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Recent posts by Jessica White

I used the following setting to start my Java application on Windows XP machine which has duo-core CPU.

-Xms128m -Xmx256m

The following is part of the gc log:

23216.560: [GC 23216.560: [DefNew: 8950K->715K(9216K), 0.0056082 secs] 125543K->117994K(130240K), 0.0056901 secs]
23217.722: [GC 23217.722: [DefNew: 8971K->602K(9216K), 0.0039623 secs] 126250K->118282K(130240K), 0.0040495 secs]
23219.905: [GC 23219.905: [DefNew: 8858K->689K(9216K), 0.0034197 secs] 126538K->118475K(130240K), 0.0035068 secs]
23220.031: [GC 23220.031: [DefNew: 8945K->619K(9216K), 0.0029327 secs] 126731K->118467K(130240K), 0.0030200 secs]
23229.378: [GC 23229.378: [DefNew: 8875K->557K(9216K), 0.0044134 secs] 126723K->119003K(130240K), 0.0045044 secs]
23243.886: [GC 23243.886: [DefNew: 8813K->567K(9216K), 0.0042516 secs] 127259K->119517K(130240K), 0.0043398 secs]
23266.633: [GC 23266.633: [DefNew: 8823K->279K(9216K), 0.0036507 secs] 127773K->119732K(130240K), 0.0037580 secs]
23267.872: [GC 23267.872: [DefNew: 8535K->960K(9216K), 0.0044051 secs] 127988K->120603K(130240K), 0.0044819 secs]
23270.088: [GC 23270.088: [DefNew: 9216K->784K(9216K), 0.0041400 secs] 128859K->120679K(130240K), 0.0042216 secs]
23278.476: [GC 23278.476: [DefNew: 9040K->631K(9216K), 0.0044097 secs] 128935K->120993K(130240K), 0.0045021 secs]
23278.688: [GC 23278.688: [DefNew: 8887K->908K(9216K), 0.0044983 secs] 129249K->121525K(130240K), 0.0045866 secs]
23281.930: [GC 23281.930: [DefNew: 9164K->785K(9216K), 0.0041566 secs] 129781K->121706K(130240K), 0.0042425 secs]
23283.140: [GC 23283.141: [DefNew: 9041K->737K(9216K), 0.0050692 secs]23283.146: [Tenured: 121386K->32243K(121408K), 0.1399366 secs] 129962K->32243K(130624K), 0.1452084 secs]
23285.531: [GC 23285.531: [DefNew: 8256K->960K(9216K), 0.0039761 secs] 40499K->33243K(130240K), 0.0040601 secs]
23285.692: [GC 23285.692: [DefNew: 9216K->891K(9216K), 0.0044289 secs] 41499K->33537K(130240K), 0.0045118 secs]
23286.905: [GC 23286.905: [DefNew: 9147K->703K(9216K), 0.0038890 secs] 41793K->33690K(130240K), 0.0039799 secs]
23289.136: [GC 23289.136: [DefNew: 8959K->819K(9216K), 0.0041377 secs] 41946K->34034K(130240K), 0.0042251 secs]
23289.341: [GC 23289.341: [DefNew: 9075K->948K(9216K), 0.0044032 secs] 42290K->34445K(130240K), 0.0044979 secs]
23307.070: [GC 23307.070: [DefNew: 9204K->392K(9216K), 0.0049331 secs] 42701K->34827K(130240K), 0.0050170 secs]
23309.251: [GC 23309.251: [DefNew: 8648K->960K(9216K), 0.0038198 secs] 43083K->35467K(130240K), 0.0039015 secs]
23310.402: [GC 23310.402: [DefNew: 9216K->680K(9216K), 0.0051652 secs] 43723K->36021K(130240K), 0.0052474 secs]
23310.521: [GC 23310.521: [DefNew: 8936K->720K(9216K), 0.0031669 secs] 44277K->36143K(130240K), 0.0032542 secs]

It looks like minor GC happens very frequently, every 1-2 seconds. I also did statistics on major GC collection, it happens about every 800 seconds.

Upon terminating the application, I have the following at the end of my gc log file:

def new generation total 9216K, used 3705K [0x16990000, 0x17380000, 0x17d40000)
eden space 8256K, 43% used [0x16990000, 0x16d1c1e8, 0x171a0000)
from space 960K, 7% used [0x171a0000, 0x171b24a8, 0x17290000)
to space 960K, 0% used [0x17290000, 0x17290000, 0x17380000)
tenured generation total 121024K, used 103325K [0x17d40000, 0x1f370000, 0x26990000)
the space 121024K, 85% used [0x17d40000, 0x1e227718, 0x1e227800, 0x1f370000)
compacting perm gen total 12288K, used 3172K [0x26990000, 0x27590000, 0x2a990000)
the space 12288K, 25% used [0x26990000, 0x26ca9278, 0x26ca9400, 0x27590000)
ro space 8192K, 62% used [0x2a990000, 0x2ae8e4e8, 0x2ae8e600, 0x2b190000)
rw space 12288K, 52% used [0x2b190000, 0x2b7d0e78, 0x2b7d1000, 0x2bd90000)

It is a charting software with script execution capability. I am having Outofmemory problem when having too many charts open or with too many scripts running. The above log was captured with a low load testing.

