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Recent posts by pinto sharma

thanks for the reply...
Now I have 2 questions...

1. You said Service Locator can be shared by both the clients but how can we share it as service locator will be used by business delegate ...which will reside in web tier for web component.....
So in a way the copy of service locator component has to be prersent with java application also..

2. Does it mean that we should not show all these details for java application client in the diagram .

Roberts thanks for the reply..
actually i am a bit confused as ...if i am using folowing patterns for web client:
1. intercepting filter : for authentication
2. front controller : for deciding business flow
3. service locator : for locating business component...

now these 3 functionalities are very much required for java application client which of these patterns will be put along with client application and which one will be pushed to ejb tier....

hope i have made myself clear...

dear Hu Rui
thanks for the reply ...

My question is if you have 2 differnt client than how do you make java application client to interface with ejb tier so that both application client and java client can share business functionalities ....

hope i have made myself clear...

My question relates to j2ee architecture where we have to support both types of clients web and java application .
For the web client it is very clear how to implement front controller, business delegate and service locator patterns. But for java application I am confused as how to implement front controller, business delegate and service locator patterns i.e which tier should contain which component.
parag ,

thanks for your explainations. I got an idea how to go about my issue. Thanks a lot.

I was asking abt javascript beacuse the UML tool I am planning to use is Enterprise Architect 4.5 by sparx system and when we generated html through this then it uses Jscript file to generate tree struture ....

well I think netter option would be to just take images from this tool and write my own html pages to link them....


congrats on great score
Few questions

1. How java application can iterface with cgi/perl web application
2. Have you used container managed transaction or bean managed...kindly elaborate
3. How did you handle security.
4. Can we include javascript in our assignment html pages....which we have to upload..