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I have a class that starts up a thread and inside thread's run() method is called. Rougly it goes like this:

So here thread starts a timer and runs until either longTask() returns something or timer expires.

I have two questions:

1.Is while loop in run() enough to kill a thread?
2.longTask() is an abstract method that must be implemented by extending class, so if there is a long process in the implementation of longTask(), when this thread dies will/should whatever is going on in longTask() die as well?

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So whatever happened to the book promo by Christian Gross?
12 years ago

Check this out:

This is a good implementation of tab panes in dhtml and it has good JavaScript API.
I think it has something to do with signing the jars. I've read that if you have third party jar file, in order to use it in your webstart application you need to sign it. But you can't because it's not yours. There are couple of solution, one of them is to create another jnlp file in which you refer to the third party jar file and in turn use that jnlp in your main jnlp.
This also might be helpful:
12 years ago
See this already becomes a standard. If patterns are defined for a problem and those patterns are used it concrete standard implementation then there is already something tangable that everyone can use instead of relying on assumptions and guesses.
I guess I'll pickup a copy of your book to prove myself wrong
Or by luck get it from javaranch!
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I don't think Ajax and Struts can be compared because Struts is server based, and Ajax is client based. As one of the articles you referenced said...

But you see I am not comparing them as technologies, I am comparing the way Struts gained support from developers and where AJAX is going. I just feel right AJAX has too much momentum to be a cool technology to use. If what is done now with AJAX is embedded into application without well thought out design considerations then down the road there could be price that will need to be paid for that.
Again, all I am saying is that we need to take the whole AJAX concept a little slower and not run with it like school boys.

Yes I agree that DWR and other AJAX frameworks are great start toward rich client web application. But I still see them as trial and error projects.

Developers are getting used to the old way of doing things and are basically copy and pasting code from one application to the next.

Well that's their problem. If they want unmanagable system that is not scalable then let them copy-paste.

To your second question. If you say, yes Dynamic HTML is the way to go then you need to follow through on the argument and say Java and C# are not the languages to use when coding Dynamic HTML.


I am not saying that Java or C# are languages to use in DHTML, I am saying that WebStart application present alternative to AJAX. Just like you would not use DHTML/JavaScript to code Swing GUI, you would not use Java to code front-end web GUI.
I found these articles interesting:
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All I am saying that AJAX does not yet have a stable platform/framework/api that would allow creation of enterprise applications. We know AJAX only by GoogleMaps, Gmail and such. There haven't been any major problems yet developing with AJAX. Once these problems will be faced, I'm betting many developers will look to other alternatives.
Look, as I said I am not against AJAX. I think it's a great technology and makes web applications more rich and responsive. The problem I am seeing with AJAX at this point is similar to that of Apache Struts. Struts was the first mature MVC solution and a lot of companies rushed into developing with it. Later other frameworks came out Tapestry, Wicket...but for many companies it was very hard to move to alternative because their solution was too dependant on particular framework.
I like what Eclipse is doing with their ATF Project, this will create some kind of standard for this technology. Right now all I see is many different takes on implementing AJAX in current applications, but no unified API.

Can you elaborate on:

The productivity you have with either Ajax or Flex is very hard to achieve using a traditional GUI programming language.


There is a bigger issue here in my opinion. I feel that writing GUI's using technologies like Java or C# is passe

Yup, it is. But I think that if you want to build intranet application or something specific where your audience will not mind Mozilla-only solution XUL is great.
Actually here is a nice example of AJAX+XUL application:

It's Amazon's book search, which I think is a very nice example of how these two technologies can work together.
Hi Christian,

AJAX is a very nice technique, no doubt about. I use it almost every day in my applications. However, I think that many people are too focused on solving rich client application problems with AJAX. There is a whole new rich application world out there using Java WebStart technology to run Swing, SWT and Eclipse RCP applications. In my opinion Java GUI is much more rich in GUI components than DHTML approach at this time.
Do you think that it's too early for AJAX to take on enterprise applications?


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Today I got 15(!) emails from monster and dice recruiters with 2-3 minutes intervals. Did something happen today? Interesting...
13 years ago