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Recent posts by Stephan Deve

I think i need a little break now. Next year i�ll start to prepare for the web component developer exam.

19 years ago
congrats ashon.
I think this book was one of the best choices you could make.

19 years ago
Hello Ranchers, farmers and gurus,

today i passed the scjp 1.4 exam with a score of 67%.
I know, that�s not as much as most of you have posted here (i always see scores about 80% or higher), but i knew that i wouldn�t make a �Highscore�. One reason for that may be that i took the exam in english and i my english was falling asleep when i started preparation(but i think there were only two questions i misunderstood/couldn�t exactly translate).
By the way, when i left the test-center i forgot my score-report... but it was not a problem to go back and receive it 3 hours later. Funny, isn�t it ? You prepare for a very important thing, and when you get it you forget it....

What i did do right during my preparation:
I read the book of Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates about three times. Some chapters more often, i made all self tests about two times and i made �personal learning cards� with questions and infos of their �two minute drills�.
At the morning of the exam i read all two minute drills again.
I think this book was the most important thing during my preparation. It was very easy to understand, even if english is not your main-language.

I read the book of Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen.
This was hard stuff, sometimes i had problems to understand (language specific) what they mean. And it was much more than you�ll need for exam. That doesn�t mean that it isn�t a good book, i will keep this book and use it, but for preparation it was too much.
Do not make the same mistake as i made. I kept the mock exam for the last evening before the exam. I was in panic when i only got 48%.

I read Dan Chisholms book and started the mocks. I was running out of time, so i only made half of the book. Very hard stuff. Sometimes i thought that i was a Java-Newbie.
I think this book could be great fun at work. You think you are good in Java ? Then answer me this (just a random question of D.C.) question ;-)
I recommend this book for two kinds of people:
1) the ones who want to make very high score in the exam (i bet if you practice with this book a lot you�ll make easy 90% - 100% (and if they would give bonus-points you would get more than 100%))
2)The ones who like to hurt themself.

I made a 30 days subscription at I really recommend this. My average progrees score there was very close to my real exam score. If i had a question i got answers very soon. When i take the scwcd exam next year, i subscribe again.

I printed out three Marcus Greens` mocks and did one each day before i had my exam.
The scores where a little bit lower than in real exam, but maybe i had old versions (or are that awt and i/o questions still in his mocks). Thanks Marcus.

And last but not least: JAVARANCH.COM.
I know, i didn�t write much (i still do not know if everybody understands �my� english), but i read a lot. Most questions and answers were very helpfull for me. And the few times i had a question i received an answer very fast. THANKS.

What i did wrong:
I always read that it is important to drink enought before the exam, cause of dehydration. I think i drank too much, after the first hour i needed a toilet very soon...

I waited with a few tests til the last day before exam. I think it will be much better to do each test a few times. So i could avoid the panic i got with Khalids exams.

I was very nervous. But i think i can do nothing against it.

What was new for me:
This button called �EXIBIT� was new to me. When i practiced i had to scroll. It was strange, that the question was about a result, and i didn�t see any sourcecode. But after the second question i realized that it was very important ;-). (And now i know what exhibit means in german ;-))

I hope the experince i made and wrote down, will help some others, who are still preparing for the �big day�.

Best wishes
19 years ago
Hello again,
i told you that i can tell you in four days how close is to the real exam.
My points at javacertificate were growing up (at some sections i started with only 20%).
Last weekend I made 100% in the difficult exam, about 80% in the final preparation and 75% in the exclusive final exam. My average score (this is shown when you choose "view progress".) was 66.4%. In the real exam i made 67%. Very close to my average score, isn�t it ?

I hope this doesn�t look like promotion for, but i am sure if i take the scwcd next year, i will prepare with again...

Have you visited ?
I am using it and i think it helps a lot... (and it is cheaper than Whizlabs or Sun)

I think in 4 days, after taking(passing/failing) the exam, i can tell you if it was good enought and how silimar it is to the real exam...

I got it now.
Thanks a lot.



helped a lot to make clear how this code works.

i have a problem with the following question (from

Meanwhile i know that the answer is 31. So i can choose the right answer everytime i see the question, but i still don�t understand what is happening.
After x += x << 3; x is 54
After y += z << 2; y should be 25
If i add 54 and 25 i think this should be 79. So why is 31 correct ??


you can write the batchfile yourself, or start it directly in the console.

set PATH=C:\Programme\jdk1.4\bin;%PATH%
java Jxam

In the first Line you set the Path to your java jdk (That could be another path, than i have.)
In the second Line you start Jxam.

Another way is to set the Jmax directory in the the path in your system path.

Sorry, this is only the way it works with windows. Anybody else should exlain it for Linux-Systems.

greetings Stephan
last 3 weeks for me to exam now.
I am wondering about the page.
Does anybody know, how close this questions are to the real exams ?
In the questions in Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Book i get about 50-60 %. Dan Chisholm only close to 50 percent at some themes, but at my last tests were between 70 and 80%.

Yes, i know that Green�s mock-tests are the closest to the real exam, but i didn�t look at them yet, i want to keep them for the last week (or last 2 weeks) before exam.

I think i got it now.
Thanks for your replies.

i am not sure about one answer in the book of Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates.

On Page 534 you find a table that says which methods belong to which class:

Class Object

Class Thread

Interface Runnable

The Question is Question:
Which two of the following methods are defined in class Thread?
A. start()
B. wait()
C. notify()
D. run()
E. terminate()

Depending on the table i would say only A is correct, but the correct answer:

Correct: A and D. Only start() and run() are defined by the Thread class.
Uncorrect: B and C are incorrect because they are methods of the Object class. E is incorrect because there�s no such method in any thread-related class.

So my question is: Why is D correct ? I think it belongs to Thread.
Or is the answer so simple that tread implements runnable ??

I tested the program with Eclipse 3.0 on Windows 2000 with 1.4.2, on Windows NT with WSAD 5.1 with 1.4 and with Eclipse 3.0 on Suse Linux 9.0, again 1.4.2.
I always get the same output. Looks like Eclipse does something strange with the \r...

Stephan dV
if i run this code my output is:

\n stands for Linefeed(LF) aka Newline(NL)
\r stands for Carriage Return (CR)

Hope this helps you a little bit...

Stephan dV