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Recent posts by Peter Rooke

Pascal on Unix System V, 1988.  Problem is we started with the edlin line editor, which was just horrid.  Later moved onto vi, which was nicer.
I liked Pascal, but my first real job was with C.

I did mess about before that with ZX Spectrum BASIC - mostly creating dummy game loading screens - and watching people in shops wait, and wait   

Truth is I still think I'm learning, well hopefully.  Like a lot of people I still use vi!

(Eh - hang on is this not an very old topic?)
3 days ago
Oh, I did it!  Many years back I left a promising job as programmer and joined the (British) Army. 
Let me just say army training was a bit of a shock to the system   
3 days ago
Pretty common to do this when needed, but if your after more disk space then why would you not just add extra? 
Possibly best to shutdown managed servers first, delete those folders (log, tmp, cache), and then start up again.
I'll leave the Admin server alone, depends on how critical the environment is (you did not tell us).      

Come to think of it; archiving the logs sounds like a good candidate for a cron job to me.  
1 week ago
The Jargon file

Rumour is that foobar is taken from the good old military term; FUBAR (fooked up beyond all repair), which is of course the specialist skill of the REME (wReck Everything Mechanical Eventually).       
1 week ago
I think you've found one of the areas where Java has historically overcomplicated the issue.  But keep going, as there are many parts of the language which easier to understand and work with.

I think this old blog post sums it up Java IO Sucks Goat Ass

May be due to the language historically aiming to be a good fit for real time system development as well as normally business development.  
1 week ago

Guess you have to be careful with humour; But one Twitter user said that the last laugh may yet be on the mayor, writing: "We will all vote for you in the next election... April Fool's.”
2 weeks ago
I passed the previous version of the exam a few years back.  Found the exam quite a challenge as it required detailed knowledge of a wide variety of subjects.

From what I recall, the course and exam covered the spring frameworks support for;

Spring configuration, Java config, component scanning, XML.
Spring container, bean lifecycle
Data access; JDBC, JPA, [some spring data]
Web Services; REST and SOAP
JMS and messaging
Transactions (and not just database ones)

Cygwin for me too, it's very useful when you are given a horrid "company" windoze computer and cannot alter it much.  Someday I fear that I'll have to learn how to use Windows 10, but I hope to skip it. 

Really the first usable GUI-based

- Apple Mac?  Think they all took [stole] their idea's from Xerox Labs.  

3 weeks ago
Three ways to define beans;

1) Java Configuration (you have this as b), this is the preferred way; offers type safety, central location for configuration.
2) Component Scanning (a), quicker to write code (but harder to maintain - etc).
3) XML Configuration, verbose, no type safety. 

I'm not sure about your third option (c).

You are providing spring with bean configuration(s) and then it is creating the spring beans, and passing back a proxy to those beans. 
3 weeks ago
Forgot to say; - but not yet out.  
Actually, I've always found the Spring Docs's to be very good, and you know they are from the best source ;-)
3 weeks ago
I did Spring 4 certification, and the instructor was really pushing the use of Java Config rather than XML configuration.  We still covered the old XML, but all of the labs and examples were using Java Config.  I've not kept up to date with Spring 5 however.  
3 weeks ago
Aye, Trappist Beer but kind of lethal    But I suspect you should be able to find the more common beers like Chimay. 
I still remember being amazed that "Broon Ale" was on tap in NYC - Brown Ale 
There is one place in America - Trappist Beer America
4 weeks ago
For those who want to play Oscar, you could start here;
Also by the same person there is a set of you tube videos; Christof Paar -
And few free tools;

I'm too busy with work to think about such complex things

4 weeks ago
Yeah, I never really got into Spring Roo.  Seemed like another code generation tool, where I didn't always like (understand) the code it produced.

Spring boot seems to have got it right, take an opinionated viewpoint.   After all, I'll guess that most projects have similar features, with only a few exceptions.  The trick is to allow developers to have enough flexibility to develop the unique parts of their systems but to allow the framework to use best practices.  Ikea Effect.

Sadly I don't get to play with spring boot (much) at work.  
1 month ago
My understanding is that "DUPS_OK" with an Idempotent Receiver is best.  However, I guess it depends on your situation.