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Recent posts by Raj kumar

J2EE Software Developer - Immediate Openings

Compete-at (formerly 1bigthink), a software development company specializing in web-based membership management, event management and online entry systems for sporting events, is seeking full-time J2EE Developers with skills in Hibernate, Spring, and Struts for their Bethesda, MD office. All skill levels will be considered but preference will be given to candidates with 3 to 5 years of professional experience. Candidates must be motivated and proactive with good problem solving skills since much of their time will be spent developing in small groups.

Candidates must have experience in developing applications using most of the J2EE technologies and should have significant experience with the following development technologies and tools:
- Servlets
- EJB 2.0
- Spring
- Struts 1.2
- Hibernate
- Xdoclet
- Webservices (preferred but not required)
- Mysql/SAPDB/MaxDB
- JavaScript
- Eclipse IDE
- Tomcat
- Dreamweaver

Prior experience with social networking, payment gateways, and financial projects a plus.
This is a full-time position.
H1B Visa Transfer available.
Benefits include healthcare (HSA) and potential for profit sharing.

Please reply with your resume, date of availability, and salary requirement.

Email: raj@1bigthink.com or rkumar@1bigthink.com
[ August 09, 2007: Message edited by: Raj kumar ]
13 years ago
Hi Shailesh,

It would be helpful if you can tell us how you fixed this problem.

I am looking for prospective employers who can do H1B Sponsorship. I have 6+years experience in Java,J2EE and C++
14 years ago
yes u can, but u should use <html:form> tag.
15 years ago
where can we send the questions???
15 years ago
How do we export data from MYSQL to Quickbooks?

QM Walkings,

Can you please check your email id? It doesn't work.

15 years ago
I was reading an introductory tutorial on Hibernate. It says it eliminates the need to write SQL queries. But still it uses HQL...so we are still writing queries right??
How can I pass the error statements to a file and debug statements to the console using log4j?

16 years ago

The directory with the property files is in my classpath. The java class when it is part of a web application, running in websphere server environment it is able to get the property files. But when it is run as a java application, it is unable to get the property files.

16 years ago
I am trying to access the property files (to access DB2,LOG4J etc)in WSAD. when I run the application within the websphere server environment, i am able to access the property files, but when i try to run as a Java Application (using main method), I am unable to access the property files.

Waiting for your reply.

16 years ago