
Please send the pdf to ooes1(REMOVE)@yahoo.com as well. (Remove the '(REMOVE)' before sending)

Thanks a lot,

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso..... in Italian; the only movie that has made me cry!!
The final scene is awesome.
A must for a movie lover since it is a movie that includes lots of references and clips from other well-know movie classics.
17 years ago
I feel sorry for you guys who made the trip there.

BTW, this has been discussed in this thread as well.

17 years ago

Originally posted by Axel Janssen:
In Germany 7.1 mio households watched F1 race with 6 cars. It was the TV event which attracted most people on a sunday at 8.00 pm.
Strange. Isn't? A lot of people love to watch Michael win.

I admire him as a great car racer. What he did in San Marino was incredible; I actually wanted him to win that one over the big mouthed Alonso. He is probably not a very good person, but who cares when watching the race? (wasn't Cora some other driver's girlfriend?). The point is that watching him win race after race after race gets very boring.

But, on second thought, this can actually make this year's competition more interesting....
17 years ago
I was a big F1 fan.... now I am just a fan... for now.

I am just so thankful that Montoya isn't doing well!!! (otherwise I would have been there!)

I made myself a promise at the beginning of the season that if Juan Pablo Montoya was doing well in the championship after the fourth race, I was going to take my kids to the Indianapolis GP. Good thing that the dummy broke his shoulder "playing tennis" (Yeah right!!... that was the excuse to not get in trouble since his contract has penalties for wreckless behavior; the rumor is that he was practicing motocross.)

Can you imagine paying about $1800 to go to Indy for the weekend to watch that joke? If I was upset at just watching it on TV I can't imagine how I would have been had I went.... poor fans.

I blame the inepts at Michelin too. Poor enginnering, poor manufacturing, poor testing, poor quality control, poor contingency planning (they are supposed to supply a second set which they didn't).

I recognize, though, that Michelin did what they had to do: announce the problem to their customers, accept responsibility for it and propose options.

Changing the configuration of a track just a couple of hours before a race was a crazy idea. The teams did what they had to do: protect their drivers; we are talking about human lives. Yes it is a risky sport but racing knowing that those tires could explode was unacceptable, specially after Ralph's crash... by the way, he has to hate turn 13!!

Ferrari and the other teams using Bridgestone tires did what they had to do: race. That's what it was about. It is not their fault that other teams have substandard equipment and they should not be penalized for that.

The FIA did what they had to do: enforce the rules.

Now Schumacher is fighting for the title and this can get boring again. Oh well, I can always Tivo the races and decide if watch it or not after reading the comments about it instead of waking up at crazy hours to watch it live.
[ June 21, 2005: Message edited by: Ed Villamizar ]
17 years ago
Irish Red and Whiter Setter!!! Go figure...
[ June 07, 2005: Message edited by: Ed Villamizar ]
17 years ago
Trying this is only going to reinforce the belief around here that I am kind of crazy!! One of my workmates used to call me "crazy Cuban".

Anyway... it was hard at first but practice made it OK though...

Just be sure that nobody is watching you or, if somebody is, that you have a chance to explain what you are doing.
17 years ago

Originally posted by kayal cox:
Ok, let me try to give whatever info I know about the points you have raised. Warning: its gonna be a long mail.


Hope that helps. Good luck!

[ May 12, 2005: Message edited by: kayal cox ]

Thanks a lot Kayal, great information. Some is new for me and some other confirmed what I got from other sources.
17 years ago