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Recent posts by naga bush

I am using HttpSession class for session tracking.
The sessions are working fine in windows platform in javawebserver.
HttpSession session = req.getSession(true);
session.putValue("username", "name');
When the same code is using in solaris machine with iplanet web server(here servlet2.2 API) I used setAttribute,getAttribute for the session.
Now the iplanet web server is residing in solaris. The client is windows.
The main problem is we are tested the code in 10 systems).Out of 10 systems 3 or 4 working fine with sessions. In the remaining systems the session objects are null.
We are using the ie5 browser for all the systems.
Please help anybody if u faced this problem.
Thanks in advance
18 years ago
The jdbc url for thin drivers is.
Connection con= DriverManager.getConnection(
"jdbc racle:thin:@dbhostname ort:sid","username","password").
SID stands for System Identifier. which identifies the specific oracle database instance to which you want to connect.
Are u using correct dbhostname,port,SID.username and password are according to software instalation.
I hope u r using oracle 8i .Along with this software u will get thin drivers.
To find the hostname and sid in oracle8.
go to
start -->programs -->oracle for winnt -->oracle net8 easy config
click that one. In Next screen give Yes.The next screen is
welcome to service name wizard.In that (Choose actions) select modify radio button and in (existing services) choose available servers(any one). Next screen is Select Networking Protocol
In that one choose tcp/ip. next screen is u will find out the dbhostname and port number. Note down the dbhostname and port and next screen is sid(system identifier).note down the sid.
In oracle8i
start-->programs-->oracle_default_home1 -->network administration
-->net8 assistant-->net 8 confifuration.
In this u will get local.Click the local,the service naming will appear. Click it u will get all the available service names.
Click any one , then u will get the service name, dbhostname,port.
If u have problem please ask your database administrator about the dbhostname,port,sid.
If u r working on oracle 8i the thin driver will be coming along with the software.i don't know about the oracle8.
The classpath what u have specified is o.k.,
All the best.
Inform if u got any problem regarding this.

Hi.,I got the solutions. I tried with thin driver and the programs is working fine.
18 years ago
I am getting problem when connecting to oracle 8i database through java program. os is sun solaris7.0.
DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc racle ci8@sundb","username","password");i have given username and password according to software installation.

The driver is loaded . But the error is while connecting to database.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError . no ocijdbc8 in java.library.path.
Is it classpath problem. But i am unable to find in which folder all the ocidrivers are available. Please help if u have encounter the same problem.
18 years ago
I want to run jsp file in iplanet webserver which is running in solaris platform. I am having experience in javawebserver where u can put all the jsp files in public_html.
To run jsp's in iplanet am i configure something?. and what about the classpath settings.
Thanks and regards
Naga Bhushana
18 years ago
I developed vb com components and hosted in windows platform and working fine. I want to host the same com components in solaris platform. Is there is any plug-in for doing this. Is there any software so that it can communicate the com components in solaris platform.
18 years ago
hi venu.,
Whenever u r using package concept that time only u have to create package directories under myserver/servletclasses and . If u r not using package concept u simply copy the servlet class files into myserver/servletclasses.
for example we have one servlet source code in package1
then we can registered the servlet in weblogic properties file.
Here sample1 alias for package1.sample servlet class.
If u don't used pakage concept in ur code
weblogic.httpd.register.sample(alias name)=sample(servlet name)
and If u have changed the content of the class file and place it under servlet classes the new changed content output will come. There is no problem.
18 years ago