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take the appropriate redbooks for was 50 and go through selftests like the ones from


I am looking forward to pass the 000-347 exam.
As prep I work with the appropriate redbook and the book "mastering ibm websphere portal", which is quite nice.

Does anybody has got some hints or keyword/main topic hints for the exam?

Can somebody give me some more information?

E and B should be wrong, too because both reside ob client's side.
rel. A und C: seems to be the same embedded HTTP Server = Web Container


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[ January 14, 2005: Message edited by: Nadin Ebel ]

enclosed lots of questions but no answers ...

Configuring WebSphere queue connection factory settings for application clients requires what information?
(Select 2)
Host of JMS server for this connection factory
Port for queue destination
Fully qualified JNDI name
Server name of JMS server
Connection factory display name

When given a J2EE 1.2 EAR, what steps in the Application Assembly Tool can the administrator take to migrate a copy of the EAR to enable installation into WebSphere Application Server V5?
(Select 2)
A. Select "Save As" from the file menu. Check the "J2EE 1.3" box on the SaveAs dialog. Click "OK".
B. Click Convert EAR from the file menu. Save the new J2EE 1.3 application.
C. Select Import J2EE 1.2 EAR from the file menu Click "Generate Code for Deployment" Save the new J2EE 1.3 application.
D. Take no steps - J2EE 1.2 applications can be installed in WebSphere V5.

An administrator has created a script named ShowApps.jacl to display the names of all running applications. What methods could the administrator use to cause that script to execute automatically each time wsadmin is executed?
(Select 2)
A. Modify the calling wsadmin.bat /.sh file to pass the ShowApps.jacl file as a profile parameter.
B. Append "ShowApps.jacl" to the end of wsadmin.xml.
C. Append the directory where the ShowApps.jacl file is stored to the system classpath.
D. Modify the file to include the ShowApps.jacl file as a profile script.
E. Modify the WAS_ADMIN environment variable to add "ShowApps.jacl".

While installing an enterprise application, an OutOfMemory exception is thrown and the EAR file will not install. Which of the following scenarios are MOST likely to cause the problem?
(Select 2)
A. The application may have too many modules. Repackage the application so it has fewer modules.
B. There is a problem with the connection factory bindings. Change the resource authorizations setting to per connection factory.
C. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings should be increased for the application server.
D. There may be a problem due to the JSPs being pre-compiled. Turn off the Pre-compile JSP option and repackage the application.
E. In the Dynamic Cache Service, the cache size is too large. Adjust the maximum number of entries to a smaller number.

What types of objects CANNOT be added to the names space of IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 using configured bindings?
A. EJB hosted by a server, or server cluster, in the cell
B. CORBA object bound in another name space
C. JMS connection factory name on the local name space
D. Environmental String object relative to the root

What administrative console role has the permissions required to change Global Security Settings?
A. Monitor
B. Operator
C. Administrator
D. Configurator

What advantage is provided by selecting the use of SSL client authentication on the Web container for HTTPS traffic?
A. Enables the Web server to do certificate based authentication
B. Guarantees only trusted Web servers can talk to that Web container
C. Increases the level of encryption ensuring better network security
D. Eliminates the need for an LDAP directory for authentication

Which of the following would have to be configured to prevent an EJB client from authenticating using a certificate?
A. Ensure that the Web container's keyring does not contain the client's signing certificate
B. Configure inbound CSIv2 client certificate authentication to 'never'
C. Make sure the WebSphere keyring is readable only by root or administrator
D. In the LDAP directory, remove the client certificate from the user's certificate attribute

What value does Java 2 security provide to applications running in a WebSphere Application Server environment?
A. Is used by the Web server to limit access to the static content
B. Makes it possible for the application server to control access to system resources by the applications
C. Links into the operating system to enable Single Signon with the operating system
D. Ensures that native code is securely segregated from java code

While configuring WebSphere Application Server Network Deploy security for the first time, an administrator wants to set up SSO (Single Sign-On) and LTPA, using only IP addresses (not IP hostnames). What special considerations would need to be taken into account for LTPA?
A. Set the Single Signon Domain Name to the hostname of the application server
B. Leave the Single Signon Domain Name blank
C. Set the Single Signon Domain Name to the DNS domain name
D. This is not supported.

Which of the following situations does NOT require manually editing the plug-in configuration file?
A. A plug-in generated on a Win32 system is to be copied to a remote UNIX system having an HTTP server and a WebSphere Application Server V5.0 plug-in.
B. When IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 is installed into a directory other than the default directory.
C. A plug-in was generated in Network Deployment where the HTTP server is located on the same machine as the Deployment Manager.
D. When IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 is installed in the default directory locations in a heterogeneous environment.

