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Recent posts by Srinivasa Raghavan

Jeanne, Thanks for the link !!!

Mark, Thanks you as well !!!
16 years ago

Do you know any sites that has Crosswords related to Java technology !!
16 years ago

Originally posted by Srikanth Kanagaratnam:
I did the exam on last Saturday. Its very tuf...155 question for 41/2 hrs

Even I tried this last saturday. I got 153 questions fro 4.5 hrs. No UML, more question on EJB, JSF,JPA & handling two and three tire architectures.
We need to process the messages from upstream application. We will be able to process the message only if we have got all the data for a particular business, so till then we may need to store it in a place.

The messages needs to be sorted out based on a entity before it gets processed. Here is what we need to decide on using MQ or DB.

If the data is in the DB then sorting will be easier .. If the data is in MQ sorting might be a problem. On the other hand if we are using DB then
we need a additional clean up process to clean the DB, since the data is not needed after it got processed.
[ September 17, 2007: Message edited by: Srinivasa Raghavan ]
I dont know if it's the right place to put this question. We have a situation to decide upon using MQ Vs Database. Can anyone let me know the pro's and cons of one versus other.
This is already been disscussed inthis forum please do a search and find that out
16 years ago
If one book belongs to one user why cant you have an extra column in comic books table that will store the owne of the book ?
16 years ago
I tried to buy that book in chennai, but I couldnt get it in any leading book shops. Planning to buy it through our office library ..
Dont you have a primary key which is numeric in the source table ? If you have it then you can group the rows using that column & validate the rows.

Get first 1000 records process it and get next 1000 & keep continuing till you process all the records.

Like Select * From Source where pkyColumn Between 1 and 10000
16 years ago
I'm not sure what do you want to call in Oracle from java. Did you get a chance to look at JDBC ? Just google for JDBC.

16 years ago
In Oracle, I dont think you can use both value & a select statement in a insert query.
[ May 09, 2007: Message edited by: Srinivasa Raghavan ]
16 years ago
Hi Manish,

Congrats on getting this great score !! I'm in a same state like you. At present i'm not working in EJB or in web apps . I did it couple of years back. So how long it took for you to prepare for this exam ? I have seen many posters commenting about Ramu's notes . Where can I get that, can youplease mention the yahoo group name or the link ?

Congrats again !