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Recent posts by Wasim Ahmed

Hi all,
I am trying to run APPs dll file for LDAP running on os/390. But I am getting error message Unsatisfiedlinkerror at run time and the file it complains about is same dll I wrote, My dll name is libdsijni.dll and system looking for liblibdsijni.so file. My question is, did I package wrong? Any thoughts...
20 years ago
Congrats!!! Good Score ..
[ September 30, 2002: Message edited by: Wasim Ahmed ]
Hi folks,
I need some comparison here,I came across internal position at my company in C/C++ Dev. group. I am intrested in it. I am only SCJP and no "Hands on experience" in C++ or Java.
Can you guys tell me How I pursue the hiring manger that knowing java will cover C++ ( I have no clue about C++ but I have 6 yrs programming exp in mainframe)?
21 years ago
Hi folks,
I've downloaded JDK 1.4 and J2EE 1.3 but I cann't find servlet.jar file in both of them, do you know where is at?
I am trying to set classpath in JCreator to compile servlets, anyone knows how?
I got the ebook when I purchased JwebPlus. I don't think I can share(copyright law) pus its hard to send 16 meg file as an e-mail.
Folks (in US) who have passed SCWCD exam and want to sell their SCWCD Study Kit book, I want to buy one. I have ebook version but I am looking for paper version for the road. Contact me via e-mail I live in US.
Its a good Book, I am using it and I am new to Servlet & JSP. This book written in very simple language and easy to usnderstand. Keep this in mind that this book objective is to get you through SCWCD exam, for further knowledge on Servlet and JSP you should consult other books.
Here is the link for SCWCD kit, its ebook version is free if you purchase the JWebPlus testing software. Offer is good till July 15th.
So Act Now, its worth it......
I am just wondering since there are couple of study guides are available now, Is Javaranch moderator/book reviewer had a chance to review these guides and assign horse shoes ?
Hi Folks,
I am trying to compile a Servlet in JCreator LE and getting a following error message
D:\JCreator LE\MyProjects\HelloServlet.java:2: package javax.servlet does not exist
I am using jdk1.4 and added to the JAVA_HOME path any thoughts ??
Problem is Solved.
How? I re-install Tomcat 4. I have upgraded the JDSk from 1.3 to 1.4 and since then it was a problem. I think Tomcat put the hooks in the JSDK and once you upgrade it doesn't recognize the new libraries (eventhough i chnaged them all the Parms). Anyway thanks guys.
22 years ago
Hi Bodie,
No file called Hello.jsp I am trying to run marty hall's example.
22 years ago
Hello again, Now when I type localhost/Hello.jsp
I get the following error: in the root cause
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/tools/javac/Main
I have added all the Paths and classes now what I am missing? Any help
22 years ago
Thanks MIKE..... that did it.
I went in Control Panel -> Adimn Tools -> Services
and there it was Tomcat set to automatic startup.
I changed the properties to manual and it worked.
Thanks again.
22 years ago