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Mark St. Amour

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since Oct 21, 2004
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Senior Software Engineer (check out the company at

You will be a leading member of the software development team (10 people), developing innovative, interactive enterprise software products using exciting, leading edge Internet technologies such as XML and J2EE.


� Create system designs that satisfy business requirements
� Develop high-quality software enhancements that meet specifications
� Enhance and maintain existing product capabilities
� Provide accurate status for current work to facilitate planning
� Provide technical direction to Engineering team
� Participate in architecture group

Required Skills:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent
Strong track record of developing high quality, high availability, complex software on schedule 10+ years in software engineering
Active member of Java community
Significant experience in the following: Object Oriented Design Java, J2EE - JSP, RMI, JDBC, JINI XML UML
Ability to work both independently and within a team environment Experience in network programming, threading Strong written and verbal communication skills

Desired Skills:

Experience with or exposure to CRM / SFA / CIM, Content / Knowledge Management, and/or enterprise e-commerce applications. RUP

Non-Tech Skills:

Problem Solver and Team Player

Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Leave, 401(k), Profit Sharing, Stock Options, Flex Time

(Now, my candid comments to make sure I do not waste anyone's time: Please do not contact me if you can not define what a deadlock condition is and if you do not know how to avoid them. Also, you must be well versed in design patterns and know how to use them. This is a pretty slick web application that needs someone smart that gets things done and also can and will design and code. This is a flat culture that focusses on solving problems by leveraging the right technology to build business solutions, not the latest trend in technology. If this sounds like a place you feel you would enjoy and be challanged please contact me at Thank you for your time and interest.)
17 years ago