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Recent posts by Johannes de Jong

I for one hope SA wins, but I'm just sooo chuffed that Dutch TV is showing the game life that I will be happy either way, as long as it is a great game.
16 years ago
I suggest you have a look at Netbean 6.0 Beta

It rocks !!!
<pre>Author/s : Christian Hellsten, Jarkko Laine
Publisher : Apress
Category : Other
Review by : Johannes de Jong
Rating : 10 horseshoes
Once in a while a book gets written that makes your life as a programmer easier; this book is one of them.

Why you might ask? Well to start off with I can use +/- 60% of their demo application, emporium, as a basis for a application I've started writing; and my application has absolutely nothing to do with a book store. Their application addresses common tasks i.e. standard CRUD, security, multiple language support etc. things you will encounter in any web-based application. They show you how to solve them the Rails way.

I've never fully understood the fuzz about the Test Driven Design and I thought that writing test code before writing the actual code meant you were bananas. I know better know. If you follow their advice and example, boy do they write a lot of test code in their application, releasing your code to production won't be the dreaded �gone is my weekend� event it used to be. Thank you for showing the way guys.

I also like their writing style, it is as if you are part of the discussions with the user, George, as the application evolves from an idea till a pretty sophisticated amazon type clone. Everything is done using extensive user stories and you fully understand their reasons for their solution to the problems.

Even though this book is not a reference book I'm quite sure I will return to it often when writing my own application(s) to see how the authors did something. As such I have one small gripe I wish the formatting made it easier to find things.

This book has everything you need to take your level of understanding / knowledge of Rails to higher level and as a bonus it will also make you a better programmer general; I highly recommend this book.

More info at
More info at

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17 years ago
<pre>Category : Other
Review by : Marc Peabody
Rating : 6 horseshoes
Up and Running starts out as a decent overview of Ruby on Rails, but more and more the book turns into a shallow repetition of: �Add this huge block of code� Doesn�t that look better?� At that point, you�ll still occassionally trip across random information, but I can only describe most of those tidbits as orphans of when this tiny manual aspired to be something bigger and more comprehensive.

There are too many labs to learn much without your computer and there�s too much non-interactive material to enjoy the book as a pure lab. The non-lab material isn�t cleanly separated from the labs, so you can�t give your brain much preparation for when to focus on your computer and when to focus on the book.

A little more organization would have made Up and Running a great book.

More info at
More info at
17 years ago
ME you deserve a round of malt
17 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Isn't the point that for big, billion-transactions-a-day, load balanced, fail-over, huge development team, type of situations, Java really scales but has a lot of overhead? Whereas RoR is pretty awesome in a small shop for small to medium sized applications? So it boils down to choosing the right tool for the situation?

Perfect reply B
17 years ago
Congrats, well deserved
18 years ago
As for the book being appetising.

I read a few chapters and I can tell you it is a fantastic book
Good catch Satou.

As I do not have a copy of the printed book I cant verify it but, most likely the downloable version is not the final version. I know the team that reviewed the book and I'm quite sure they would not have missed such an obvious mistake, but having said that, with the pressure to get the book to the presses it might have slipped through.
Congrats to all the winners

I love the "press release" annoucing the winners Dave

As for Kathy, yep she sure did not follow here own advice Death by Risk
18 years ago
If you have an idea to help reduce poverty, why not submit your business plan over at BiD Challenge 2006
18 years ago
Hmm. I do not have printed copy of the book and I removed the draft copies so I cant check if it was a newly introduced "error". It sure is frustrating if the review team checks & comments on the dragft version and new "errors" are introducted when the final version is printed.

By the way I did not proof read the HF 2nd edition. I only got the team together and summarized their comments.

Are you starting your Java again as a hobby or for work?
18 years ago