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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

Every year this is what happens in the UK, its not like it didn't snow last year or every year before that 
Don't worry, give it a few months and it will be summer (well) and we will run out of water. 
Rains just about every other day, but we will not any any spare!
12 hours ago
You could have a look at Spring Data, and maybe specifically Spring Data JPA.
I've not really had time too look at this, and it was only briefly covered in a pivotal course I did, but it looks good.  

You seem to be creating repositories interfaces, and letting spring handle all the normal CRUD code; like they say in the docs:

"The goal of Spring Data repository abstraction is to significantly reduce the amount of boilerplate code required to implement data access layers for various persistence stores."

As always the Spring Docs are pretty good; Spring Data JPA Docs

Sadly, I've not had time to look at this in any great detail.
My understanding is the idea behind AOP is to address two major issues with code; code scattering and code tangling. 

Logging, transactions, security, debugging, diagnostics would be candidates.
2 days ago
You could always do the core spring certification
3 days ago
Null's an odd, weird, annoying, type of non type thing.  I believe its a type of non type in the java specification too! 

"Of complication, despond, and general distress; are two nulls equal? I fear both no and yes!" [Hugh Darwin; on about SQL]. 
3 days ago
Best Places to Travel 2018     
Of course the one motorway M1 ends in Yorkshire.  Its dual carriageways, and roadworks, as you continue on northward.

However, back on topic.  Looking at a map of Europe, its quite easy to notice that most of central northern Europe is densely covered by major roads (freeways, motorways, autobahns).  Most parts of the UK lack these roads.   Maybe this should be the focus, rather than making press releases about signless roads.    
4 weeks ago

northern capital Is York

- maybe back in the 15th century during the "Wars of the Roses" [and original game of thrones] ;-) 
4 weeks ago
Just wish they would build some more roads in the UK.  We still have single lane road between the Scottish capital [Edinburgh] and the northern English capital [Newcastle].  I really try to avoid driving (or riding) anywhere near London, just too much traffic and bad driving.  
UK speeding fines are now used to add to local government and police funds, maybe they improve road safety. 
4 weeks ago
1. is it possible to connect to managed server using WLST when Admin is not Available?

The way your using WLST with the node manager is the recommended way of doing this.  The node manager, if configured correctly, can be used to control the lifecycle of the domains managed servers.  Actually all the Admin server does, is ask the node manager to start the shutdown.    
1 month ago
You could always encrypt the message contents, then phone them to provide the key phrase(s).  Still I'll just send the message using the encryption, it may encourage them to adopt more secure practices.     

This is even more or a worry; UK banks and their lack of implementing transport protocols 
1 month ago
I'll just hassle them, first correct all the gammer and spelling mistakes and give them a little lecture on correct english (like an condescending English teacher!).  Also ask them how they managed this on your linux server that does not have a camera.  Tell them you've reported it to the relevant government agencies, and they are looking into it.  Do report it.       

Next I'll be signing them up for each and every email subscription I could find, be imaginative.  Expect this is from a third world country so expect they are quite sensitive and conservative with regard to quite a few subjects, so have some fun.  Something like this, but i'll use a more offensive subject; Cat Facts 
1 month ago
A friendly drill sergeant once politely told me I did not know my left from right!  On a Guards drill square, so not the best place to be a drill pig!

They even let me be the "right marker", the person who everyone dresses off (follows), and we ended up trampling the flower bed outside of the regimental sergeant majors (RSMs) office.  Our troop corporals thought it was funny, since nobody likes a RSM.  
1 month ago
It may depend upon what's on the runtime classpath, since I recall the OXM [un]marshals depending upon whats been plugged in.  Could be wrong both worth checking.

I never look to fix code, prefer to offer advice and let you fix it yourself ;-)
2 months ago
But why would you?  I'm not a WebSphere person, but done plenty of middleware with WebLogic.  Common practice is to have a few WebLogic managed [JEE] servers (think in WebSphere they are known as nodes) that each run separate instances of an application.  This provides reliability and performance.  You also have a administrator server, which has the sole responsibility of controlling the other managed servers.  Suspect this is similar in the IBM product.   I'm assuming that your running four instances of the same application?  Even if your deploying four different applications, I'll still want to have at least two servers each running all four applications.  

Normally is one JVM per managed application server, and yes you should be configuring the heap memory - in line with performance test results.  No idea how its done in WS, but in WL we used the command line arguments passed to the JVM at startup.    
2 months ago