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Recent posts by Joe Cuppa

Wasn't Moonlight Graham the doctor in Field of Dreams? I thought he was a fictional character in a fictional story.
16 years ago
A couple of things:

1) I wonder what the judge's reasoning was for awarding the plaintiff even her medical expenses.

2) CNN's site said, "the teenagers' families offered to pay Young's medical bills, but she declined and sued, saying their apologies were not sincere and were not offered in person." The site cited did not mention that. (BTW, I understand why the girls did not offer and do not blame the girls for not offering the apology in person once it became a legal matter.)

3) This person is now going to be the neighborhood pariah. We all had one, usually some old widow who looked like a witch and had a thousand cats, growing up. Her ostricism was probably undeserved; this woman's is very deserving.
16 years ago
I don't know how it's implemented, but what you've just described to me sounds a lot like what happens in a preprocessor. Yes, I realize Java does not have a preprocessor, but a phrase such as "statement gets translated" sounds a whole lot like the function and functionality of a preprocessor.+
"people object to autoboxing in Java 5 on the basis that it loses some transparency"

It was Java's inclusion of autoboxing that got me thinking that Java has operator overloading at least for the wrapper classes and operator=. I started to wonder why not more and for more classes.
Java Tiger has many new features. I appreciate the convenience and more natural syntax operator overloading provides for objects in expressions.

Anyone have any hypotheses as to why Java does not offer operator overloading in its latest release?

Scheduled on 10 Feb ... wish me lcuk ...

OK... I wish you all the lcuk in the world.
Although some may have found that "multiple inheritance is not necessarily a good thing", I agree with Ashik's "* Multiple Inheritance, Multiple Implementation Inheritance" criterion for what makes a language better.

After working in Java for awhile and at first thinking that multiple inheritance was mostly trouble, I've found that there are some things you can't do (at least elegantly) without it. Java's version of multiple inheritance by interface just isn't enough.
If you go slumming in the preprocessor, C and C++ do too.
I've downloaded and installed Cygwin, the CDT, and Eclipse. I've also set my system PATH varible for XP. I can get a "Hello world" program to compile and run from the command line, but I can't get it to build in Eclipse.

Here's the error I get in Eclipse:

I suppose I have to set some properties in Project->Properties.
I'm trying to switch compilers. I downloaded Eclipse and am able to get Java code to compile. I also downloaded the C++ plug-in; however, I can't get the C++ code to compile.

I suppose I have to "hook Eclipse up" to some C++ compiler. I downloaded a gcc compiler. Now my problem is in setting up all the paths to tell Eclipse where to find the includes, the compiler exe, and the like.

Does anyone have some (detailed) steps how to do set this up?
Although I may not be able to help you with your missing spec problem, I am interested in your constructive comments on the book.
Where do I get JBoss?

Also, does it come with good documentation that makes it easy to install and work with? Without(and maybe even with) good documentation I wouldn't have a clue about how to install and work with a server, even on my own machine.
For the New Year, I've decided to learn EJB. Since I do not work with EJB, I'm going to use the certification process as a framework to focus my studies.

I've read several posts and the FAQs, but I still haven't found the answer to my basic question: Where do I start?

Although I am a reasonably competent programmer, I have no experience with J2EE. I work basically as a DB applications programmer.

I think the first thing I have to do is get and install a server for the EJBs. The problem is that I only have access to my desktop computer. Can I install and run a server on my desktop and also use the same machine as the client?

Where can I get a (free) server?

What do ranchers recommend for a development environment?

What other problems (opportunities?) should I anticipate to encounter?