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Recent posts by Marc Bautis

your compiler error will be fixed by making i final. however this will bring another error because you are setting i in the next line.
how do the practice tests on the whizlabs exam simulator compare in terms of level of difficulty to the real exam
is there any difference between the two statements?

int[] x = {1, 2, 3};
int[] x = new int[] {1, 2, 3};

behind the scenes does the first statement allocate memory for x?
I have a question regarding why when the following is run the statement "b is true" is printed to the screen. I would think that I am setting b to be false before the if statement runs. The first check also sets it to false so I would think that b is false would be printed.

boolean b = false;
if(b = false) {
System.out.println("b is false");
} else if(b = true){
System.out.println("b is true");
} else {
System.out.println("b is not true or false");
I encountered this question on the JQ Mock Exam Application

What is printed when the following class is executed?
class Test
static boolean a;
static boolean b;
static boolean c;
public static void main (String[] args)
boolean bool = (a = true) || (b = true) && (c = true);
System.out.print(a + ", " + b + ", " + c);

The answer is true, false, false.
How is the statement boolean bool = (a = true) || (b = true) && (c = true);

I would think that first a is set to true. (b = true) is never evaluated because of the || statement and the fact that a is true. What I don't understand is why c is equals to false?
I work on a development team just starting to use UML. One of the things we would look to use our diagrams for would be to give to new team members to help them get up to speed with our applications.

How is it possible to ensure that the UML is kept up to date. By that I mean when a developer makes a change to the source code to fix a bug or for a new release they often do not go an update the UML diagrams