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Recent posts by Steve Dyke

Ron McLeod wrote:Which browser are you using - Internet Explorer?

MS Edge
I was able to get this to work:

To explain the last post.
The line without the redBG class shows as expected in the dropdown list.
The line with the redBG shows up as a blank line.
However when I hover over the blank line it higlights.
This is the place in the server side HTML select list element where the redBG class starts showing.
These two line are in natural order when using the Inspection tool of MS Edge.

I have attempted to use the suggested code.
However, the elements of the List show as empty lines.
When you hover over the empty lines they will highlight and I can even click them.
I am building the html select string on the server side.
I am using a field value to add a class property to the option when a particular condition is met.

On the client side I am setting the select2 to the list.
When the list is displayed the background color gets removed.

How can I fix this?

Example of server side HTML string I am building:

The client side code:

I guess I was trying to make it too complicated.
1 month ago
Should be //change incflag = 1;
1 month ago
I have a LinkedList of BFEListSeatAssy Objects.

I need to change the value of one of the BFEListSeatAssy properties(incflag).

I have used code to remove and replace entire rows of the list but never just replaced an element value.

This is what I have so far but I do not know how to point to the direct row column to affect the change.
1 month ago
This is one of many connections(connection pooling) I use in my web application.
The server I am connecting to is in France. This morning they had a fiber optic cable cut and the connection failed.
So did my application. I need help in what to do to keep my app from crashing when one connection fails.

In my index.htm I check for valid connection and return connectionSuccess .

My connection code snippet:
I went with the third option you suggested Carey. It works great and as expected.
All were great answers and thanks for everyone's input.
This is a great site and very helpful for those of us that are not so keen as we wish we were.
4 months ago
My String will be Srting itemno = 899999-001 but sometimes it may be 899999-001-999

I just need the first dash number of either(-001)
The following will get me -001 and -001-999
If I use lastIndexOf and there is just -001 it will return empty.

4 months ago
In my web app the user can use a hand held scanner to populate certain input elements.
The scanner can be programmed to do an auto CR or Tab function.

I have been able to use keyCode == '13' successfully but am having issues with keyCode == '9'.

I got this to work:

I have tried this but still does not work: