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Recent posts by Pauline McNamara

hi guys!

Paul, really. You must get out sometime.

13 years ago

via Twitter from Elisabeth Robson (of Head First Design Patterns fame):

"Hoping to get another 500+ people signed up for our Android online course so we can keep doing these online courses!"
13 years ago

John Todd wrote:AFAIK, Photoshop is used by web designers to design web sites (I'm not sure about the process but I know they export their designs to HTML).

Some use tools like this one:

ew. hadn't seen that page loaded before putting the link there. bleh.
13 years ago

4. No real support for what tablet's are actually supposed to be good at, which is drawing/sketching

Ditto. That's number 1 for me. Hope from 3rd party devices? (Any word from the makers of Pogo stylus?)

Bert, I expect you and Kathy to come up with a great "Head First" like book in the iBook store. You can add videos to end of chapters, or just in certain sections.

The potential here is HUGE. The education market would be theirs. Little touchable exercises interspersed throughout learning books would be awesome. Like simple Flash thingies... oh. Nevermind.
13 years ago
add to the list of unknowns (to me)

- can I sketch notes on it? (with a 3rd party thingie of course)

Oh, and this is what I came up with when searching "sketch" and "ipad", check it out (depending on your job, mabe not safe for work):

13 years ago

Bert Bates wrote:
Any suggestions for a nice, cheap, easy, napkin drawing, sort of app? About the only thing essential is the ability to export drawings to formats like .pdf.

Would a napkin, a pen, and a photo work? (Seriously)

Are there iphone/touch apps that let you make and save sketches via the touch screen? That's what I would love to have a Mac tablet for.

For some simple diagrams recently I used Open Office 3.0's Draw. Export to pdf is built in (though you could do that with any print dialogue, right?). It's quick and intuitive. And quite free.
14 years ago
This is a half-day online conference on new trends in publishing. I've listened to recordings of a previous version of this conference and found many of the talks very interesting. I'd guess authors or anyone into publishing trends might be interested.

You can be there "live" online the morning of October 8 (for a fee):
14 years ago
Rafe Needleman from CNET recommends that geeks wait a bit - by geeks he means those who are using less off-the-shelf kind of apps.

I was on Tiger and just had the hard disk replaced and they installed Leopard for me: I get to upgrade to SL for the cheapo price. I will wait, though, playing cautious as you are Gregg. Though it feels a tad bit risky not having an install disk for the current OS.

Fresh installs don't really count as I need to do an upgrade ...

Not speaking from experience, but I've heard that you get an option to do a clean install even if you have Leopard. Do you need to do an upgrade (as opposed to a clean install) for a specific reason?

Just read through most comments on that CNET post and found this bit about java that might be of interest here:

by jregan439 September 1, 2009 10:39 AM PDT
Wish folks reporting Snow Leopard incompatibilities would mention from time to time the fact that Java 1.6 is the _only_ version supported. Even what appears to be Java 1.5 is Java 1.6.

Why does it matter? Lots of folks in other forums are reporting apps that are version dependent. Sure Sun says a 1.6 Java can use 1.3 classes - doesn't mean apps, usually the GUI, work properly.

For me it's a huge deal. I work with large vendor apps that still run on Java 1.4. From time to time I write custom classes for clients that use those apps. Without 1.4 on my laptop, guess where that puts me? SOL with SL. I can downgrade to Leopard or switch to M$. Anyone working with 'legacy' Java apps is in the same boat. There are _lots_ of apps built in the past few years that qualify as 'legacy'.


14 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Cameron could be either a guy or a girl.

Is that, like, a mood thing? Well, when Cameron decides, let us know... oh... you meant the name not the person.

Welcome along y'all!!

14 years ago

Cyndie Enfinger wrote:I am new to Java and really like this book so far. I found this forum when trying to find where the solutions are to the Sharpen Your Pencil excercises in the later chapters. I am not taking an instructor lead course and wonder if there is a way to get these answers if we are going through this book in a self-paced manner? I can see if I'm correct for chapter 9 by typing it in and trying each one, but wonder if later chapters will be that way.

A good possibility would be to work through the sharpens and then ask in the Beginning Java forum for some feedback (even for the ones with answers, if you want). 'Round these parts you get plenty of help from friendly folks when you're able to show that you've taken a whack at the problem already. So you're already halfway there...
14 years ago
Thanks y'all. Just to update a bit, I did go ahead and use OO for some very basic word processing/formatting and have generally enjoyed the experienece. It's a nice change from MS Word in that it feels like you're not quite as much a victim of the unwanted "help" offered at every turn. Just one crash, but the document was recovered sucessfully.
14 years ago
I have some old .odt files that I need to update and I was wondering if it's worth installing the latest and greatest OpenOffice, née "aqua"...
14 years ago
Tried Etherpad? Syntax highlighting only for javascript, but otherwise nifty.
Howdy all,

I just found out that the free version of AVG is no longer being updated, and their suggested update costs $$. Anyone have a recommendation for a free virus protection program?

14 years ago