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Recent posts by Senthilkumar Adaickalam


we have developed a web application using struts 1.38 + spring + hibernate and we now want to migrate it into Struts 2. I went thro the struts 2 documentation and understand that formbeans have been removed completely from the framework. Without formbean, its fine for the forms having few fields but what will happen if the form has more number of data. Do we need to add setters and getters in action class for each field? If yes, i feel it decreases the productivity compare to the struts 1's dyna action forms where we just define the form in struts-config.xml.

Please clarify.
16 years ago
Hi Rohit,

You are allowed to have only one element under the <SOAP:BODY> element of your soap message and which should be defined by your schema. Please put the price and volume elements into the single element and try.
16 years ago
Hi All,

I need to display the search results using struts and display tag. Following are the ways i have in mind to implement this but i would like to know the best optimal solution before start my development.

1) retreive the complete search results and store into the HttpSession object.
This may be a performance bottleneck if concurrent sessions opened.

2) retrieve the records from database on demand (let say 10 records per user hit).
Results in more number of costly database calls.

3) retreive the part from database and store into the HttpSession object, let say my search results in 1000 matching records and i will get the first 100 records from the database and put it in the HttpSession object. When the user clicks on page 11, i will query the database again and retreive another 100 recods and store/overwrite into HttpSession object.
I think this is the better approach among the above three.

Please let me know if you have any other better solution and how to implement.
16 years ago
Hi Satish,

You can use Spring and Hibernate combination which reduces lots of your coding & testing effort. Handling transactions, persistence, etc are made simple and configurable using the xml files. The spring framework provides xxxTemplate for DAO supports, where xxx can be any of Hibernate, JDBC, JTO, ect.
Hi Nanda,

displaytag.jar needs to be included in your classpath and you can download from the following url

16 years ago
Hi Merrill & Brent,

Thank you for taking your valuable time to answer. I really appriciate it. As you suggested, have decided to save my lists that do not change at application level (as an attribute in servlet context).

16 years ago
hi nanda,

to use display tag, you need to have the jar file in your classpath.
16 years ago
Hi Merrill,

Thanks for your input.

What do you suggest on using java cache. I think if we put the object in application scope it will be alive irrespective of whether its being used or not, but the cache will keep cleaning the objects if not used for some time set in the cache property file.
16 years ago

In your jsp, add the taglib tag to import display tag library and add the code similar to the below one.

<display:table class="simple" name="yourList" align="center">
<display:column property="yourName" title="your Name" />
<display:column property="yourDesignation" title="your Designation" />
<display:column property="yourOrg" title="your Org" />
<display:column property="yourDOB" title="your Birth Date" />
<display:column property="yourSex" title="your Sex" />
16 years ago

I need to develop a search functionality using struts framework and hibernate. My search page has almost all html controls like text, checkbox, radio, select and multiple select. I need to populate all these html controls (except text) from database while retreiving the search page for the first time. Do I need to keep all these information in the form bean or in the session. i dont want to add much into the session as each select is having a lengthy list, eg, country list, birth year etc. And at the same time i dont want to keep this information into the form bean (i think all these list of informations are only meant for user selection and are irrelevent to the form, form should hold only the data to be sent to the server)

Please suggest me the more efficient way from the performance point of view.

Thanks and Regards,
16 years ago
Hi Young,

I need to display the summary of transactions in the excel sheet. I have tried with both POI and JXL to complete this functionality. Its working fine in my dev machine(Windows). But when i moved to the prod env (unix machine), its dispayed the data as shown below. My code goes as below:

"attachment; filename=sampleName.xls");

WritableWorkbook w = Workbook.createWorkbook(response.getOutputStream());
WritableSheet s = w.createSheet("Cards", 0);
s.addCell(new Label(0, 0, "columnValue"));

HSSFWorkbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook();
HSSFSheet sheet = wb.createSheet("Cards");
HSSFRow row = sheet.createRow((short)0);
FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream("cards.xls");

I am creating the workbook by reading the data from the .csv file which is stored on the weblogic5.1 server.
17 years ago
The excel report is displayed as junk data as shown below irrespective of the api i am using in the unix environment. But the same code is working fine in the windows env. i have tried with POI and JXL APIs.

I guess i need to do some additional config for content type. Pls help me asap.

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17 years ago

I am trying to generate the excel report using POI and the environment is Java1.3, WebLogic5.1 on UNIX m/c.

I am able to generate the report successfully in windows environment: Windows XP, JBOSS and Java1.4.

In the Unix env, i am getting the excel document with junk data displayed on it.

Pls help me.

I need to read the Excel sheet and send all the data to the database. I had tried with examples from the net but couldnt able to solve it. The Excel Sheet is having around 50+ rows and having 5-10 uneven columns spread over the rows.

For ex, the rows looks like,
Company Name:--------------- Year Established:---------------
Address:--------------------------- Ownership: Public--------
City------------------------------------- State---------------------- Private-------
Country------------------------------- Website----------------- Other-------

The value of Owenership should be either public or private or other.

How do I read this XL and put the data into the database?

Thanks in Advance
19 years ago