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Recent posts by ravi v kumar

Hi There,

I had a requirement to read/access secure windows share using java. i have to provide windows username/password to access this share. can anyone worked on accessing this kind of file share using Java??

Thanks in Advance

13 years ago
Hi All,

I need shell script or UNIX command to archive a file in UNIX OS. this file should be archived on a weekly basis.
and also this file is randomly accessed by different applications.

Can you please provide solution for this.

Thanks in Advance!!

14 years ago
Hi There,

I had a requirement to copy a specific set of directories from 2 servers. and after copying i need to rename them and do some task.
i am planning to do it with Threads like
i will have
->Bean for Copying (2 threads ex thread1 and thread2)
-> Bean for Renaming...doing other task(ex thread3)

first bean i will create 2 threads in which thread1 will get files from server1 and thread2 will get files from server2
once this threads finish the task it should notify the thread3, so that thread3 will carry on with renaming process and other stuff.

can you please suggest good design for this requirement also suggest which will be good.

thanks in advance!!
15 years ago
i also had same issue. but they decided to close the window if user clicks logoff clink. i know its not the solution.

15 years ago
Hi Greetings,

Is there any way to schedule procedure/function execution on a particular time on every day?

This is required for to run a procedure every day at 00:00 hrs.
let me know if schedular there in oracle or else suggest an alternate for this.

I know we can do with Java or even if the environment is unix we can use crontab/ctrl+m.

16 years ago
Hi all,

Can we able to modify the data (:NEW) when the trigger fires?

when the trigger fires for insert or delete. i need to update data of that particular empid[example] date to set current_row indicate to Y
i am getting the following exceptions :

Delete Operation : " [DELETE - 0 row(s), 0.080 secs] [Error Code: 4092, SQL State: 42000] ORA-04092: cannot COMMIT in a trigger".

Insert Operation : "ORA-04091: table ALL.JOB is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
ORA-06512: at "ALL.TRIGGER1", line 15
ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'ALL.TRIGGER1'".
16 years ago
hi all
thanks for the reply
application is like user select some of the records from the search and again he will start a fresh search with different criteria and add to the his selected list.

its like shopping cart.

i am getting request.getSession and adding these collections. so i think this collection will exist for that user only, session object take care i guess.

now the issue is with multiple same window with ctrl+n by same user.
sorry i am bit away from this topic.
i found the problem which causes this.
thing is we had a Redirector Servlet[like Controller servlet in struts] which is the only entry for accessing our application/pages in which they are placing the response.setContentType("html/text");

so, i found it and fixed it.

thanks again,
for your valueable response!!
16 years ago
hi adeel,

the requirement is same like you suggested. we will provide check box and we ever user selects some and clicks "ADD TO LIST" button, it will be added to his cart (i mean session variable). he can came again back to search a new result and repeat the above.

i did most of it, but the thing haulting me is query execution every page[pagination]. my search query joins 7 tables. executing this query infact 2 same query once count(*) and actual results for every page taking lot of time.

i am looking for indexing tables, views, tuning. i beleive 25k-50k records is not much data to apply pagination.

suggest me if had any info regarding tuning the query.

thanks again
16 years ago
hi all,

currently, i am holding a treemap object and an arraylist object in session object. i made the collection as syncronizedList/Map using Collections in java.util

Is it good way to do it??

Is each session object use different treemap and arraylist or access the same collect across different session objects?

if i make my collection objects syncronized using Collections.syncronizedXXX(), can i modify the treemap and arraylist in session by opening the application in multiple windows using CRTL+N(iexplorer)
hii all,

i need few clarifications regarding oracle joins and performance tuning

lets take table tab1 with columns id, name, effdt, age
tab2 with columns id, dept, sal, empl_status

both the tables i am planning to join based on column id

select a.*, b.* from tab1 a, tab2 b
where b.id(+)=a.id // Is this needs to be the first condition??
and a.name like 'ma%' // will this affects outer join??
and a.effdt = (select max(effdt) from tab1 where id=a.id
and effdt <= sysdate)

is it good to have indexes based on where clause, like for the above query
in order to get fast execution of sql do we need to create indexs like
tab1 : id,name,effdt (combined index)
tab2 : id

pls clarify me the above 3 questions?

right i am working on the search query which will have 7 tables joined and the results range from 25k - 50k rows. as of now its taking more than 3 mins for 1000 records. i need to apply pagination like google search for the search results.

thanks in advance
hi adeel,

thanks for the post. as you said using pagination, its difficult to hold the user input like we will have check box for every result row and user can select a list of rows and go for submit.
because with pagination, request will go to server every time if next or previous link is clicked.

take for example, user selects 2 rows in first page, and then he click next and then he selects 3 rows and then he clicks submit button.
at this time we will data for only 3 row which was selected my user.
the 2 rows selected my user in page one will be gone out of scope.
16 years ago
Hi all,

i had a requirement as below

there will be search screen, once the user click search. we have to show the results, these results will have one editable field and i have show this like paging technique. worst case of search results will more that 1 lakh

i tried 2 ways
1. i taken the complete resultset and using javascript and dhtml i wrote the paging technique and after that i used session to store the selected rows.
2. i used rownum to build the paging technique but its very slow because it queries the DB every time once the user clicks next or previous links

both of the ways i am not happy, another alternate which i am thinking is:
shall i take the entire resultset and place it in session object and apply the paging technique to this session object.

can anybody suggest best to do this, thinking in mind that these results are editable.

thanks in advance
16 years ago
Hi Ben,

As of now no mime mappings are there in web.xml
will it be useful/fix the problem??
16 years ago
Hi all,

We had fews links which will download/open the files like excel,pdf,dot,doc files. right now whenever we click the link which points to above files, displays the content in binary format instead of downloding or showing it using respective editors.
our application details:
app server : Sun Java Application Server 8.x
app server installed in unix OS
browser : IE 6.X

so do we need to add mime mappings in web.xml so that server will understand?
i am trying to all mapping like below in web.xml, will this fix the problem??

<!-- Set Excel mime-mapping so spreadsheets open properly instead of being sent as an octet/stream -->
16 years ago