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Recent posts by Srikanth Kanagaratnam

Thanks Chris for the reply.

I checked my junk emails and there are no mail regarding that. To double check it I just modified my personal data on the prometric web site and instantly I received a mail from Promotric saying that "Your data's has been updated successfully".
So I believe they haven't send it to me.

Don't know whether its an automated process or manually sends the mails to the beta candidates. Anyway I drafted a mail to Prometric regarding my issue. Lets see.
Hi Folks,
I still haven't received the mail from Prometric saying that I am Passed or Fail. Also I checked in the prometric web site, still my status is "Tested".

Did any one have the same problem?
I did the exam on last Saturday. Its very tuf...155 question for 41/2 hrs
Hi Ranchers,
I've 4 years of exp, in Java/J2EE...
Recently I have got an offer to work in Athens, Greece.
They are asking about the expected salary per month. How much I should ask?
I am married & having a kid as well.
I would like to know how the living expenses & taxation in Athens are.
16 years ago
Hello ranchers,
I am currently working as a software engineer(Java) in Sri Lanka. I have a 2+ years of experience in Java and wish to apply for jobs in London. I has applied to lots of companies in UK, but they are asking me to have a valid work permit to work in UK. Its possible to find a job in UK with out a valid work permit.

Please help me

Thanking in advance
17 years ago
So we can expect it somewhere on first week of September? :roll:
18 years ago
Hi Guys,
I did my SCJA beta on 24th of June. When the exam results are going to release?
18 years ago
Hi Guys,

It's really need to practice questions?
Which one is more harder, HFEJB mock questions or questions?
Is any one passed the exams only with HFEJB book prepares?
Congratulations & enjoy!
What a great score!
don't forgot to tell your, way of preparing.

18 years ago
You have to wait 3-4 working days, to log in successfully.
Type your testing centerID as user id(in my case promatricID & cermanagerID is same,9 digits).

18 years ago
Hi Nick! Thanks 4 reply.
There is small mistake in my question . I would like to know how many exam takers are passing out of 100 examinees?

Hi, Any one know the passing rate of SCBCD out of 100? It's possible to take the exam(i mean pass) only with the EJB development experiance?
congratulations and enjoy!
wishes for the scwcd.
18 years ago
Hi you can use the following link to get into the prometric

18 years ago
Hi buddy, Finally u did it right?.
Congratulations! It's a great archivement anyway and not stay with this ,
18 years ago