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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

Docker containers would also be another option Setting up Kali Linux in Docker on Windows 10 [Micro$wipe]

Kali is a bit of a specialist linux distribution, really aimed at penetration testers.  
6 days ago
Hi, of your using bash then the following two commands placed at the top of the script will help

Then when you run the script it will;
  - set -v Display the shell input lines as they are read
  - set -x Display the commands and their arguments as they are executed

As for logging, I've just recently inherited a load of shell scripts (at work) which I did not like much.  So I've added logging and have been trying to add testing code using the bats (bash automated testing system).  The testing code is quite tricky and is work in progress ;-)

However since I've opted to write my own simple logging function, I've taken out the product specific parts and it can be seen below.  Works on Red Hat Linux, I tried on my Mac and seen a lot of date function errors.

Here's the code;

And here is an example of how to use;

I may put this into a git hub repository, time permitting.  
6 days ago
This may help Pivotal Certification

It appears that the older Enterprise / Web Developer certifications are not longer offered, being replaced with more Cloud Foundry focused certifications.

There are (were) a few books, but I'm not sure how relevant these are now; Core Spring Certification Book

Pivotal encourage potential students to attend their courses, but they are not cheap.  
Well there is this post from a fellow rancher --> Spring Cerification Passed

I did the previous certification and found it tricky, both in terms of the amount of subjects that were covered and the depth of knowledge that was required.  From what little I have seen of the new exam, it seems the older less used technologies have been (thankfully) replaced.  This should help as I didn't like having to revisit all of those horrid technologies of the past (RMI, SOAP - see S Stands for Simple ) as I doubt (hope) that I'll never see them even if Spring has made their use less painful.  Far better to be learning about Spring Boot.

There is also a book, Spring Certification Book - I've not read it - but have a copy of the enterprise book which is good.    
1 week ago
During a (spring) web presentation I heard about a [yet another] new spring project Spring Data R2DBC - seems to be what you were asking for.

I don't know anything much about this new project, and this new "reactive" [buzz] word was new to me but from the docs;

Part of the answer why R2DBC was created is the need for a non-blocking application stack to handle concurrency with a small number of threads and scale with fewer hardware resources. This need cannot be satisfied with reusing standardized relational database access APIs - namely JDBC – as JDBC is a fully blocking API. Attempts to compensate for blocking behavior with a ThreadPool are limited useful.

R2DBC Spring Docs
2 weeks ago
This was on the "local" news, SolarCan, not for the Moon.  It's a pin hole camera in a can for long exposure pictures of the Sun.  Novel idea.  
3 weeks ago
Oh ok, last night was Burn's night - celebrating the poet Robert Burns with whiskey (yum) and Haggis (yuk).  
3 weeks ago
Nice one and well done ;-)  Thanks for the GitHub repository, had a quick browse and it does look good.  
Just to add that nothing runs faster than a well written stored procedure that will run within the database.  Not sure how this would work with your existing code.

I've also worked on systems in which the information is marked as "deleted", typically a boolean flag column in the table.  This then excludes the information from any future queries.  At a later date all rows that have been marked for deletion are then deleted and/or moved into an archive.  Of course all database queries need to consider this flag.
4 weeks ago
Not sure, but I think this may help Spring Transaction Management .  

update other system records upon the execution of crud operations of an entirely different (however usually related) record

- Maybe global transactions - but this increases the complexity of the system and decreases the performance.  The underlying resource (database, JMS) has to be able support these types of transactions.
1 month ago
Maybe a bit outdated now but The Guide to IT Contracting was a good introduction.
Its based on the UK and our laws, but I suspect that tax offices (etc) are mostly the same wherever you go    

My advise would be to do it, unless you have a good reason for being unable.  It's a different attitude, you turn up, do the work (well) and when its done you find another contract.  
I'm dreading the day (I~R~3~5) when I have to become a permanent staff member again, all the politics and the feeling that the company owns you!      
1 month ago
I hear that all of the COBOL code grinder developers have retired.   Therefore the demand for them is high with good salaries (or contractor / consultant rates).  Most large companies seem to have the old dinosaur computer in the basement.  I know of one large bank that had a settlement system written in C, and then the airline industry seems to tied into the central Amadeus system.  I suspect Amadeus is COBOL and VAX/VMS.  

You are right however, our industry seems to have a fixation on the latest technology and its worst in recruitment.  What nobody seems to recognise is that technology changes but the core principals seem to stay the same and good developers always adapt.    

I'll be more worried for my sanity if I had to work on Swing (again).  Totally Gridbag

1 month ago
I hear the UK tax office were having problems implementing their new IR-35 tax system for the self employed IT contractors.  
The major issue was that all their contractors left for the private sector, once the tax office tried to impose the new government IR-35 contracts upon them.  
Kind of funny.  The Register - IR35 is still not working...
1 month ago
Yeah, "they good reasons to do it" - I'm more paranoid than most having been involved in a few government projects - one in which we were taking information from various sources and building up an MDM (master data management) solution to link all the information together.

However, to answer the original question "Don't you get Annoyed by..." - maybe I used to, but as I've got older I've worked out that life is just too short to get annoyed by trivial things.  With the one exception of most employment agencies who seem to "represent" technical people and jobs without have any real knowledge of these technologies.
2 months ago