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Judy Collins

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Recent posts by Judy Collins

Hi guys
This is something similar to cascade deleted that I need.
Cascade delete means that when the parent row is deleted, the children rows are deleted.

How can I delete a parent row when a child is deleted? triggers? functions? any idea?

thanks for your help and have a great weekend
Shailesh Chandra
Thaks for your response. I modified schema and added constraint "on delete cascade" and it appears to be fine. Can you please tell me why don't you recommend cascade?

Hi there,
I need to delete specific records from database (e.g. those whose expirydate column has date greater than that of today). At least 10 other tables have reference to this master table and then each of the 10 tables are referenced by other tables. ( i guess you understand what i m trying to say :roll: )

Is there any option available except figuring out all of the tables and then deleting the records?

I am sure there must be some better way.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciaed
Thanks a lot for your help.

Here is what I found

The pattern '**/*.hbm.xml' means any file ending in .hbm.xml, within the specified directory, or any subdirectory, however deeply nested.
14 years ago
Hi there,
Can anybody tell me what does **/* pattern mean in Apache Ant?
I am just not sure what does it mean. Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks for your help
14 years ago
Hi Jeanne Boyarsky
Thank you so much for your quick response. Could you please suggest me some source on web to read fruther.

Have a happy new year
Hi there!

What is an XA JDBC driver?

Thanks for your help
I am not sure enough why do these two expressions yield same result?

${[0].name} and
[ November 22, 2004: Message edited by: Judy Collins ]
Thanks Shiang Wang, You correctly spotted the mistake
Following is my DD but when I try to access using


Conatiner would never ask for any password and just simply serve the page.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


[ November 15, 2004: Message edited by: Judy Collins ]
Hello Ranchers!
I want to start an open source project in j2ee domain but I need advice from experts in the industry. I really appreciate if you suggest me some project in the j2ee domain that will be helpful both for open source community and also good from the industry point of view.

I am a new graduate still looking for my first job. To give you an idea about my skills, I have following certifications

I can use following j2ee frameworks/technologies/tools
Struts, Hibernate, Servlets, EJBs, JSP, Web Service, JUnit, Ant, Rational Rose, RUP (for J2EE)

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
14 years ago
Properties, Attributes and Parameters. More I read, more confused I am . Can anybody help me differenciate between Properties, Attributes and Parameters.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you guys!
14 years ago
This is in continuation of Topic: Volunteer Java in GTA Toronto - Part Time posted in Jobs Offered section

Here is a little story.

Once upon a time, there appeared an advertisement titled �WANTED� in a local newspaper in Toronto. Looking at the advertisment, an immigrant was very much excited. He sent his CANADIAN style formatted resume and was invited for an interview by the CANADIAN company. On the day of the interview immigrant dressed up in CANADIAN style, he did rehearsal how to answer both hard skills and soft skill questions in CANADIAN style. The interview went well, immigrant was thinking that he has answered almost 100% of the question in a CANADIAN style and he was looking at the interview panel for there response.
Finally, the leader of the panel started saying
�Today we have rejected more than 7 candidates, because we do not want to put our project in a danger. We feel that you are somewhat fit for this position, but there are some conditions I want to declare before I offer you this position. We can not pay you ANYTHING but of course you will get very valuable CANADIAN experience after working on this position�

Immigrant thought for a moment and said � OK, thank you very much, I will take this position. Can you please tell me what will be my responsibilities?�

Leader of the panel replied, � Good question! We know a very busy street in Toronto, we will tell you the address only after you sign NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT because this is a business secret. You have to go to this street 7 days a week and ask visitors for change. Dimes, nickels, quarters, loonies and toonies are fine. As per our policy, we don't accept pennies. At the end of the day give us all of the collected money. But hey, you can not take any thing out of the collected money because this is our money and you are getting CANADIAN work experience�

Shame on you so called Canadian companies.
14 years ago
Hi Guys,
On WinXP, I am using
String command ="cmd /c ftp -v -s: cmd.txt "

FTP Command is supposed to get a file from remote server, but as long as my program is running it does not get the file. Once I kill my program all of a sudden file pops up.
But if I leave my program running file never shows up.

Any ideas, help is greatly appreciated.
14 years ago