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since Oct 21, 2004
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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

I think these interfaces allow a developer to extend the functionality of the framework in particular to customise the bean lifecycle behaviour.
Here's a quick video;
4 days ago
Remember Micro$wipe DOS; well, now the source is on GitHub MS-DOS
1 week ago
Most probably the "only" book for the spring [core] certification. 

I don't expect the core subjects will have changed; types of configuration, bean lifecycle, testing, AOP.  I did look at the study guide and it seems some of the older technologies (RMI, SOAP) are not longer included in the newer exam, being replaced by modern spring technologies.     

May still be worth reading the core subjects and then supplementing the missing subjects with the (excellent) spring documentation.    
3 weeks ago
In fairness the "Secret Nuclear Bunker" is a museum from the cold war.
1 month ago

This sign in Swansea told Welsh-speaking lorry drivers that "I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated".
1 month ago

Maybe a realtime currency converter that retrieves current exchange rates and possibly provides a GUI. If realtime conversion isn't available we could also retrieve an XML with the rates and parse it.

It looks like Google, Micro$wipe, and Yahoo have closed their REST based feeds, but I did find this;

Just to add that you'll only be able to get "near" real time quotes from most public services.  Be fine for what you are wanting to do. 

From what I know about these things it costs money to get a real time feed.  The major investment banks are happy (well sort of) to pay good money to get the latest market information, and even have fibre optic connections between their systems and the exchanges.  
1 month ago
If you really must then the @Async tag, but I'm not sure you need this.  Creating Asynchronous Methods

To quote one of the old clever programmers;
"The real problem is that programmers have spent far too much time worrying about efficiency in the wrong places and at the wrong times; premature optimization is the root of all evil (or at least most of it) in programming." [Donald Knuth].
1 month ago

The exact same byte-for-byte WAR/JAR/EAR should be installed in production as was used for development and testing.

I've worked on a few projects where the customer has had one company hosting the solution, and others developing the software.
On these projects the environment configuration (properties) has to be outside of the main artefacts (EAR/JAR).

Of course, when issues happen (and they always do) the blame game; its your environment against no its your software! 
2 months ago
Twenty years ago, I had a broken keyboard with no Escape key.  To this day I'm often in vi, and still use "Control-[" which was my work-around!     
2 months ago
Many years back I worked in speech technology; around 1990 Dragon had just launched their new product "dragon dictate" which was a major improvement on their previous products.
Apricot  Computers where trying to market this product within the UK, and accepted an invite to appear on the BBC program Tomorrows World.  Problem was that it took a few hours the "train" the product, and the programme producers insisted that their presenter would demo the product.  The presenter spent a few hours doing the training, however a camera man managed to trip the power and all the training data was lost.  So they went ahead and the product just completely failed to recognise the presenters words.  Sadly Apricot pulled out of the market a few weeks later.  

Oddly the software never struggled to recognise words spoken in a Geordie accent, which is more than most non Newcastle natives can say.
2 months ago
Tonight we find out who will win the 2018 world cup.  Its not the final yet, but I just don't see any of the other teams beating Belgium or France.  
I'm expecting it to be Belgium, if they can overcome a very good French team. 

held in Europe, South America or Mexico. You don't have the icehockey championships in Brazil either.

I noticed that some referee decisions in earlier matches were very dubious - but then realised that they were, of course, using ref's from counties were the game is played at a much lower standard.  I don't see how a referee from Saudi would have the experience to handle an aggressive South American / European side, when all the players know and use all the many tricks (like diving).        
3 months ago
Yes, added sugar was always the problem. 

It seems healthy food is always second to a healthy economy as far as the (UK) government is concerned. 

Currently the uk is considering lifting the current (EU) ban on [nasty American] chlorinated chicken, regardless of any health issues this may cause.  Its all about trade!  I confess I don't know too much about "chlorinated" chicken - but I don't see the health benefits of eating meat that has been washed in chlorine. Expect it cheap to produce however.  

Similar situation with the sugary drinks, the manufacturers have had considerable money to lobby [bribe] the various governments.  Milk industry too, it not common knowledge that adult humans don't really digest cows milk easily. 

Guess you have to take "advise" with a pinch of salt!     
3 months ago
For a sports tourer, I'll go for a Z - either a Z1000 or Z600.  Flexible as they can be a normal sporty bike but also could tour with baggage.  If you like speed then the H2 SX,  (not sure it would be any use in America).  Or for something that does everything then an adventure bike like the BMW GS. 

Difficult to offer advise as it really depends upon where and how you ride.   Given the choice, I'll go for the KTM Super Duke R - but we have many twisty roads.      
3 months ago