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Recent posts by Bil Bob

Does anyone here have experience, good or bad, with ejb3unit? would you recommend it?

16 years ago
I preordered this book ages ago!!! thinking of backing out if it will take any longer
forced to join the dark side of the force now and use DB2...

I am wondering how I out a block of SQL statements within a transaction in db2

ie; if any sql exception NOTHING commits

Thanks very much!!!
18 years ago

CONGRATS!!! To you and to all:

i looked at the FAQ and want to confirm if this is true

i just got to certmanager.conm/sun_assignment and go to history and my result will appear below all of these once it is marked???
Test History

*Note: Tests are imported during regular business hours (GMT -07:00). After completing a test, allow 4 business days for the test to appear in your test history.

Customer: billy-bob
Testing ID: 1111111111111

Test Name Date Taken Grade Score

Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform 1.3, Enterprise Edition (310-090) Dec xxx 2004 P
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 (310-035) Jan xxx 2004 P
Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition Technology Part I (310-051) Jan xx 2005 P
Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java 2EE Platform (310-080) Jul xx 2004 P
Hi Ajith

It's good to have you here. I have officially started preparing for SCDJWS now, too (I am assuming I will get a pass for my SCEA). As always I have a million things on at work but I look forward to being able to share ideas with another contributer.

Good luck with your prep!
personally i recommend u build WS app and then with what you learn there it will be much easier (it is not an easy exam on its own)
build a WS app first

then think about the cert

just my 2c
18 years ago
i would love to know what they actually wantfor component...they seem to always mark otherwise perfect designs down

good job anyway!

I am going to be reading all the resources available on web services that people have recommended around here. Where is the best place to start in terms of sensible order.

Something like;

sun's tut -->
RMH's book -->
MZ's Tut -->
blue print -->
MZ's quiz?

my style being what it is i will probably make an app that utilizes W/Services during all of this too

Any recommendations?

have a nice day
Hi Max

i was just wondering what the Estimated date is for your book's release


Is the idea of nothing but dependencies for components what you generally follow. (I know interface can have diff relationships)

That is what i generally see with most books I Cade et al

Thanks your thoughts. I see your point and will lean towards that approach.

I think the FAQ has some agreement with how I view composition...but just describes a more specific view. I am going to look into it more just to be certain.

Have a nice day
Thanks for the reply!

Essentially, I can understand relying more upon dependencies in the example:

such as a customer component needs/depends on a Credit card (or visa versa)

but i guess i was the case of a composite entity like above (ie. a customer with a credit card and an address) is it then relevent that a customer HAS a Credit Card within its entity structure (thus fact composition as CC required a customer)?

Please advise
Thanks for your input, Dan

Much appreciated!