Which session persistence mechanism requires the LEAST amount of administrative configuration when setting up a new cluster?
A. Database session persistence
B. Internal messaging client-server topology
C. Internal messaging N-way peer-to-peer topology
D. Internal messaging single replica peer-to-peer topology

What are the benefits of creating multiple cluster members in the same cluster on one physical node?
(Select 2)
A. Maximizes CPU utilization in multi-processor machines
B. Reduces HTTP server overhead
C. Provides process-level failover options
D. Eliminates a hardware single point of failure (SPOF)

It is NOT possible to configure session persistence options differently for two Web modules in an enterprise application when:
A. The two Web modules run in different clusters.
B. The two Web modules run in the same application server.
C. Session persistence is configured at the application server level.
D. Session context sharing is enabled in the enterprise application.

What steps are necessary to add a new cluster member to an existing cluster and allow it to start handling requests without interrupting requests to other cluster members?
(Select 3)
A. Create and configure a new cluster member.
B. Install the application to the new cluster member.
C. Start the new cluster member.
D. Update the HTTP server plug-in.
E. Stop and re-start the HTTP server.

A cluster has three cluster members. Their weights are: WLM_1 - 2 WLM_2 - 4 WLM_3 - 4 What percentage of new HTTP requests will be routed to WLM_1 ?
A. 0.2 %
B. 2%
C. 20%
D. 33.3%

A collection of four web modules forms an enterprise application. The web modules must share data within a single application session object. At which scope or in which files should the "shared HttpSession context" property be set?
A. At the node level
B. At the application server level
C. At the enterprise application level
D. On each web.xml file for the application
E. On the application.xml file for the application

The following command is executed on the Deployment Manager node: restoreConfig WebSphereConfig_<date>.zip It fails to update the cell configuration. The likely problem is that the:
A. file backup.log is missing.
B. command needs the -force option selected.
C. file WebSphereConfig_<date>.zip is missing.
D. command was run from <deployment manager install dir>/bin directory.

An application has bursty traffic back to the database. It is found that the application is slow to release database connections when not in use. What connection pool setting should be modified to improve this behavior?
A. Decrease the reap time
B. Decrease the aged timeout
C. Decrease the unused timeout
D. Decrease the minimum connections

A Web server is configured to deliver application requests to a cluster of application three servers. A typical client mix will have 40% of HTTP requests handled exclusively by the Web server. If the Web server is configured with a maximum concurrent client setting of 100, what is a good value to set each Web container maximum thread pool size?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 60
D. 100

Which of the following administration tasks cause the web server plug-in configuration file to need updating?
(Select 2)
A. Add an enterprise application.
B. Remove a cluster member from a cluster.
C. Change the application server trace string.
D. Change the startup setting for an application server.
E. Add a JMS Connection factory.

Three application servers form a replication domain. Two of them, svr1 and svr2, are part of a cluster that services user requests. The third application server, svr3, is only configured as an active repository for session data. What should be set to define this configuration?
(Select 2)
A. svr1 and svr2 should have their memory-to-memory runtime mode set to both.
B. svr1 and svr2 should listen to all partition IDs.
C. svr3 should have its memory-to-memory runtime mode set to both.
D. svr3 should have its memory-to-memory runtime mode set to server.

Which server parameter settings MOST influence EJB passivation?
(Select 2)
A. ORB service request timeout
B. Transaction service transaction lifetime timeout
C. EJB object cache size
D. EJB object cache cleanup interval
E. EJB object inactivity timeout

A remote performance team (such as IBM Support) needs to view PMI data to evaluate and diagnose an application performance problem. The administrator can BEST facilitate this by which of the following techniques?
A. Write a custom ARM 2.0 agent.
B. Set up a remote monitoring session with Tivoli Performance Viewer.
C. Save a monitoring session to a log and provide the log to the remote team.
D. Have the team use the performance monitoring servlet.

A trace of an application shows the Web container thread pool size is nearly always equal to the maximum pool size setting. At the same time, the average number of active threads is close to the minimum pool size and the percent maxed counter is less than 2%. What tuning changes should be considered for this application?
A. Decrease the maximum pool size
B. Decrease the minimum pool size
C. Decrease the inactivity timeout
D. Disable the growable property

Which file records the output from verbosegc for an IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 process?
A. SystemErr.log
B. native_stderr.log
C. serverStatus.log
D. activity.log

The dumpnamespace utility displays the name space of the IBM WebSphere Application Server. When dumpnamespace is used in a Network Deployment environment on a node running application servers it:
(Select 2)
A. presents a full logical view of the name space.
B. uses CORBA URLs to indicate that a link exists to an external context.
C. accesses the name space of the local node agent when dumpnamespace is run without arguments.
D. cannot be used to find IORs for bound objects.

