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Recent posts by shankar

Hello all,

I cleared SCEA Part I today with 83%. Prepared for about 2 weeks and used the following resources:

a. Enterprise Javabeans 3rd Edition
b. UML Distilled
c. SSL and PKCS cryptography papers from netscape
d. Mark cade's brief and excellent book for SCEA

Followed the yahoo group scea_j2ee and read through most of the files found in their file section.

Apart from the above, I had some experience designing some J2EE applications, which helped me to some extent.

Best of luck to all those preparing for this exam.


SCJP 1.4
SCEA ( Part I)
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17 years ago
I did not encounter such type of question(s) in the exam, which I took today.
Hello all,

Today, I cleared the SCWCD 1.4 exam with a score of 85%. I found the exam to be pretty difficult as compared to the mock exams I had taken.

My Prep materials:

a. The awesome Head First Servlets and JSP's by Bert, Kathy and Bryan. Thank you for the great book.

b. Precise objective by objective discussion by Mikalai Zaikin in his SCWCD 1.4 study guide. I would advice everyone,preparing for SCWCD,to go over this guide.

c. I refered to some sections, such as DD diagrams, JSTL, and Tags from the respective specs.

d. Scored a miserly 62% in the HF Mock exam and used and for their very effective mock exams.

One important advice from my side is, try to go over the Servlet and JSP API's, till you remember all the important method signatures and their objective.

Good luck to all those preparing for this exam.

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