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Recent posts by Vinay Singh

Training cannot be waived in most cases and I am not sure how would you show 'relevant experience'

For those who are preparing for Spring certification , there is a practice test created by Daniel. This test has 50 questions

Spring Certification Practice test
13 years ago
Skill-Guru has three SCJP Practice Test by different authors. Check them out.
Read the Cathy Sierra and Bert Bates book.
The practice tests are meant to test your knowledge. Mock tests at Whizlabs, Enthuware, Skill Guru are meant for this purpose.

Try out these tests

Free SCJP 5 Mock test

SCJP 6 Mock test

Good luck.

Kaustubh Sharma wrote:Hi I am SCJP 6.0 certified with 98% but couldn'y find any benifit of it. Why They run this certificate.....???

What benefit you expected after certification ?
There are couple of tests at Skill-Guru to help you practice for SCJP

Free SCJP 5 Mock test

SCJP 6 Mock test

Good luck with your preparations.
As Sadhna pointed out , there are couple of tests at Skill-Guru , all of them free and one paid
Free SCJP 5 Mock test
Free SCJP 6 Mock test
SCJP 6 Mock test

Now the free tests do not come with explanation so you can practice but might not understand what mistake you did.

The paid test priced at $1.99 has 125 questions and has explanation for each and every question. This will help you to understand your mistakes.
And even $1.99 comes back with money back guarantee.

So the choice is in your hands.
Good luck with your preparations.
Spring certification could be better but the 4 day course is expensive and not available in most countries.
But looking at usage and popularity , definitely one should look at Spring not EJB.

13 years ago
I am not sure about commercial products but there is one free test with 43 questions which might be helpful
SCBCD Mock test
Yes you might. But what is the value gained ?

Rrai Rai wrote:Do I need to be SCJP for SCEA?
Where Do I begin?
What books to refer which one is the best one.
I want to pass this exam and need help to start from Books / Online Help and questions posted above.

Nope. SCJP is not needed.
Start with Design patterns book especially head first design patterns.
There are three tests on Hibernate Interview and concepts. After you give the test , you can see the results and a graph as to how you have fared with other candidates.

Hibernate Interview questions

Hibernate Interview questions

Hibernate Essential quiz

Below is link to hibernate tutorial split in two parts. This tutorial gives a step by step solution to develop a first Hibernate application using Eclipse.

Hibernate Tutorial

This will help you getting a better understanding of how things work inside hibernate

Hibernate Tutorial - Part 2

This tutorial is with Spring and JPA

Spring JPA Tutorial

Hope you guys find it useful.
Some Practical JSF interview questions
JSF Interview Questions
14 years ago