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They have set the description attribute in the subclass constructor (only done for the "base" ingridient).

This could of course also be done by making the description attribute private and adding a constructor that takes a string, as mentioned above. The solution with the added constructor is perhaps cleaner.
Java Naming and Directory InterfaceTM (JNDI) provides naming and directory functionality (a service provider for LDAP is included since Java 1.4.2).


See package javax.naming in API specification.
14 years ago

Originally posted by John Smith:
I figure anything has to be better than netbeans, their 4.0beta2 release throws exceptions like crazy yet whatever you expected to happen (eg. open a file or somthing) still happens ... reminds me of windows

Strange...I would strongly recommend Netbeans. I had problems (exceptions) with 4.0 beta1 but since beta2 it runs much smoother. Of course a lot of factors could make a difference. In fact for Java development I would choose Netbeans any day of the week before any other tool (read IDE).
(And we are talking about the beta release not the "finished" product)

When working with Eclipse I had a lot of problems with their clearcase integration, which left a sour taste in my mouth. This was some time ago so the problems may have been solved in later releases.

By the way the editor in Netbeans is really, really good...