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Recent posts by Rob Gee

Thanks Derek - took a little tinkering, but it works great !!

13 years ago
This should be easy - but I'm having trouble working through it.

here's the situation. I have a field which MUST be 7 characters in length, is numeric in nature, and needs to have arithmetic functions applied. So, I guess I have multiple questions:

1) is there any way to "fix" the length of a numeric data type buy padding with "0"?
2) if not, how can I take the string value (example 0000100), convert to numeric so I can add 1 (I've succeeded in this step and the result comes back "101"), then convert back to "0000101" ??

Thanks in advance !
13 years ago
All. Thanks for your help.

Problem resolved - of course it was a simple classpath problem !!
13 years ago
C:\>echo %classpath%
c:\oracle\ora92\jdbc\lib\; c:\jdk14\jdk\bin

b) C:\oracle\ora92\jdbc\lib>dir
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is AC7C-7F9A

Directory of C:\oracle\ora92\jdbc\lib

03/30/2004 07:12 PM <DIR> .
03/30/2004 07:12 PM <DIR> ..
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,033,402 classes111.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,043,528
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,371,600 classes111_g.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,381,728
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,196,109 classes12.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,207,068
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,201,552 classes12dms.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,438,406 classes12dms_g.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,432,813 classes12_g.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,443,734
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,781,005 nls_charset11.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,810,518
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,781,898 nls_charset12.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,811,415
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 36,640 ocrs12.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 36,664
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,174,976 ojdbc14.jar
04/26/2002 03:47 PM 1,383,922 ojdbc14_g.jar
18 File(s) 22,566,978 bytes
2 Dir(s) 20,522,364,928 bytes free

c) java CollectValues
I've also tried java -cp c:\oracle\ora92\jdbc\lib\ CollectValues

Thanks again for your help.


Originally posted by Tony Morris:
Show the following things:

a) The output after execution of the command 'echo %CLASSPATH%'

b) The output after the execution of the command 'dir' in the directory that you believe contains your class.

c) The command that you are issuing to receive the error ('java <something>' I assume)

13 years ago
I've seen this problem posted numerous times, and I've tried every solution that I've seen so far, but haven't had any luck. I'm running on XP-Professional (it doesn't seem to support 'classpath', which I've seen in other postings used to correct the problem.). I've tried putting the classes12.jar file in every ext folder on my system - I've tried running the class with several IDE's and directly from the SDK - all without success.

Running WinXP-Pro; Oracle 9i, and SDK 1.4.1

Error Message:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: CollectValues

Does anybody out there have any additional ideas??

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13 years ago