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Recent posts by narayan kulkarni

that should be possible using the setIconImage method on JFrame object.
refer API reference. I guess if you have image object set properly and pass it to this method you should be able to set your own image as icon for the frame
17 years ago
Hi All,
I have a application with a GUI for the user to select the file on which he wants to operate, here i use JFIleChooser Class to do this for me. On Click of a button I instantiate object of JFileChooser and set some of the properties and call the showOpenDialog() Method. On the event of click of button the dialog appears for choosing the file with the open button first time but when I get into some directory by double clicking on directory, the open button gets distorted, the text "open" on the button is not visible. I don't know why this is happening.
I am using 1.4 version of java for development
please let me know if anyone else has faced the same problem and have found any solution
thanks in advance
17 years ago
Yes its windows specific function but it would be some exe right, so if you find out the exe that creates the DSn then we have method called exec() in java.lang (refer the docs to find this method) to execute exe from a java program.
You also need to find out whether that exe accepts commandline parameters this you will be able to find if you execute the exe in dos mode..
Thats all you are ready to create dsn programatically.
Hope it makes some sense to you..
I tried to find the exe its rundll32.exe but I did not get any information on command line parameter. You need to find whether there is utility that runs in dos mode accepting parameters to create dsn..
Sorry about that
Please let me know.
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[This message has been edited by narayan kulkarni (edited February 08, 2001).]
I have worked in both areas but I am still unable to clearly understand the difference between this thread-process thing and performance and etc.
What matters in web based application (for large scale access) is how your webserver how many concurrent users..,load balancing etc etc All this matters.
There are lots of other things that matter not simply the language used for coding the server side.
Perl can very well be used for OO design very efficiently. It has excellent file processing and pattern matching features, also its very easy to learn
But I do not know why there is less support for PERL language, may be developers have some kind of prejudice.
Servlets has advantages, I agree but I have not seen any real time comparisons like this x site is much faster then y site because x uses servlets and y site uses PERL.
In web based application there is one more player ASP on which most of .COM companies rely on.
Can anyone explain why ASP has so much of presence, may be because of Microsoft and Java Servlets and jsp because of Sun
Folks hope you got the point
18 years ago
Check out the database format for the date in Access which you have specified
Access default format is I believe dd/mm/yy make
If you specify it as short date it may accept
Best thing would to debug would be to c&p the query you are executing in servlet in MS-Access query window and execute it
It would allow you to find whether the query is correct
There will be some sqlexception thrown in the webserver prompt
18 years ago
What is the error
It may be due to database you are using
Usually databases expect date to be in their default format like in oracle 12-JAN-2001
So if you try to put the date in other formats it may give error
I hope I am right, may be there may be other causes for the error

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18 years ago
I did not have any guidelines set for when I started my first project based on servlets as server side program, but as I went on with design I found that it would be good to write one servlet each for one form to share between team members as it goes on with modularizing the design.
But I din't consider the performance issue, many people whom I consulted in this area were of the view that one form per servlet does not hinder the performance

This is a good topic for discussion
I would like for views of people working in this area
Peter, Can you please explain your design views in little more detail

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18 years ago
Yes its possible to do that
After you check a name to be deleted from the database you need to click a submit button to invoke a servlet
In the delete servlet read the values from the checkbox which has the 'checked' value as true, I hope it is checked ..Refer HTML read the value from that checkbox in your form and execute appropriate sql statement to delete the chosen record like
Delete from Employee where name='<the value chosen from the checkbox>'
This would be same as deleting mails from your inbox in yahoo or hotmail
18 years ago
Include necessary Javascript in servlet
I think you should try onSelect for this
Its quite possible, I hope
18 years ago
Its possible using Javascript
I exactly do not know the syntax in Javascript
it should be like window .open() which opens a new window and I hope you can also pass the pass the url as parameter of the servlet that you would want to be evoked or a html pages
18 years ago
When I used to encounter this sort of error I used to unzip the or classes*.zip and then put the resulting directory path in the classpath.
I usually used to extract to in my webserver root directory
I am rusted because I am now not working in Java for 9 months
I canot tell you the exact classpath
so i think you can give this a try
Hi Deeksha
There is a limit on number of cursors that can be kept open at a time in oracle
Try to close the connection to database everytime and open a new connection everytime
Its not advisable but check once again on closing of Statements/ResultSet
Try Connection pooling feature of jdbc 2.0
This is what I tied and it worked and it worked for me
I would like to know if there is any other method

[This message has been edited by narayan kulkarni (edited February 01, 2001).]
I think the problem is probably with classpath
Check out with the classpath
The invalid cursor state exception comes when you do not move your cursor to next record before executing the query
What I mean exactly is if you have created a ResultSet object as
ResultSet rs= new ResultSet();
just execute method to move it to next record and you might be knowing that using cursors you can access only one row from the table at once
So you need to put this thing in a while loop like
//the code to read the data from database

I hope you got what I mean
let me know if it worked
Hi swati
In your code you do not have form tags
I feel you need to have form tag and a textbox and a submit button in the html form so that the user enters a value in the textbox and clicks on submit button the key/value pair present on the html are submitted to the servlet that is expecting these values
in the getParameter method if you pass the name of the testbox you have given in the HTML form then you will be able to access the value
Hope you got it
18 years ago