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Recent posts by san geetha

I do have an unique id associated with each line item... (ie) concernId
My problem is if i want to update a value in the 3rd LItem, then iam not able to get the handle to the altered LItem. In the action class, i have the formbean's object... but it always contains the value of the first LItem.
13 years ago
I have a list of user defined objects to iterate over using logic:iterate. The values of the object are being displayed in a text box so that the users can update the values. After th user updates the value in the front end,I am not able to retrieve the corresponding line item modified.

Assuming there are 5 line items being displayed using logic:iterate over a list (list contains objects of user defined class), if the user needs to update a value in thatz present in the 3rd line item, using an id field(property in the user defined class), iam able to determine the row. but in the action class when the form bean's object is accessed the 1sr line item's values are retrieved rather than the 3rd.

Kindly help.

Logic - iterate code
<logic:iterate id="custConId" name="WSREditFormBean" property = "custConcerns" type="bean.ConcernsVO">
<bean:define id= "conId" name="custConId" property="concernId" />
<html:text indexed="true" name="custConId" property="concernDesc" styleClass="tbclrwhite" />
13 years ago
Any idea about the dispatchMethod?
13 years ago
Thats what iam doing now. but i dont want to pass it in a querystring.
Any other way.
13 years ago
To implement pagination i have an action class that extends the DispatchAction. Have also declared the parameter attribute in the config.xml
At runtime i want to set the method to be called in the action class. Say sthg like, either first, prev, next, last... anything can be clicked, depending upon what is being clicked the respective method in the action class should be called.
I dont want to do this in javascript... is there any other way?
while going thru the API i saw the dispatchMethod()... wud that help?
13 years ago
Have a web-appln which has pie-charts and graphs being used extensively.
They have to be generated dynamically, say i have a select list, with respect to what is selected in the list i need to generate a pie chart, graph dynamically...
Any pointers about which software to use,that is faster or can produce charts dynamically?

Have a action class that populates data to be loaded into <html:select>, on completion the control goes to
the jsp, where the form is displayed. I have configured commons validator in this jsp, by including the 2 xml files,
extending ValidatorForm instead of ActionForm and also overriden the validate() method
But i want the validator to perform validate when i submit the form, rather when i click on certain hyperlink.
This doesnt happen, validator is executed when the jsp is loaded... which is not what i want....
What do i do?
13 years ago
Ok, let me try and get back if i face some other issues.
Thanks a lot
13 years ago
The scenario is, i have a class A that extends Action class.
I want to redirect the control to servlet, where by using ServletOutputStream i wud display some data in Excel format.
Iam aware that in struts, after executing the excute() method in the Action Class..the controller servlet needs to forward the control to anyother jsp or action class.
So how do i go about in my scenario.
13 years ago
It works!!! Should have tried it b4 posting it in the forum.

13 years ago
I have a multi select box.
If i select 2 of the options and submit the page, the corresponding values for those to options are available in the formbean property
Immediately if i deselect the previously selected options(by holding the ctrl button) and submit the page, the previously
selected values are still available in the formbean property, whereas this is not what i want. The formbean property should not have any values

How do i get rid of this.
13 years ago
I did, wrote a decode function

But for the above, if i add a where clause like this, where compValue between 0 and 100, then iam getting an error as INVALID NUMBER
i suppose the above error was cos of adding 'cannot be computed', but how do i over come this.
Iam no expert in Oracle Queries and iam not able to solve the same.
13 years ago
No, its working fine... I still have it as isPropertyName() only in my form class(one that extends ActionForm)

About the specifications that i had mentioned, the same is mentioned in "Struts In Action" book by Ted Husted.
Just quoted a paragraph from the above mentioned book.(Page No: 13)

If the accessor returns a logical value, there is a variant pattern. Instead of using the lowercase token get, a logical property can use the prefix is, followed by the property name. The first character in the property name must be uppercase. The return value will always be a logical value - either boolean or Boolean. Logical accessors cannot accept parameters in their method signature.
The boolean accessor method signature for an on property would be

13 years ago
In ur jsp:
<html:radio property="Gender" value="M"/>Male
<html:radio property="Gender" value="F"/>Female

And thatthe Gender property on the form bean should have been already set to "M" then radio button with the text Male would be checked.

Hopes this helps.
13 years ago
Yes, SearchFormBean the name of the form thatz mentioned in the struts-config.
It does extends the ActionForm-class.
13 years ago