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I think you can do it in 5 months, if you are familiar with the C# and OOP philosophy.  It will take a good amount of work and a lot of coding.  I also did the Udemy Java MasterClass and used OCA Book by Boyarski and Selikoff.  Of course, I have reviewed countless articles on specific subjects.  Also, the Enthuware exam prep questions are tough, probably tougher than most questions on the exam.  As long as you can score 70 or above on those Enthuware tests and fully understand all of their explanations, you should be fine.  Enthuware does a good job of mixing all kinds of terminology, coding examples, and rules questions to ensure you understand what you are talking about.  Hope my experience helps out.  Bonne chance!

Put this together for ya real quick.  Let me know if you have any questions.

9 months ago

I would suggest you check out articles for this vs super in Java.  There are some great write ups out there that explain it well (and gives good examples to work through).  I'll try to add some links from a search.  Hope this helps.
9 months ago

Sorry to hear that.  But don't give up, 58% means you have a pretty good understanding of Java 8.  With a little more study you will be able to crush it next time.  Hope this helps!  Hang in there.  
9 months ago
Welcome Cay!

Loved Core Java.  Great books.  Thanks for all the code lessons!
9 months ago
Does anyone know where i can get a discouted voucher??? I know that several of my friends have purchased them on ebay, but there does not seem to be any posted lately. Is this because of the upcoming platform change? I presume that buying a discounted voucher is legal ( ) , right? Thanks
'i' will be incremented after 'i<=2' has been run once. the initial println will be displayed until the i<=2; condition is met.

Im a java newb and this is mu first answer to anyones question ... so you experts feel free to chime in here...

hope this helps
Thanks for the postings and links .. you are all helping me re-enforce my knowledge.... Yee - haa back on the ranch in the am!
Welcome Seema Manivannan!

I am sure that the Saloon's Atmosphere will rub off on ya ... and not just that smoky smell in your clothes the morning after. Glad to have ya here.
Hi All,

I do not have any java certifications ... would it be worth it for me to take the 1.4 now or wait the six months + ? I am leaning towards taking the 1.4 exam ... any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
Thanks for the sage like wisdom. Great advice. Especially hanging out around the forum.

I have another question... Would it be worth my while to take the 1.4 Exam this year or beginning of next year ... or should i just wait for the 1.5 Exam? Thanks
Hello World,

I am a Self Professed Java newb. I would like to thank the everyone who has contributed to this web site. I have found the ranch an invaluable tool (being a native texan I am comfortable on any kinda ranch!) and would encourage all to kick in the 5 bucks in support of the community. But my question is ....

What else can I do other than read, code, and practice test? Is there any type of hallmark that I can look for to know that I am ready to sit for the test??? A Percentage on Practice Exams. I feel fairly confident ... but then i read thinks like 'Dont feel bad if you fail!' That shakes my confidence and sends me to studying more. Any advice would be appreciated. :roll: