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Recent posts by mohan gavande

I think o/p would be "Tachno park 3".
And also it will print after the thread execution.
You have to understand Locale / Internationalization (I18) concept for that.
I am also not have deep idea about that but you can find on Google about Locale & I18.
14 years ago
But i am looking for more in depth concept of Pagination, where it will be implemented in complex projects.

There are verious ways to do Pagination. If you are new to Pagination. Then try by JavaScript only.
Search On google as "Pagination by JavaScript". You will get lots of details stuff.

It is hard to explain here in details.
14 years ago
---------------------------------------------------------------------------class Sample {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int[][] a1 = {{1;2};{3;4;5};{6;7;8;9}};

Hi jyothi,
This is the example of multiple Arrays (Two diamention Array.)
This program will always give you complie time error
because the values are seprated by semicolon.
At the time of compilation, ; is the symbol of termination the line.

Change the semicolon by comma as following code:

int[][] a1 = {{1,2},{3,4,5},{6,7,8,9}};

This will run.
As UML 2.0 is latest version of UML. In this version there are around 13 diagrams are present as compare to 9 in earlier version.
But, Lots of companies are still following UML 1.0 version.
As per the code, there are two classes are public. So, at the compliation time it will give error.
As the rest point, there is always overriding method will call parameters are same for both classes(No parameter)
Thanks all you. Now i understand the clear concept of .jspf extension file

~ Mohan
15 years ago
for which perpose .jspf files are used? Are they similar to .jsp files?
In one project some .jspf files are included .
Please clarify whats the exact differance between .jsp & .jspf

Thanking in advance.

~ Mohan
15 years ago
why r u store String[] in attribute??
just use request.getParameters() in servlet from jsp.
15 years ago

I you fit in the tecnical req forward your resume. The may consider you depending on the projects you have worked and technology used
15 years ago
Dear All,

We urgently require Software Engineers / Senior Software Engineers for JAVA/J2EE for John Deere Technology Centre, India.

The job details are as follows:

Job Description
The key responsibilities would include:

1) Studying and Understanding the project specifications and design
2) Coding and module level testing
3) Understanding and following good coding practices
4) Learning and applying new technologies

2-6 years

Desired Profile

1)Good at Java / JSP / Servlets / Struts
2)2-6 years of IT experience.
3)Experience of working in onshore-offshore model.
4)Good exposure to SDLC processes.
5)Exposure to HealthCare, Credit/Finance, CRM domains preferred.

Only candidates who are WILLING TO RELOCATE TO PUNE should apply for this Position.

Interested and suitable candidates have to send in their updated resumes as a WORD document to dixitvijay@johndeere mentioning the:

1) Years of experience
2) Current location
3) Current CTC
4) Expected CTC

Remuneration Best in the Industry

Location Pune

Keywords Java, J2ee, Servlets, AWT, Struts, JSP, EJB, Websphere, Weblogic

Contact : Vijay Dixit
15 years ago
Also there r verious eclipse tools like WSAD, myEclipse tool in which u can directly import war file & also check the code. Its better understand the application
15 years ago
Hi again,
Actually in my project there is one main page which takes some input text.
in that i have
<input name="assetName" type="text" id="assetname">
like these inputs then i want to pass one parameter which is comming from asstName & i want to pass that value using <a href > to other jsp. after going to other jsp, it uses to that jsp & after submitting, other jsp, the flowes again comes to privious jsp page. & in that when i press submit buttn, all values goes to database.
So how should i make code for that???
the main thing is how should i pass that value to other jsp &
other thing if i come to main jsp, is there text values which i enters before are present or not
15 years ago
I have one JSP page which links to other Jsp page. but senario is while passing to other jsp it should carry the text value from current jsp to other jsp
like example,

<input name="assetName" type="text" id="assetname">

& i want to pass assetName's value to other jsp by using <a href. >
without submit
So how should i pass that?

I cannt use submit for that because i will use that for final submition
if you still doesn,t understand the scenario, then feel free for details explanation.
waiting for replay...
& Thanking in advance.
15 years ago
I want to pass the value to other jsp thro servlet like as

<td><input name="assetsName" type="text" id="assetsname"></td>

I want to pass assetName text field to other Jsp thro' servlet without using form & submit how should i pass it?

If it requres the JAVA Script then please give details of that
Thanking in advance
15 years ago