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Increase the lifetime timeout value of the WebSphere ESB application server:
1.If necessary, restart the application server.
2.Log in to the console.
a.Open a browser, and navigate to the following URL: http://host_name:9060/ibm/console.

host_name is the fully qualified host name of the server where the application or the network deployment manager is deployed
9060 is the port used to access the console (The default port is 9060.)
b.Enter your user ID and password. The user ID is required. A password is only required if security is enabled.
c.Click Log in.
3.Click Servers > Application Servers.
4.Click server_name.
5.Under Container Services, click Transaction Service.
6.Type a larger value for Total transaction lifetime timeout. For more information about setting the Transaction service settings, consult the WebSphere Application Server Information Center using the link provided below.
7.Restart the application server to make your changes effective.
11 years ago
Hi Guys...

Cleared SCBCD 5.0 Exam ...
Just saw the result at
Haven't got the kit yet..
I used Oreilly's EJB 3.0 by richard monson

13 years ago
Thanks guys...I was waiting for my result since long...and it was only when i saw your message I went see my result...and I found that I have cleared the SCBCD 5.0 Beta exam...

Some of the resources used by me (other than ejbcertificate and jdiscuss):
Last Minute Tips by Kathy
Also exam notes by Java Black Belt - very good
Valentine's Notes
15 years ago
Hello Keon:

For ur question:
All EJB-QL questions in exam are in drag n drop format .....
for eg:
1) They will give Tables (Schema)
2) and the reqd query
3) and will ask to fill:
select ____
from ____
where ____ and _____

4) from all possible choices (pick n drop)

pick n drop the choices the given blank spaces
there were 4-5 questions of ejb-ql and all were in the given format.

Also there were many other questions which were in pick n drop format 6 to 7 ...i guess.....For eg:
Pick n drop from the following roles and place them in the boxes against the duties performed.
Length of paper was not at all an issue as i feel 2 hr is more then enough i was able to write the paper with 55 mins in hand.

I hope this helps,
All the best 4 ur exam....its easy and the questions are very similar to what we find in most of the question banks on internet....some of them r even repeating it is ..... in my case bout 2-3 questions were as is i saw...on some (not able to recall which one !!!:confused of the online tests....

15 years ago
oh yes my scores in
HF-EJB final exam - 85% - gave this exam a day before the actual test - 92%
jdiscuss - 86%
15 years ago
Passed scbcd with 94% yesterday ....
Would like to thank HF-EJB team for a wonderful book...
And also & 4 there gr8 sites.....
I remember some of the questions and would post them in a day or two....
I followed EJB-Specs & HF-EJB book....and also few cheat sheets available online....
15 years ago
Thanks Mikalai .....could u please tell ....if this book covers all exam - scwsd - obj....
i would like to second krish.....kathy n bert should seriouly think bout hf-ws .... if they havent given a thgt yet.... :roll:
Hi Billy,

I have done my Master's in Computer Application,

15 years ago
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your suggestions,
I am planning for IBM (ISL)
I am in to J2EE Application Development,
15 years ago
Hi Guys,

I am having 2.3 yrs exp. in J2EE,
I am also having few quick questions:
Given a choice among

BEA Systems, Bangalore
Oracle, Bangalore
IBM, Gurgaon (ISL Division)

which one to choose?
Which one is the best paymaster?
Which one has good techi work?

Please suggest,
15 years ago
Is BEA not a good pay master ???
How much does BEA pay to 2+ yrs of exp.?
15 years ago

I am facing exactly same problem while using axis .......

Any one having solution for the same...................
15 years ago
Hi Guys,

As there is some interesting discussion going on here,
I am 2.3 yrs of exp. in J2EE,
I am also having few quick questions:
Given a choice among
BEA Systems, Bangalore
IBM, Gurgaon (ISL Division)
I flex, Mumbai

What to choose?
Which one is the best paymaster and also has good techi work too?
Who are the best pay masters in IT industry (J2EE)?
And what are the best companies to work with?

15 years ago