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Recent posts by Damanjit Kaur

They missed Kiran Bedi.
18 years ago
Even though there are lot of IT jobs in India and good high salaries but those are not for each and every IT professionals there.

India is a Democratic country but there too, exist discriminations and its even more painful to get discriminated or (being seen with hatred without any of your fault) in your place of birth country than in other foreign country.

Its difficult, boring and routine life outside India(No doubt in that) but still those migrate once never want to go back to India. why?

Those who speak out the truth are always hated and not liked why? I remember once - 'Sonia' (I haven't seen her posts since long time) was showered with so much harsh comments when she wrote about her real feelings about going back to India. She was in a phase of searching jobs in India and migrated back to India from US.
18 years ago

If you are a desi and you want to come to Canada, use your degree in computers to come to Canada, but do not exspect to be working in this field.

The condition of Indian or Canadian born Desis(CBCDs) is more or less same.

but if you are from india, or even brown for that matter dont exspect that money from computers.

Its not specifically for Indians only but for any new immigrants. Don't know much about this brown/white thing but recently a close friend of mine from India( ofcourse a brown south indian guy with ICWA, CA and Oracle Financials from India) was disqualified for an Accountant job just because he was new in Canada although he had Canadian experience in the same office where this vacancy was to be filled up. Even his white supervisor was surprised at him not being selected for the job and the one who was chosen came to my friend the very second day of her joining the job- to ask about this Oracle Financial thing.
18 years ago
Sanjay, the more you are qualified - more are the chances for you getting shocks in Canada.

Shawn forgot to mention in his first post that it has to be Canadiancomputer science degree and Canadian 4 years experience and ofcourse references - i.e. if you got some Godfathers/mothers here.

But its not that your qualifications and experience will be totally ignored. It takes some people 1-2 years to find job in their fields. During that time you might have to do any kind of survival jobs like in factories, restaurants, call centers(that is where new immigrants get shocks during their initial period). You might have to undergo some Co-op programs, which train you for the job market in Canada with your resumes and send you in some company to work there voluntary without pay for few months(another financial shock). That is how you develop your social circle/references and then might find job in your field. Once you get job which will most probably be on short term contract basis, you can be laid back any time so again be prepared to do any kind of job not neccessary relating to your field.

The overall picture is negative as well as positive as there are some who dared to walk against the flow of wind and were successful and others .....

If you are career oriented(I mean specifically for IT) then the good choice for you would be to stay back in India otherwise you can consider immigrating to Canada, change your field of job and still maintain a good life style. It depends what you value the most in your life or if your company has operations in Canada or US then also you can consider moving to Canada while still maintaining your previous job.
18 years ago
Sameer, If there are still aftershocks being felt in delhi? I hope everything remains fine. I am so much worried for my parents who are in Delhi living in a multi-storeyed house. Talked to them yestarday, they were fine. I fear so much these multi-storeyed buildings.

I wish for the well beings of all.
18 years ago
Well, when I make some presentation, the moment I look at people's faces I forget what I was going to say. So I just pretend to look at them i.e. I just look at the top of their heads.

My hands start getting cold before the presentation and so I prefer to drink coffee before I go for it.

I gain back all my strength the moment people start asking me questions. As at that moment I feel the whole thing is not very formal and I can feel relaxed and cool. So I make the presentation in a way that others are poked to ask me questions and in this way they also don't fell asleep during the presentation.

To gain positive thinking I prefer to have as much knowledge as I can about the subject on which I am going to make the presentation. Otherwise I just don't feel confident as I don't have good skills to manage the situations when somebody ask me something which is out of my knowledge.

So all in all, Rathi ji, perhaps you need to first find out your weaknesses, feelings (I mean - why you are feeling that way?) and then it will be very easier for you to get over them.
18 years ago

Michael Ernest
Like anyone knows who even the top five women chess players in the world are...

Who are they?
18 years ago

Deep Arora
oouch it never occured to me who keeps the code, I really dont know why I would want to keep the code or lay a claim on it.

You might want to keep the code in case you feel you have developed something really good with some unique ideas.

And so by keeping the ownership to the code, you can sell it to others too and also prevent others for using your code without your permission.

But in case you don't have the ownership right (IP rights) over it and try to use the code in other projects, the owner of the code for whom you had developed the program earlier can sue you for using his software/code in other project or for other company.
18 years ago
Actually I have been reading about differences between Copyrights Act in US and India. According to US Copyright Act its presumed that copyrights for software will be with the company when it gets that work done from a person who may not be its employee and so this fact is not required to be mentioned in the contract as its already presumed.

But as per Indian Copyright Act, there is no such assumption re. copyright getting automatically with the company unless the program has been developed by its employee and not by some third person hired to do the work.
18 years ago
Somewhere I have been reading, Copyrights will reside with the company. As per a contract between company and a third party, The company will get the Copyright for any software written by the third party automatically.
18 years ago
Sania can do really well only If our media just stop glamorizing her and making her too much conscious by putting a lot of expectations on her. Just the way they do some time to our cricket team too to make them so overconfident that they just end up losing.
18 years ago
If you have some language translator with Dutch to English and vice versa that will also be good.
18 years ago
Hi Anjali,

Here is a website which has map for Amsterdam. I usually like to get a map of the place before I visit it.

and for weather http://www.amsterdam.info/weather/

The last site is very good for all kind of info. It seems to be warm at the moment in Amsterdam. but its better if you check it before leaving. I had come to Bremen,Germany (the first time)in the end of September and I felt very cold at that moment, and had to buy immediately some warm inner clothes like leggings. also get an umbrella too with you.

I will be here in Bremen till 16th if you want to come to visit me before that you are most welcome.
18 years ago

A project team in one location is hugely more effective than having team members spread around town.

That is very true. But I was allowed to work from home as I had to go back to India and my project was incomplete and now again can't stay back as I must move again. The project is in the last stage and need to be integrated with another project soon.
18 years ago
Working from home is too boring. I am doing so at the moment as I got no other option.
18 years ago