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Recent posts by Dan Howard

* Added support for Views
* Added query 'select *' method to session
* Finalized support for Informix (Tests added)
* Changed query statements to make explicit forward only and read only
* Improve readRecord performance
* Added BIT column to byte property conversion

Persism is a zero ceremony ORM for Java


What's new:

Added support for Records! (Java 16)
Added preliminary support for Informix (looking for help to set up a vbox vm)
Fixed UPDATE statement using columns in alphabetical order (All Persism generated SQL should be in column order)
Fixed support for MSAccess with UCanAccess jdbc driver in Java 16
Fixed issue with Queries cached with missing columns
Fixed @table name case sensitivity
Added warnings if Persism doesn't have results when querying for DatabaseMetaData

You can read about records here:


Yeah it's meant as a low friction way to get database access for utilities or games etc..

Version 1.0.1 is available now on Maven.

* Added support for UUID as generated key for PostgreSQL
* Added support for UUID for other supported DBs (mapping to String or byte array)
* Added support for sql.Time, LocalTime, LocalDate, LocalDateTime
* Added support for BigInteger
* Added support for MSSQL/JTDS money and smallmoney types (mapping to Float or Double)
* Added support for ENUM type in the db - mapping to Java enum (PostgreSQL, MySQL, H2)
* Added warning when using a primitive type mapped to a column with a default in the database
* Added AutoClosable implementation to Session
* Updated test mssql jdbc driver to 8.4.1
* Updated test H2 jdbc driver to 1.4.200
* Removed null waring about sql type 1111 (Other) will just be considered Object
* Fixed java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException occurring if you have LocalDateTime and DATE (not time) type in the DB
* Fixed missing Derby keyword delimiters
* Fixed issue where objects using Persistable interface would have all columns updated in some cases

Thanks everyone!



Rob Spoor wrote:That certainly looks like a nice project. How does it compare to existing ORM projects like Hibernate, and JPA in general?

Well it's designed to be a simple and easy to use as possible with no extra dependencies required.  It can do most of what the "big boys" do but without all the extra frameworks and complexity.

Give it a try a and let me know what you think!

Hi everybody!

Persism is a wood simple, auto discovery, auto configuration, and convention over configuration ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library for Java.

Grab it from here: https://github.com/sproket/Persism

You can read all about it here: https://sproket.github.io/Persism/

Includes a getting started guide, javadoc and code coverage report.

I’m working on getting up on Maven central but for now you can install it locally or use ANT or your IDE project.

I have near 100% code coverage and over 130 unit tests running across all the supported database types.

Supported DBs: MSSQL (JTDS as well), Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, H2, HSQLDB, PostgreSQL, Derby and SQLite.

It only takes me an hour or 2 to add a new DB into the unit tests so if there are additional ones you’d like to support let me know!

Thanks to everyone for their interest!
Good to know. But I'm on Java 6 so I should be good.
11 years ago
Opacity of course!
11 years ago
Hi All,

I tried to use a Box in my BoxLayout and it lays out OK but I can't seem to change it's color. Any ideas?
11 years ago
Hi all,

I'm using a script engine in my game and I'm passing to the bindings some objects which I don't want modified. For example I don't want a script to do something like this:

player.name = "whatever";

So I created a ReadOnly interface for this object (getters only) which I pass to the bindings but the setters are still accessible.

Any ideas? Maybe the solution is to make a copy of the objects?
11 years ago
IntelliJ = Best overall
Eclipse = Best free
NetBeans = Best free for new java developers
Found the problem. I was missing the base action servlet configurations in my struts-config.xml. doh!
16 years ago
Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a project to test out velocity. Everything seemed ok until I added toolbox.xml to my WEB-INF folder. Now when I launch my main page i get:

I'm sure it's because I'm missing something but I'm not sure what.

This is what my toolbox.xml looks like:

Any ideas?

16 years ago
Sorry, what I mean is: How do you have checkboxes in a data table so that the user can select multiple rows and then submit for some kind of operation on those selections?
16 years ago
Hi All,

I've been working through jsf using Sun Studio Creator and I've able to get my web application running quite well but I'm stuck on how to use checkboxes in a data table. I have a list from a rowset and I'd like the user to be able to select certain rows to perform an operation (say delete).

I found one thread about this on the java forums:
Java Forums (checkbox in data table)

But I still don't get how it works. Has anyone done this? Is there an example out there somewhere?

16 years ago