The output of the Collector Tool is:
A. a set of files that contain configuration information.
B. a single archive containing installed application, configuration, and log information.
C. the collector.log file that contains the combined information of all the server log files.
D. the log information for all the nodes in the same cell.

Which of the following criteria CANNOT be specified when configuring log files to be self-managed?
A. The maximum number of historical log files.
B. The time of day for log file rotation.
C. The maximum file size that triggers log file rotation.
D. Whether logging of installed applications' output is included in files.
E. Whether to compress history files after rotation.

How can an IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 administrator BEST correlate failures in different servers running on different nodes?
A. Start multiple instances of the Log Analyzer tool, and then load the activity log from each node into each instance.
B. Run the Log Merge tool to combine the log entries for each server of each node, and then sort the result by timestamp.
C. Start the showlog script with multiple input files, and then view their combined output records sorted by timestamp.
D. Use the Log Analyzer tool's merge capability to open and combine multiple activity log files.

The IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 administrator uses Trace Specification strings to declare components or groups to be traced. What technique is NOT valid for entering and activating Trace Specification strings?
A. Type the string directly into the Trace Specification input areas of the console.
B. Include the string as a command line parameter when starting the server.
C. Compose the string using the administrative console GUI.
D. Use wsadmin to enable tracing by using a Trace Specification string.

When directing trace output to a file, what happens when the size of the log file reaches its maximum configured size?
A. The file wraps such that newer entries overwrite older entries.
B. Tracing stops.
C. The original file is closed and renamed. A new file is started.
D. A new file is created using the original name plus the current timestamp.

Which JMS Provider is MOST appropriate for an administrator to configure for a J2EE application that accesses an MQ Series application written in COBOL on a System 390?
A. Generic JMS Provider
B. Generic WebSphere MQ JMS Provider
C. WebSphere MQ JMS Provider
D. WebSphere JMS Provider

What is the value to an enterprise in installing and running WebSphere Application Server Deployment Manager running on its own dedicated machine?
(Select 2)
A. Deployment Manager can run on a machine with a smaller CPU
B. Reduces the number of single points of failure
C. Provides isolation of processes
D. Administrative console can run on the same machine
E. Allows for future coexistence with single installation of WebSphere Application Server

In a Network Deployment environment, what are the consequences of a Deployment Manager failure?
(Select 2)
A. The node.xml file on the deployment manager and each node may become unsynchronized.
B. The administrative console will not be available.
C. The workload management service will be delegated to the node agents.
D. Changes to the master configuration will not be propagated to individual nodes.
E. Changes to the local configuration will not be propagated to the master configuration.

What should be considered when comparing the vertical scaling of an application server (clustering) versus creating multiple stand-alone (Base) servers on the same machine?
(Select 2)
A. File synchronization will occur in the clustered environment.
B. Multiple physical servers running stand-alone application servers provide failover support.
C. The HTTP server plug-in distributes requests in a multiple stand-alone server environment.
D. The HTTP server plug-in distributes requests in a clustered environment.
E. Multiple stand-alone server machines can be easily combined into the vertically scaled environment.

What are the advantages of configuring Web containers so that they run in separate application servers from the EJB Containers?
A. Simplifies maintenance by logically separating presentation and business logic
B. Improves local JVM optimizations when the Web and EJB containers run in different JVMs
C. Reduces the number of single points of failure
D. Enables a configuration where different ratios of Web to EJB containers are possible, to better respond to the processing load

What are the consequences of configuring resources (JDBC Providers, JMS Providers, Resource Adapters, etc.) from different cells on the same set of machines?
A. Each cell will synchronize its master configuration with the node agents on the individual nodes.
B. All the resources will be managed from different cells by different deployment managers.
C. All the resources will be managed from a single cell by a single deployment manager.
D. All the resources will be managed from different cells by a single deployment manager.

When using LDAP as a user registry, what should be done to better ensure that user passwords are not compromised in the overall IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 security architecture design?
(Select 2)
A. The LDAP User Registry should be located in the same domain as the application server.
B. SSL should be enabled from the admin console to ensure secure socket communications.
C. The LDAP server should be physically located on the same machine as the application server.
D. SSL should be enabled from the application server to the LDAP server.

