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uday ketkar

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since Jan 15, 2001
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Recent posts by uday ketkar

also if u want more give a search for java certification on google,u will find lot of sites
can u give me some preparation tips,also pl let me know how much time is it reqd to devote to certifiacation considering one has a background of java.
also how many mock exams are reqd?
thnks in advance
17 years ago
Dear Mark,
I am in US,if i am subcontracted from another company to your client site is that ok for this requirement.
Let me know.
17 years ago
i want to use JRun for jsp's i hv downloaded jRun & will be using as a server too.I am using windows NT.
can some one tell me how to start of like to display a simple Hello World !! using Jrun
thanks for the reply,but is the date open,bcause i hv not yet decided on the date,also can i give the test anywhere in US or i have to select a particular location.
Please let me know.
Is the fees 150$?
i am in Fremont,US.Can anybody let me know where all can i get a Sun voucher for JCP.ALSO what is the fees?what is the duration valid & is the voucher valid all over US
is the declaration abstract double d; legal or illegal.
this quest is from simon roberts.he has mentioned that abstact classes is applicable to class,method & variable.but states that
the above is illegal saying that abstract is applicable only on class 7 method let me know
17 years ago