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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

Spring allows you to use dependency injection offering many benefits.  
I sort of suspect that Spring Web (and other spring projects) have replaced Structs in most modern projects.    
Do recall working with structs, and a few home grown "custom" frameworks that where sort of like structs but really antipatterns giving a bad smell   .    
1 month ago
Not sure you're asking the right question;

HTTP server - Apache https server.
Tomcat - Web application server.
WebLogic - JEE Application server.

So it might depend upon what people mean by an "application server", but I tend to follow the definitions above.  
3 months ago
Just randomly found this;
It's from the FT so has a financial emphasis.  
3 months ago
Yeah, I did some contract work for the National Health Service.  
Transition project for their patient records system but always felt that the information was being evaluated for potential profit.  
I'm actually leaving the UK contractor market, it's just not worth the hassle.
5 months ago
Since the recent tax changes (IR-35) there are no real benefits to working as a "freelance", or as we would say, a self-employed contractor in the UK.
In effect, you end up paying a lot of tax since the tax office treats you like a regular employee, but you don't get any employee benefits.

I am of course very biased (and angry   ) since I've contracted for about fifteen years, often doing the work and hours that regular (we call them permie) employees don't or won't do.  Actually, it's causing a lot of problems, as systems are now failing due to staff leaving projects and companies are now struggling to find replacements.  The issue is that the UK government produced a report which highlighted the expected issues.  It was then debated in the House of Lords who then made various recommendations;    

It is right that everyone should pay their fair share of tax. But the evidence that we heard over the course of our inquiry suggests that the IR35 rules— the government’s framework to tackle tax avoidance by those in ‘disguised employment’—have never worked satisfactorily, throughout the whole of their 20-year history. We therefore conclude that this framework is flawed......

It is likely that the off-payroll changes will cause widespread disruption. Many of our witnesses described how the proposals had already encouraged blanket status determinations and the early termination of contracts. We also heard that many contractors had been left in an undesirable ‘halfway house’: they do not enjoy the rights that come with employment, yet they are considered employees for tax purposes. In short, they are “zero-rights employees”. Separating employment status for tax purposes from employment status under employment law also fails to acknowledge that contractors bear all the risk for providing the workforce flexibility from which both parties benefit.

House of Lords; Off-payroll working: treating people fairly      

These recommendations were ignored by the House of Commons, and today we have a very strange situation;

“We have entered this bizarre situation when it makes sense not to work in your own country, and that’s a consequence of badly designed legislation,”

Financial Times IR35 reforms
5 months ago
Oh - just thought I'll have a look into updating my old certification and (whack) they want me to attend another course before taking the exam.  
I did pay for and attend an old course (about two grand), but not going to do that again!
Just a shame [IMHO] that VMWare [or Tanzu] has chosen to monetise this exam, disappointed, to be honest.  
5 months ago
Web Assembly -

Wasm is designed as a portable compilation target for programming languages, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications.

So not really a programming language, more of a runtime environment for many of the current popular languages.
Here's a github list of Web Assembly Projects
6 months ago
Since 2004, however, more recently been a bit AWOL as I've been concentrating on learning blockchain stuff ;-)
Maybe long-timers should be issued proof of attendance POAP or something.  
6 months ago
Another vote for good old vim ;-)  Rust and web assembly are on my forever-expanding list of stuff to learn ;-)  
6 months ago
Google has just launched Carbon an experimental successor to C++ Carbon GitHub.  
6 months ago
It's been a while, but often the easiest way is to run a Putty client on the local (windows) machine and then configure it to do the X forwarding.  
X is the native window service that runs on most Linux machines.

Here are two guides;    
How to forward X using PuTTy
PuTTy docs - X forwarding

You will also need some sort of X emulator installed on your Windows machine, Xming is one that I know of.  

11 months ago
There is a browser extension that enables vim like navigation.  
Here's the GitHub repo:
11 months ago
Just passed last years Consensys Bootcamp academy, so I'm now able to say I'm a Certified Ethereum Developer.  

Took some doing as it felt like six months of study crammed into three months, and way too much JavaScript ;-)  

Turns out Solidity the language used, is very much like C++, with good old multiple inheritance.   Also, it seemed that a low-level understanding of
the Ethereum virtual machine was required.  Shared a lot in common with firmware development, with a lot of security concerns.

I feel I've still got a lot to learn, bleeding-edge technology which is subject to rapid change.  

Anyway would recommend the course.