An enterprise hosts a trading application. The site is tightly connected to a database with a very high volume of complex transactions. There are a low number of requests. Which Workload Management strategies would be most appropriate in this scenario?
(Select 3)
A. Adding Web servers in the DMZ
B. Implementing connection pooling
C. Caching static pages
D. Implementing EJB workload management
E. Partitioning the database into multiple servers

Which of the following methods can be used in wsadmin to get help on the use of scripting objects?
A. Use wsadmin with the -h option
B. Use wsadmin with the -? option
C. Use the Help management object
D. Use wsadmin with the -help option

Which of the following files could be used to troubleshoot problems with the installation of either IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 or Network Deployment?
(Select 3)
A. activity.log
B. log.txt
C. mq_install.log
D. serverStatus.log
E. installAdminConsole.log

An administrator is attempting to install IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 5.0 and the installation wizard fails to detect an existing 5.0 installation. What are the administrator's options?
A. Edit the file and continue with the installation.
B. Start the installation from the command line with the option -W previousVersionDetectedBean.previousVersionDetected="true".
C. Start the installation from the command line with the option -W coexistenceOptionsBean.showCoexistence="true".
D. The only option is to perform a silent installation.

An administrator has decided to create multiple configuration instances for IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 on a single machine. What are some of the benefits of this approach?
(Select 3)
A. Multiple identical environments are available for development and testing.
B. The administrator can migrate configurations from an earlier release.
C. Multiple developers and testers can share one machine.
D. Installation and uninstallation are simplified.
E. Run time scripts and libraries are shared.

Which of the following will update the node's local configuration files to reflect the current contents of the master repository?
A. updateCell
B. cleanupNode
C. updateNode
D. syncNode

In the event of problems running scripts using wsadmin, the administrator can direct tracing output to a file. Which of the following statements regarding tracing is FALSE?
A. The location of the wsadmin tracefile can be specified in the file.
B. The trace string can be specified in the file.
C. The location of the wsadmin tracefile can be specified using the AdminControl scripting object.
D. The trace string can be specified using the AdminControl scripting object.
E. Setting up a profile makes it simpler to turn tracing on and off.

An administrator has installed IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 with WebSphere Embedded Messaging, and is having problems uninstalling and reinstalling. In order to reinstall IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0, the administrator can:
A. Remove Queue Connection Factories from the operating system registry prior to reinstalling the product.
B. Reinstall using the option -P"true" on the command line or response file
C. Uninstall embedded messaging, and then uninstall prior to reinstalling the product.
D. Remove Queue Destinations from the configuration, and then proceed to simply reinstall the product.

When two single instances of IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 are running on the same computer, which precaution applies to ensure that no conflicts occur?
A. Objects must be registered in JNDI using unique names.
B. The servers' ports must be unique.
C. JNDI clients should specify the provider URL when obtaining the initial context.
D. Lookups should be performed using the node agent to be topology independent.

An IBM WebSphere Application Server V5.0 domain is currently running Enterprise Applications that utilize Message Driven EJBs (MDBs). Currently, the embedded WebSphere JMS Provider is being used. Which of the following requirements would necessitate the implementation of WebSphere MQ as the JMS provider?
(Select 2)
A. A full implementation of the J2EE JMS APIs is needed.
B. Durable topic subscriptions are required.
C. Communication with destinations outside the WebSphere environment is needed.
D. Both Point-to-Point and Publish/Subscribe message delivery mechanisms are required.
E. Queue manager to Queue manager communications need to be implemented.

The administrator needs to create a JDBC provider to support connection pooling and two-phase commit. Which of the following implementation classes will fulfill these requirements?
A. for DB2, or oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource for Oracle
B. for DB2, or oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource for Oracle
C. for DB2, or oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleTwoPhaseDataSource for Oracle
D. for DB2, or oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDistributedDataSource for Oracle

Which of the following authentication mechanisms would a resource adapter use to access an EIS (Enterprise Information System)?
A. BasicPassword
B. Basic Authentication
C. Lightweight Third Party Authentication
D. Simple WebSphere Authentication Mechanism

In which file are the J2EE security role mappings stored?
A. was.policy
B. application.xml
C. sas.server.props
D. ibm-application-bnd.xmi

Which of the following situations require a re-start of an enterprise application in order to cause the changes to be effective?
(Select 2)
A. Placing a JSP in the proper location below the APP_INSTALL_ROOT directory
B. Adding a new EJB or Web module to an application
C. Updating an existing servlet class
D. Changing the deployment descriptors file for an application
E. Changing the HTTP plug-in configuration

Configuring WebSphere queue connection factory settings for application clients requires what information?
(Select 2)
A. Host of JMS server for this connection factory
B. Port for queue destination
C. Fully qualified JNDI name
D. Server name of JMS server
E. Connection factory display name

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I didn't know about the free voucher before - however the company paid for the certification test ...
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I passed 340 already and want to go on with 341 in short, too...


did anybody pass the 341 and may give some tips about items and questions?