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Recent posts by Mayuri Roi

Hi, I am trying to provide a feature to users to download multiple files from our web server.

For example:
A user can select mulitple checkboxes from a list of URLs in a page and by clicking a button, he should be able to save all the selected files (pointed by the URLs) to a directory of his choice on his local machine.

All URLs are pointing to PDF files. So basically user will be downloading PDF files to local machine.

Any guidance is much appreciated?

13 years ago
Pradip, Thanks for the info. Can you tell me which app servers allow on fly changes for EJBs? Just curios.

I'd really appreciate if any of you can tell me how it should be done in websphere 6.
Do we need to restart application server if we have to make changes in Session bean?

For some reason, every time I make a change to session or entity bean, I have to deploy entire EAR by uninstalling the current app and then install new EAR.

Otherwise the new changes are not being reflected. Is this common with Websphere app server or am I missing something?
What is the difference between the following two if statements in an ejbCreate method of an entity bean? If I have setter methods BEFORE the 'if' statement what is the impact on them if 'if' condition is true?

if (someCondition) {
throw new someException("");
if (someCondition) {
throw new someException("");
Have you tried using ibmjndi.jar ?
Pradip, I already have persons created. And also, I am passing Person reference in ejbCreate of Address.

Daniel, Person has a relationship field of Address as 'addresses' that gives me person.getAdrressess() and person.setAddresses().
Also, Address has a relationship field of Person as 'person' that gives me address.getPerson() and address.setPerson().

What I am trying to do is...

in Address Bean...

ejbCreate(AddressDTO dto, Person parentPerson) ... {
//some business logic...
//Set address fields... ex:

//continue setting other address fields...
ejbPostCreate(AddressDTO dto, Person parentPerson) ... {
What kind of benefits you are looking for?
Performance benefits or concurrency? Optimistic/Pessimistic have their own advantages and disadvantages.
I have used optimisticUpdates and found huge difference in performance as it holds locks for a very short period of time thus avoiding deadlocks/lock escalations/memory issues with database.
I have two beans. Person and Address with one-to-many relation.

When I create Address using ejbCreate, I am setting all the address fields and in ejbPostCreate() I am setting setPerson(person).

My question is: can I set a field of Person in ejbCreate of Address bean?
We have used 2GB for JVM max heap for Websphere 6 on AIX box. Found drastic improvements in performance. Didnt notice any problems with GC.
We have 9GB physical RAM available.
I have a question in EJB. Please help.

Here is the scenario:

1. Websphere 6, Rational Application Developer 6, DB2 UDB 8.2 & CMP.
2. I have two beans 'Person' and 'Account' with many-to-many relationship.
3. I have two tables 'Person' and 'Account' with id as primary key in both tables.
3. Based on the many-to-many relationship of Person and Account Beans, Persons_Accounts table has been generated with two columns persons_id and accounts_id where primary key is (persons_id, accounts_id). persons_id is a foreign key to pk(id) of 'Person' and accounts_id is a foreign key to pk(id) of Account table.

Till here, I dont have any problem. I am able to set Accounts to a person using person.setAccounts(accountCollection) etc. Everything is working fine and our application is in production state.

But now, we have a new requirement where we need to add a new column to Persons_Accounts table.
How do I do this?
For ex: I need to add a flag column to this table based on which I'll have to deal with some business logic. My problem is I dont have any bean that is directly mapped to Persons_Accounts table as it got generated based on many-to-many relation. So, how do I manipulate the new column using any bean?
Figured the problem. Application has some hard coded ports in it which refer to the default server.

Moderator: You may close this post.
14 years ago
I have created a new profile using profile creation wizard with all the default ports (non-conflicting ports with default profile server).

Default profile is configured to authenticate against LDAP. An app is deployed on default profile and is working without any problem.

I have configured the new server profile to authenticate against same LDAP just like the default profile and it recognizes my id and password to log on to admin console. But when I deployed the same app on the new server profile, I am not able to get to any pages in the application after login is passed. All I am seeing is Error 500 instead of a valid jsp page. If I pass in wrong password then I am getting a proper error page stating invalid credentials. In short getting a 500 Error when I submit the form based authentication with a valid ID and password. This is happening only in newly created server profile. I tried to run the servers one at a time and both together. Problem is only with new profile server.

Not sure if its a bug in WAS6 for a new profile or if I am missing anything in configuration for the new server profile. Please help.

14 years ago

Originally posted by David Ulicny:
If you want to enable native_stdout you should go to
Application Servers > server1 > Process Definition >Java Virtual Machine
and check Verbose garbage collection
If you want to use PMI go to (Runtime)
Application Servers > server1 > Performance Monitoring Service
switch on what you want to monitor.

Native log only tells about memory usage.

I have enabled Performance Monitoring Service. But when tried to view using "Tivoli Performance Viewer", I am always getting this error...

"PMON5002W: The performance monitoring service is disabled for all servers. Enable it for atleast one server, and restart that server to run the performance advisor"

I am not able to figure out what is going wrong. I made sure I have enabled performance monitor services from admin console both in Runtime and Configuration tabs for server1 (Selected Standard, all modules to High H). Restarted the server after enabling. But no luck. I am always getting the same above msg when tried to view.
15 years ago