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Recent posts by jeaw san

I've found the problem during try to rename the remote file.

I'm using a method "rename(String oldpath, String newpath)" in
this class ---------> "com.jcraft.jsch.ChannelSftp" but it does not
work properly(No have any Exception but could not rename remote file).
13 years ago
How JSP write output file to the specify path on local or remote host.

I try to wirte output file by Process.exec(cmdarray). But Exeption always
thrown. Please suggest for this solution.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Where I can find java assertion for tutorial or example code.

Thank you in advance.
14 years ago
Which file I need to config when i need to build EAR or WAR.

Please help me to check.
14 years ago
What is the different between Session Bean and Entity Bean.

Thanks for suggest.
How does JDBC type 4 can access database directly.

1. I would like to know I must install driver on client or not?
2. How to Access database from java application(What I need to refer when execute program)
How to use assert command? I just know a little bit, it use with comparation
statement but How to?

Kindly let me know

14 years ago
How can I study the basic concept of strut framework and Where I can find a little sample code for strut.

kindly share your knowledge or where I can find out solution for it.

14 years ago