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Recent posts by Nitin Singh

Tired of checking for results. I wish they make this evaluation process little faster.. (Though it took me 2 years to complete part 2&3 after part 1)
Did anyone here get any reply back from them?
I'm also waiting for my old SCEA exam result. I uploaded my assignment on 30th and appeared for PArt-3 on 31st Dec 08. I hope result comes out soon.
Hi All,
I finished my old exam Part-II on 29th and III on 30th. Now what? Where do I see that my assignment has been submitted? Please let me know.

I'm working on my old version of SCEA and its deadline is Dec 31, after that it will expire.
My quesiton is how long after assignment submission I can give part 3?
Coz you asked this , I will give you my understanding. In real world seats layour differs by the type of plane (Equipment?) I guess that is why they are not directly linked. I remember selecting my seats online which had different seat layouts for diferent segments of the itinerary.
Putting more classes in class diagrams is always good but its a trade off between what is required most vs nice to have.
I would include Business Delegates and Service lcoators in Component diagram coz they are higher level and close to components.
In class diagrams we should try to elaborate more on business/domain classes and serivce classes like EJBs and Utility classes with their relationships (which is the most important). I would not put standard classes like Business Delegates and Service locators which are self explanatory.
[ February 24, 2007: Message edited by: Nitin Singh ]
In my opinion Component diagram should not contain VOs, rather it should contain higher level Components which provide services or has some behaviour. VOs could go in the Class diagrams.
This is what Quoted in the GOF pattern book for Template Pattern (typed as is).

Define the skelton of an algorithm in an operation, deferring some stepts to subclasses. Template Method lets subclasses redefine certain steps of an algorithm without changing the algorithm;s structure.

According to this definition Template is justified as an answer.
Strategy replaces the whole algorithm of doing an operation.

I hope this helps.

I have also organized them within servers (appserver, webserver, dbserver, ff-server and containers (ejb container, servlet container).

Component diagram does not show servers right? those are shown on deployment diagram?
Container starts a transaction if needed but when ejbActivate is called bean is not associated with any client or with an EJB entity so does that matter if it is under transaction? So ejbActicate can't participate in the transaction.

I'm stil preparing so dont know if my explation is clear or correct.
Just wanted to confirm my understanding.
I read that CMR fields can either be a local interface of other bean or Collection / Set (not List etc)..
Isn't a List is a Collection..?
I'm not sure if I got your question right, but regarding IFRAMES you can pass the parameters in the query string. or you can have a form in the IFRAME which can submit to the URL and load itself back.

You can also change the URL by javascript like
15 years ago
I would prefer scrollable resutset feature of JDBC 2.0 (your way). Its a clean way of doing pagination, I have used it at couple of place in my application and it works perfectly fine.
Other trick works with Oracle using rownum.
15 years ago
How about deploying the same EJBs with two different databases, your code doesn't change you just need to deploy the same EJB(s) pointing to different DB.