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Recent posts by omar khan

[ September 02, 2003: Message edited by: omar khan ]
18 years ago
You have to repost the data in the form.
You can use some hidden input and pass it to the form again.

Originally posted by zb cong:
and theserverside have provided a free version of pdf book about struts1.1,you can download from there.

I just found some free chapters.
18 years ago
Did you install Eclipse 2.1 + java developer plugin?

Originally posted by Younes Essouabni:
I know that there is also some UML plug-ins. Anybody has a tried one of them?

I am using
Omondo and it's not bad.
10060 Connection Time Out
The return value of a JavaScript event handler is usually used to indicate the disposition on an event, namely to perform or nor a certain action.
What are you trying to do?
[ April 11, 2003: Message edited by: omar khan ]
I have discovered that

is translated to

by IE, while Netscape, Mozilla and Opera work correctly. Apparently IE appends a ; to &sect autonomously.

[ April 11, 2003: Message edited by: omar khan ]

Originally posted by Taariq Levack:

now i wonder if theres a March 31st fools day in Omars country
[ April 01, 2003: Message edited by: Taariq Levack ]

Apparently our database played a fools day on us poor developers. We are to find out what's going on. So apparently in my country seems to be an April Fool Day.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
I wonder if April 1st has the same significance everywhere...

Obviously not.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Thomas Paul:
With no tipping, waiters can be as surly as they want (an God know that waiters need no excuses to be surly) because they know that it has no effect on their paycheck.

Speaking about cultural diversity...
In the country where I live people tend to be kind regardless of how much they are get paid.
18 years ago
I frankly do not understand this waste of disk space and bandwidth by some fellow JavaRancher in the effort to defend Mr. Saddam Hussain.
He is no hero and no saint.
He was the direct cause of the death of million of Iranians.

You shall reap what you sow.

Remember Marlowe's Doctor Faustus...
18 years ago

Originally posted by herb slocomb:

Would I be wrong to assume that the non-Russian people had been incorporated into the Russian/Soviet empire not by voluntary immigration as in my example, but by conquest?

In most cases you wouldn't.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
This is a liberal argument: "everyone should ride a bicycle if they want to boycott the Axis of Evil." The beauty of it is it's exactly conservative logic, e.g.: "everyone should get the hell out of America if they don't like it." All you have to do is change the verbs and nouns.

If you change verbs and nouns you can get everything out of everything.
Sentence (1): I ate a cake.
-->change verbs and nouns -->
Sentence (1): I climbed a mountain.
I do not get your point.
18 years ago