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Recent posts by srinija kosaraju

hi vaithiya
thanks for your suggestion.First i thought to give IBM enterprise developer exam (on WASAD) and prepared for it.Later i dropped that decission and gave web components and business components exam.So i had some knowledge about WASAD.Now i try to practise sql.

Thanks for ur suggestion

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4,SCBCD 1.3
17 years ago
Hi friends

Today i have cleared SCBCD with 97%.The exam was much easier when compared to the mock exams i did before.In HFE final mock exam i got 77% and 78%in Jpilot mock exam.I am shocked at the result and doubt if i got the easiest questions of all.I missed 2 questions one from EJB Overview and one from Enterprise Bean Environment.I have followed
1.Head First EJB by Kathy Sierra and BertBates
2.Mastering Ejbs by EdRoman
and i almost did all the free mock exams that are available online.

Thanks to Nileesha,Severin Stockli,PaulusMaessen,Vaithiya Sundaram,RonOlson
for their excellent support and special thanks to Kathy Sierra and BertBates for such a splendid material.

I am a beginner and i dont have any practical experience till now.J2EE was my interesting area and i have completed almost all the certifications in it now.From now onwards i start applying for jobs.I need your help regarding this.Some people suggest me not to put all these certifications in my CV as i am a starter.They say expectations will be very high if i include them and i will be under high pressure in the working environment.And i believe its partly true as practical environment is entirely different from the theory we know.So what should i do.Can any one suggest.Please forgive me and ignore this if its irrelavant here.

Thanks to one and all

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4,SCBCD 1.3
17 years ago
hi Nileesha

does it say the not supported throws an exception.I couldn't get what u have said

1.Does The bean provider must always define a query for each finder method in the deployment descriptor.

2. An attempt to remove a session object while the object is in a transaction will cause the container to throw the IllegalStateException to the client. (true/false)

can any one come up with the answers for these questions

thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
Hai Nileesha

In case of Mandatory and never we get SystemExceptions depending on the callers Tx.These are consider to be dangerous as it is difficult for the client to recover from system exceptions.But support is riskiest as we cannot determine whether it runs in a transaction or not.

Coming to Not supported we cleary know that it always runs without a tx context irrespective of callers Tx,and u cannot consider suspending of callers transaction as dangerous as it too happens for RequiresNew.And for me running in an unspecified Tx context does not seem to be dangerous.
Though it seems to be little confusing u may get clarified when u read it twice or thrice

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
Which must NOT be invoked on a bean's EJBContext until AFTER
the execution of the setSessionContext
method in a stateless session bean using CMT?

A) getEJBLocalHome
B) getEJBObject
C) getUserTransaction
D) getCallerPrincipal
E) isCallerInRole
F) setRollbackOnly
G) getRollbackOnly
H) getEJBLocalObject

For me except option A all others appear to be correct.But Given Correct answers are:C,F,G.

can any one give me the correct answers.

thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
Which two are true about container managed transactions in EJB 2.0? Select all 2 correct Choices.

A.Differentiating between overloaded methods is possible in the bean's deployment descriptor.
B.A transactional attribute must be individually declared in the method-name tag, for every business method in the bean class.
C.The container will interpose only on method invocations with container-managed transaction demarcation.
D.If an 'onMessage' method returns before committing a transaction the container will throw an exception.
E.A message-driven bean with CMT demarcation must not invoke the EJBContext.getUserTransaction method.

My answers:A,D,E
JPilot answers:A,E

Is D a correct option.I think container throws an exception if the onMessage method returns with out comitting a transaction.what does actually happen?can any one tell?

thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
Mr.Nileesha and Mr.Ron

I am going to write SCBCD exam this Friday.Thanks for ur help.Know i am clear about Home remove calls and EJBObject.getPrimarykey calls and Session beans component contract

thank you very much

[ October 12, 2004: Message edited by: srinija kosaraju ]
1.Which of the following statements regarding session beans are true? [Check all correct answers]

1. Invoking javax.ejb.EJBObject.getPrimaryKey() on a session bean results in javax.ejb.EJBException been thrown.
2. Invoking javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject.getPrimaryKey() on a session bean results in javax.ejb.EJBException been thrown.
3. Invoking javax.ejb.EJBHome.remove(java.lang.Object primaryKey) on a session bean results in javax.ejb.RemoveException been thrown.
4. Invoking javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome.remove(java.lang.Object primaryKey) on a session bean results in javax.ejb.RemoveException been thrown.
5. Invoking javax.ejb.EJBHome.remove(java.lang.Object primaryKey) on a session bean results in java.rmi.RemoteException been thrown

my answers:2,3,4.
given answers:2,5

I have a doubt about the exceptions we get when we call remove on the Home interface.
In HFE page:559 it was clearly stated that client gets a Remove exception regardless of client being a remote or local one.

But in some mock exams it was given that client gets Remote Exception

which one is the right answer?

2.Which of the following statements are requirements for a session bean's session bean class? [Check all correct answers]

1. The class must implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface.
2. The class must implement the javax.ejb.SessionBean interface.
3. The class may implement the session bean's component interface.
4. The class can be declared final.
5. If the class is a stateful session bean, the constructor must declare parameters to initialise the session state

Given answers:2,3

how can 3 be the right choice.can any one explain it?

thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
hi friends

is jdiscuss not working.can any one provide an alternative link through which i can access that site

thanks in advance
hi friends

this is a question from HFE final mock exam and i am not clear about the

which methods can be called by a bean provider?

My answer is
HFE answer:a,d

how can 'a' be the answer

can any one suggest
thanks in advance

SCJP 1.4,SCWCD 1.4
These questions are from HFE

1.which are legal declarations for a CMP bean's ejbCreate methods

A.public void ejbCreateBigCustomer() throws javax.ejb.CreateException

B.public String ejbCreateAccount() throws javax.ejb.CreateException

C.static String ejbCreate() throws javax.ejb.CreateException

D.public int ejbCreate() throws javax.ejb.CreateException

E.public final String ejbCreate() throws javax.ejb.CreateException

I know A,C,E cannot be the answers.But why D cannot be the answer.For entity beans ejbcreate method returns a can also act as a primarykey.

2.which method(s) from the EntityContext interface can be invoked from with in the ejbCreate method?


Answers according to HFE:A,B,C,E

My doubt is how can B be the answer.Is it legal to call getEJBObject() from ejbCreate() of an entity bean.
container is not aware of the primarykey until the ejbCreate() returns.Then how can it prepare an EJBObject for the client,and how can we call getEJBObject();

3.which method(s) run in the transaction context of the method that causes their invocation?


HFE Answers:A,B,C.

can any one please give the reason behind it.

thanks in advance
i cleared SCJP with 83% andb SCWCD1.4 with just 63%.I have been preparing for IBM287(WASAD) and gave scwcd with out proper preparation.I got very low scores on custom tags and expression language.Now i am planning to give SCBCD as a next step towards IBM287.

17 years ago
thanks sekhar and paul

i will definetly consider ur advice

hai friends
today i have cleared SCWCD exam and now planning to give SCBCD.can any one suggest the best book to prepare.

thanks in advance