Anybody would have any suggestion based on the log?
Does the minor GC happen too frequently?
Would I benefit by using Concurrent Low Pause Collector instead of serial collector on such duo-core CPU chip? Somebody told me such CPU can not be considered real 2-CPU. So I am hesitant to go that route.

I am going to run medium-high load testing on a better machine to produce more gc logs.

Thank you for any input as I am really new on resolving java memory issues.
13 years ago
Thanks for the information.

Could you please name a few?

Thanks again.
I am using JBuilder 2006 Developer Edition to develop and build a project. I have managed to configure it to generate a Native Executable. When I look at the MyProject**.exe in Windows Explorer, the icon for the exe is a plain default one. I would like to use my own icon for the exe file.
Does anyone know how do I do that?

Thanks a lot.
Just want to put a closure on this topic.
I ended up using Coroutine component from NevaObject in order to make call to Wind32 API to send message to the other application.
The other application is actually a DDE server written in C++. I did not have to rewrite the DDE server at all. I also investigated the option of rewriting DDE server in pure Java. I checked out the DDE server component from NevaObject. From their online forum, looks like it is a bit heavy weight, uses quite some resource. And our old C DDE server utilizes Windows message mechanism for DDE function, is quite light-weight.
So, now the whole application is still a combination of Java and C and a little third party component. And it works great.
Thanks for everybody's input!
15 years ago
Thank you all for your reply. User32.RegisterWindowMessage() and User32.PostMessage() are used for communication with another application written in Visual C++. I guess I would try JNI first, the library needed are kernel32.lib and user32.lib, which are shipped with Windows. If that does not work, I would investigate the commercial package.

Thank you again for your warm replies!
15 years ago
Hi, my friends:

I am working on converting an old project written in Visual J++ to pure java. It has direct call to Windows SDK API, such as:

I am wondering in pure Java, is it possible to achieve this? If so, how do I do that. Any pointer to information would be greatly appreciate.
(BTW, my java application would only run on Windows platform.)

15 years ago
F is listed as a correct answer, it says:

"For each attribute declared and specified in a Tag File, the container creates a page-scoped attribute with the same name."

However, on page 494, bottom block, it says:

"All tag attributes have TAG scope."

Kinda confused here. Is the attribute in a tag file, page scoped or tag scoped? And by page scoped, does it mean the calling page, or the included tag file(page)?

Correct me if I am wrong here, here is my understanding:

1. in TLD, a <body-content> element for a simple tag can be: empty, scriptless and tagdependent. The default is scriptless.

2. in TLD, a <body-content> element for a classic tag can be: empty, scriptless, tagdependent and JSP. The default is?

3. you can have template text, standard and custom actions, EL expressions and include directives as the body of a simple tag, and those will be evaluated or processed before the body of the simple tag is converted into a JspFragment. However, the included content must also be non-scripting.

4. a simple tag can include a classic tag, provided the body of the classic tag is non-scripting.
According to HFS page 512, para2, it says:
"It(JspFragment) can contain template text, standard and custom actions, and EL expressions, but no scriptlets, declarations or scripting expressions."
Can you please post your example code so that other people can try it out?
On JSP 2.0 spec 2-54, it says something like:
"Between the invokations of doStartTag and doEndTag, the tag handler is assumed to hold a state that must be preserved."

I donot quite understand exactly what it means . Can anybody shed some light here? Thx.
thx. I only looked up the errata, but not the unconfirmed, since, well, they are unconfirmed. and i did a search here, did not find anything. So, just want to confirm it from this forum.
On page 465 of HFS, in "The Core Library" block:

It says Ieratation tags are:


I looked up JSTL1.1 spec, the second tag should be <c:forTokens>, spec 6.3, page 61.

Is this another error in HFS?
6. Assuming the appropriate taglib directives, which are valid examples of custom tag usage?

D. <c ut value="x" />
is listed as a correct answer.
However, is not this a JSTL <c ut>? Can it be considered a custom tag as well?

Anbody pls clear it up? Thx.
set your CLASSPATH in control panel-->system, it should have:

.;C:\[your dev dir]\[project name]\classes;C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\common\lib\servlet-api.jar;C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.0\common\lib\jsp-api.jar

Then when you compile, you are at:
C:\[your dev dir]\[project name]

do the following command

javac -d classes src\...\*.java

then you donot have to include CLASSPATH in your javac command.

When you run, do
cd classes

java com.*.MyApp (fully qualified package name must be used)

try this to see if it works