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I am looking forward to start the certification journey of OCUP. It seems there are not many online resources available for the same.

Currently focused on OCUP-Fundamental. Could someone please suggest me some resources / mock exams etc for the same.

What are the other alternative certification in this area ? how are they compared to OCUP exams ?

Kindly advise.

V Mittal
Cyprus is a small country.. very cheap as compared to other european countries...
I don't have any first hand info.. but I have some thing that I could have found on the net only..
A 2 room flat rent is some where in between 150-200 Cyprus Pound per month..
Petrol costs around 25c per litre..

no idea about the expected salaries.. and the tax structure..
Is there anybody, who can throw some light in that.. ??
15 years ago
I know a few companies.

Computer Associates

Any other companies that you can provide. I understand that there are lot many, but being small/midsize, I may not be knowing the name.

if any info along with name, like website/work culture/work force/onsite opportunity/Salary/Stability is available...
and you can share..plz ..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Prem Jith:

The best company to work for in India is Oracle (Best Paymaster, Best Work (depends in the group), policies).The pay huge salaries and give good work.

Trilogy is the second best paymaster along with BEA, Gloabal Exchange etc.

As far as my knowledge goes, I know that Trilogy pays much more than Oracle does.. Oracle is getting too big in work force to match the pay packets with likes of Trilogy/Bea.

BTW, How is Global Exchange doing ? seem to be in financial domain ? any details.. Not heard about it.. seems to be low profile company.. ?
15 years ago
Raghav, Be sure to brush up the Core Java concepts.. that is where your interview starts, mostly.... look at threads/inner classes/reflection etc..
There on it will move in the direction of the skills, that you have written on your CV... If you can answer first few questions confidently, that is always good and it balances soem wrong answers later. ...
All the best. and let us know the outcome of the interview...
15 years ago

Originally posted by Rashmi Tambe:

So they dont even offer a lunch? thats bad and unprofessional!

I attended the Accenture interview years back.. They had the same attitute that time as well.. Thanks god, that place had a water cooler and we could have some cold water... in the summers of Delhi...
15 years ago
Could you people throw some light on the option of Distance learning MBA (in India).. like from Simby/IGNOU or some other option...
has anybody opted for E-Mep from IIMs.. how is that program..

Those people who have done a Distance learning MBA, could you please tell, if it really helped in some way during your career...
I am not asking, if one could lend a job because of the MBA degree, but did it help in your current job, or when you switched to your next job..

Obviously there is no harm in getting another degree, but Is it worth doing it.... I am at a point of my carrer/life, where I can not think of taking a break for studies, but would love to do something along with my job, if it helps in some way to get me a better career later..

Your valuable advices are welcome....
15 years ago
Any one knows about TRIDENT ? where it is located.. what domain ? website ?
I could not get any details about this ?
15 years ago

Originally posted by Arjun Shastry:

6 lakhs per annum from campus?
Which college by the way?I was under impression that only Texax Instruments is a pay master when it comes to campus offers.

I am from DCE.... BTW, Cadence also offers almost the same.. TI is in the range of 4-4.5 LPA...ST Micro is same .. 4- 4.5 LPA..

And there are few FMCG and Oil giants, that pay more than IT copmanies in Campus.. HLL/HLS are two of those. more than 6 and 8 LPA respectively.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Arjun Shastry:

Some of the companies I can list who give 'extreme' pay:

I never heard that IBM is good paymaster ? ..They pay just okay.. And the kind of total strength they have in India, I don't think, they can afford to pay that much. Infact one of my friend worked with them for almost 3 years..(joined throught campus) and left it a few months back.. he was getting around 4LPA... even less than what his batchmates were getting in TCS. Even this year, IBM has not made any great offers in the campus placements. something in the range of 2.5 LPA....
I am quoting the salary offered in the campus placements, just b'coz, that is the only place, where you have an exact figure, without any negotiations..and gives a true picture of an organization.. after a few years of experience, it totally depends on the law of suppy-demand and ones personal negotiation skills.. for companies like IBM.

IMO, all the companies which have been discussed so far as good pay masters, are not having very large scale operations here in India. mostly they have small to mid size facilities. and true... these companies don't make big news..

BTW, anybody knows about TRIDENT, they have offered 6LPA in campus placement in my college this year.
15 years ago

I must say these are exceptionally rare exceptions. Believe me, this figure is highly exaggerated. Or, is it that something about the candidate's profile was left out of context - like an MBA degree or returning from overseas office of an MNC ?

I think you missed my post ... ..
I too think these are exceptions.. but IMO these are not rare now...
and in my post, atleast , i did not miss anything very specific about the profile of my friends. ..
15 years ago
15 years ago
Thanks Arun for the info..

Just to add to the info, few of my friends... Hopped 6 jobs in last 3 years.. (total Experience is 3-4 years).. and they are getting in the range of 9-11 LPA right now.
All of them always worked for big brand names (to name a few, GE, HCL, Accenture, Techspan, NESS, Sapient, Morgan etc...) I am happy for them...
but some times wonder, would they stick to the one they have recently joined.. And do Software companies not consider the stability of the candidate they are recruiting....

I don't know, how they cope with the question : "Why do you want to change your job" .... or may be, it has become a fashion to ask this question in the interview.. but the answer really does not make any difference ...

Just my thought..
15 years ago

It would be really nice if someone could tell me something about Kodiak Networks in Bangalore, India. Kind of work, employee strength and are they good paymaster.... Any other Good/bad feedback about the company..
15 years ago