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After going through all the pots I wonder why everyone is talking about cheap labor...
When your are working on H1B you have to work on salary basis. You cannot work on Hourly basis. Based on you experiance and paltform there are certain rules laid out by Immigration department (I guess) that H1B candidate should not be paid less than certain amount else his/her VISA get rejected and you cannot even enter the country..

Comming to fresh graduates, I have seen companies here take lot of them as interms and later they hier them. I think Graduating from a college here is very good source of getting into a very good companies.

May be what is know is very little.
15 years ago
Thanks for the reply Henry.

You seems to know a lot about these systems.
I think it is unfortunate/sad to know that CAR and Hotel business are planning to apply same Concept as Airlines.

I am just trying to understand how this works and why everyone is accepting it, which is encouraging other business to change their pricing policy.

Thanks a lot.
15 years ago
Seems like no one is interested in sharing their thoughts.

Or no one see this as a problem.

You can delete this post. It will atleast save some space on javaranch.
15 years ago
I like this

Elaine Micheals
No woman could post her daily algorithm here - the amount of space required would bring the servers to a screeching halt!

15 years ago
I have not seen this in any industry and I am not sure how it is beneficial to Airlines.

Why is that air fairs touch sky when you want to plan a trip at last moment? What difference does it make? If prices are so high then people who are willing to travel will anyways drop their trip unless it is very urgent. If we consider such urgency, how often they come.
People always plan in advance.
But there could be some situations where some events come up in next week and you cannot attend it because of high air fairs.

Even if there is availability, no one will choose travel and airline is definitely loosing business.

Don't you think?
15 years ago
I don't know that Amrish Puri is no more.
He is great actor. No Doubt about it.
15 years ago

My question is how to join different tables and filter the data according to selected criteria and return the filtered data to the client(UI layer).

This has to be done in the persistence layer

And also it has to remember selected ones and maintain the session in the next page when we click certain listed ones after having the selection criteria.

I am sorry I did not understood this requirement properly. What you want to persist? The collection (of value object I am assuming) that is returend by your persistence layer? If yes, then you can hold these values in user httpSession so that you will have these values available when user navigates to other pages.

Why do you want to maintain session (I am assuming hibernate session object)?
Hi All,

I have never worked on Projects that used Annotations. and I was wondering why EJB3 is based on annotation approach.

I feel that with all services like transaction, security etc.., embedded into the code through annotations, if something has to be changed, we need to update code and look for all dependant methods/code that has to be changed. It would be a maintenance nightmare if there is huge such code which developer has to scan through to make all these changes.

Having Configuration in XML would save sometime to change on file instead of so many files.

Ofcourse regression testing is crucial in both the cases.

What adavantages you see in using Annotation approach?
I cannot access this site from office....
15 years ago
Read Me Day and World Laboratory Animal Day
15 years ago
Just have a cup of tea....
Very refreshing...

When I feel Bored or not doing anything I just open javaranch and go through the posts.
Thank God, I can access this site from my office.
15 years ago
I am thinking that this is the right forum to post my message. If you don't think so I would appreciate if you can move this to the right forum.

I am working on an application which is planned to build on the exisiting project. The base project is built using 90% html, javascript, XML and AJAX technologies and 10% java for backend processing.

Here goes how architecture of the base application works.
When user logs into the system and requests server to create a new Quote, request is sent to server to get the huge XML file with all the nodes that would hold Quote data entered by the user. This is done through event handlers that update this XML documnet when user enters some data.On save this XML document is submitted to the server, which would save it to the database.

Current project is like adding new functionality to the base project for a differnt type of quote and user should be able to switch between the quotes, which makes me think that this new quote type is part of the current application and code for new Quote should be within the current aplication.
I was thinking of Update exisitng XML document to hold new properties of the new Quote.

Disadvantage I see with this approach is:
If say down the line, if some other quote type comes up or if business rules for exisitng quote type changes (addition/delete), then it would be a night mare to mantian this huge XML document.

If I try to maintain seperate XML documents for each quote type and as this XML document is generated by the server, which is reterived on load of the application, whenever user updates the quote type, I will have to make a server trip to save exisiting quote and retrieve XML quote (inorder to persist the information entered by the user) for the selected quote type, which would effect performance of the application.

I want to design this application to be modular enough and less maintainable.

Can you please suggest right approach for such a problem.
early reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
[ March 01, 2006: Message edited by: s penumudi ]
There is no direct method built into javascript as far as I know.
U might have to create a flag (global variable) for that file that would check if that url is submitted

<script language="javascript">
var clickFlag = false;
function isClicked(){
else {
return false;
/********do your stuff.......*/
/********END do your stuff.......*/
return true;
If your browser requirement is Internet explorer, you can dig into MSDN library to learn more about using DOM, XMLHTTPRequest, and so on..

New browser version has builtin XSLT and Xpath parsers.

You can find lots of information when you explore MSDN.
I think you should not use Request Dispatcher to forward for include. When forward is used, it means that you are navigating to some other page. You should be returning back to same page where you would parse response object and update your UI.
Try not giving
RequestDispatcher rd = req.getRequestDispatcher(strSiguienteForma);rd.forward(req,res);

I hope it works.