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Thank you Peer Reynders very much. I have tried the first scenario on RAD and WAS 5 test environment and I have got a warning at the build time and an exception at runtime.
thank you Peer Reynders
so you mean the first scenario is allowed by the WS-I but we should not use it. right?
Hello everybody
I have 2 questions related to this thread:
1) if I have a web service with 2 operations with different names. both of them use the document/literal style and use the same message as an input. then a soap message arrived to the web service as the following:
<soap:Envelop ...>
<!-- Any XML Document without an operation name -->
Is this case allowed in the BP. if yes How the JAX-RPC can map the message to the approperite method?

2) another question if I have a web service with 2 operations, both of them use the document/literal style. each of which uses a different message as input. How can this be defined in the WSDL?


Originally posted by ramu av:
hello all,

i'm trying to include a servlet in another servlet using


but on the first access of the calling servlet the "Leftnavigate" servlet is not called.

but on referesh of the calling servlet it includes "LeftNavigate"

please give me some suggestions to handle this problem.

Dear Ramu,
the signature of getRequestDispatcher method is:
request.getRequestDispatcher(String relativePath);
where the relativePath is a path relative to the current page.

so, to solve this problem add the following part to your web.xml file:
17 years ago