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Recent posts by ming wu

In the OP first post, there is my email address made public. That was back in 2004 and I did not know better.


Can you please remove the email address. Or remove the entire post is fine too.

Thank you!
7 years ago
How much difference between 2003 version of the simulator and the current version, course I found some one sale the 2003 for cheap!

I took the test this morning, (Pass Score 49, my Score 48).it is harder than what I expect. Maybe I am not well prepared. the resource I used are Sybex Admin 1 study guide and Thomson Netg. the Sybex book is good, I think I have to read the book couple times more. The Thomson Netg was not helpful. I wish I can find Oracle ILT courseware,If anyone has any info about ILT courseware ,let me know.

I study computer science (software engineering) at University of Toronto, ON Canada. I am graduating next year. In order to improve myself and to better prepare myself for future jobs, I am looking for a part-time Non-pay position of any software company.
Other than the required school studies, I have been pursuing other IT certificates. Include SCJP 1.4, SCWCD and SCBCD, and currently preparing for Oracle Database 10g OCA exam.
Since I lack industrial working experience and still study in school, I will not asking for any pay check, but I expecting to learn something through my volunteering.

Please contact me at [ UD: email removed ]

17 years ago
I am preparing my oracle 10g database oca exam, wondering how is the Thomson Netg software. Are the similar with oracle university courses? their price is more than $700 for admin I study work shop. how it compare to the oracle university admin I courses?

any advice can help.
thanks a lot
since IBM is going to have new test for rational application developer 6.0 , and it is required for new ICED, I guess. I'm wondering when rational application developer 6.0 will be widly used in industry? this has nothing to do with the exam, just wondering.

Hi, oracle will have a new exam for Oracle App-server OCA, how it compare to the WebSphere admin certificate?

I am currently doing Oracle DBA OCA, Should I go to IBM side? need some advice

Originally posted by Billy Tsai:
is there an Oracle certification just for PL/SQL?

I was talking about Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
Is the book from Sybex "OCA 10g ADministration I study guide" is enough for the 10g OCA exam?

should I get the "Oracle9i PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate" now? or wait until the nwer version come out. I know DBA and the PS/SQL are different, but I'm student now(graduate soon) I guess it is good for me to get a little bit everything than specific on one subject, right?

any advice is great! Thanks

I used the example source code from HF EJB website. and the JNDI names and setting seems correct, but still getting follow exception msg, when I invoke the AdviceClient.class

From Page 57-58

Thanks a lot
[ January 07, 2005: Message edited by: ming wu ]

very very nice score
17 years ago

very very nice score
When will 141 update to XML 1.1 spec?

in year 2005? or 2006 maybe?

just want a idea of when to take this test!

thanks alot
Will there be any update about ICED exams in year 2005?

test287 will move to WS6.0 sometime next year, but how about the J2EE and UML tests? Will the J2EE test update to J2EE1.4? and the UML update to newer version as well?