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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

An Introduction to Database Systems by Christopher J. Date.  It's a bit old now, but then so are the concepts and relational databases.  

don't mention cryptocurrencies - it ain't that  

- it is now as they announced a token called XDC.  
Also, they just announced a partnership with IBM.  That gives IBM access to the DLT technology and R3 access to more customers.  
2 days ago
I'll still say have a browse of the Spring Documentation.  
It's always well written, accurate, and up to date.    
2 days ago
R3 Corda is hosting a virtual online conference tomorrow*.  R3 is a consortium of companies who promote Corda technology which is an enterprise blockchain technology.  Based on Java and Kotlin, it more of permission-based decentralised ledger technology.    

For those who don't know and are curious What is Corda.    

*Tomorrow meaning Tuesday the 20th of October at 09:00 hours (British summer time)

R3 CordaCon

PS - don't mention cryptocurrencies - it ain't that
5 days ago
It seems that Jaffa Cakes were in the (Scottish) news after a politician was asked "Are they a biscuit or a cake?".  Not much agreement even in their local country...          

This was challenged by HMRC, with the issue ending up in court in 1991 to prove Jaffa Cakes were biscuits or confectionery, and as such not exempt from VAT. (value-added tax)

1 week ago
A while back I found these youtube clips featuring American vs Scottish snacks.  Of course, they never agreed on what is a biscuit/cookie/cake/crisp/chip/fries (etc).      

Southern man tries Scottish snacks
Scottish man tries southern snacks

I believe most sailors (matelots) still keep up their daily alcohol allowance, they just consume it when [if] allowed shore side and [hopefully] off duty  I never understood how you could get [Newcastle] Brown Ale on tap in America, but only in bottles in Newcastle (or the rest of the UK).
2 weeks ago

The extraordinary meltdown was caused by an Excel spreadsheet containing lab results reaching its maximum size, and failing to update. Some 15,841 cases between September 25 and October 2 were not uploaded to the government dashboard.

 [Daily Mail, Oct 5th].    
2 weeks ago
I recall Seaborne Freight; "the company had no ships and had never operated any" ( Seaborne Freight Wiki ).

there are competitors

There are a few, but normally the usual suspects, since the supplier company typically has to run the service as well as develop the system.    
3 weeks ago
Time to start "stocking up"

Worked on a few government projects when a politician has stood up and made an unrealistic, untimely, misinformed, and unwanted promise   .  It then becomes a "death march" at the supplier company.  Almost an ironic parody or the Phoenix Project

3 weeks ago
Maybe just use good old "null" for no hair  While looking for something else I stumbled upon this project eID - Offer digital services capable of electronically identifying users from all across Europe.  I guess Europeans would be able to record their hair colour and have a record of any previous colours.    
1 month ago
Pretty sure hair colour is recorded in my old military "discharge papers".  Kind of funny as upon joining they shave everyones hair off [ Police Academy Barber ]
1 month ago
BlueJ is a nice tool when you first start.  You will never see it being used on real projects since its focus is on visualisation in order for students to learn the basics of Java and object orientation.  BlueJ IDE      

1 month ago
I'm using the free version of AVG Antivirus.  Mostly it seems to work silently in the background, with an occasional nag to upgrade to the full paid version.    
2 months ago
When demand in the job market picks up again it would be good if you could say "I studied for (and passed) these certifications during the pandemic".    

Truth is that the computing industry is constantly evolving (or is that revolving) so keeping up to date is just part of the job, and indeed, a good habit to develop.  Any candidate that can demonstrate this will gain an advantage during recruitment.    

Welcome to the machine ;-)
3 months ago
Just seen this posted somewhere else.  I've not tried it (yet) but it seems someone has created a docker image and even given instructions on how to use X forwarding to access the GUI.  

The git repository is here;

No idea how any of this this would effect any licensing agreement.  
4 months ago