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The javac.exe is the java compiler. java.exe is the runtime launcher. both of them are needed if you want to do any development with Java.
17 years ago
I'm having problems with deflating / inflating code. Before I go farther, here's my code...

Here's how I call it...

Here's the line of output I get from the testZip println...

As you can see, I use the code from the inflateDeflate method and it works just fine.

However, when I invoke just the deflate method and hand it the output from inflate, I get the following runtime error:

except for the line:

that I put into the deflator trying to solve the problem, this code comes directly out of the Java online docs.

Anyone have a suggestion?
17 years ago
Just changed the output in the first message because I ran it through twice. Sorry for the confusion!
17 years ago
I just figured out what's happening. I get Hex 61 for 'a', which is the first letter in the string. Then when I convert 61 back, I'm hitting decimal 61, which is '='... oops.

How can I change this? I'm guessing that I really only need 00 - 7F in hex.
17 years ago
I'm in the middle of a muddle....

I'm trying to create a small class that will give me tools to convert a String to a string of hex numbers, then take that string of hex numbers and return to a normal string.

Here's my code:

Right now, I'm just worried about the toHexString method and the hexToString method. In my main method, I first convert with:

then I want to return to my original string with

Here's my output..

As you can see, the result from hexToString does not result in the abc123 that went in at the beginning.

I think the problem is the casting of rawInt to (char), but I don't know how to change this!

Please help.
[ May 11, 2005: Message edited by: Marcus Laubli ]
17 years ago
The company I'm working for is releasing a client / server app built in Java. I'm writing the InstallShield Universal engine routines to install this monster.

While working on the InstallShield issues, the idea of a "timed" access certificate with authentication and encryption came up. Because of past experience with X.509 certificates inside of Lotus Notes / Domino, I suggested that we look at x.509 certificates, and got only blank stares.

I'm trying to figure out if there is some way that I can put encrypted data into an X.509 certificate which could house the number of servers and the number of clients which a "certifier" certificate can create. These numbers then would be checked by the number of registered users in the RDBMS prior to creating new Server or client certificates.

Can someone tell me if this is possible?
17 years ago
I know at least 3 employers that are looking for Java Programmers in Phoenix AZ.

No, I'm not a headhunter, but I'm thinking about it!!!

Anyone who is able to work legally in the US is welcome to send me your resume.

17 years ago
Thanks Guys!

It finally went up. It's taken so long, but this exercise made it click. Now I understand...

What I really want is:

public abstract class Registry implements Node

I'll put the rest of my abstract method definitions into here for the registry specific things, then create and to finish the job.

Man, Java really is cool! "I love it when a plan comes together!"
17 years ago
Thanks for the help.

The error went away. I'm dealing with other things now. I think I can manage.
17 years ago
I tried, but Studio Creator still shows the error. It's confusing.
17 years ago
I admit, this is the part that I was weakest on in my exam!

So all I have to do is change it to:

public interface Node?
[ April 15, 2005: Message edited by: Marcus Laubli ]
17 years ago
I'm writing some code to handle user preferences. To do this, I wrote the following file:

Then, I created the following file...

I'm really trying to use an interface correctly. However, on line 8, my IDE is giving me the following error: "Interface expected here". What's going on? As soon as I typed implements Node, the IDE offered to populate all of my method headers.

I'm confused.
[ April 15, 2005: Message edited by: Marcus Laubli ]
17 years ago
Thank you Joe. I'll use this for the rest of my career!
17 years ago
I was confused before I read these posts, now I'm even more confused...

I am working on OOP-2 myself. I have three methods. toInt() is the middle one. Marilyn is asking me to throw the exception in the convert() method and let it "bubble up" to main.

Anyone have any suggestions? According to my cert exam results, OOP and exceptions were the two weakest areas!
17 years ago