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vijay saraf

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Recent posts by vijay saraf

Hi All,

I have RAD 7 and I wanted to add some rules for code quality.
But I think available templates are not enough to add my rules.
I wanted to know if there is any way to add/configure my own template(s) using which I can add my rules .

9 years ago

I got the problem...
My URLMapper was missing...
here is my new server-config.wsdd file

Well...........thanks all.
10 years ago
Hi All,

I stucked with Axis 1.3 (please don't ask why 1.3...) and JDK 1.5 with webshpere.
i have very basic service 'Calculator' with two operations 'add' and 'subtract'
here is my server-config.wsdd file (placed under WEB-INF directory).

and here is my wsdl file.

when i try to invoke the service with simple client i am getting following error

faultCode: {}Server.NoService
faultString: The AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke! targetService is null

I am failed here to figure-out the problem.
for info,
i am getting expected results when i follow the urls
Hi there, this is an AXIS service!
Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...

but when go to http://localhost:9080/TestService/servlet/AxisServlet and click the wsdl link (in actual it is http://localhost:9080/TestService/services/Calculator?wsdl) i am getting error messgae as
AXIS error
Could not generate WSDL!
There is no SOAP service at this location

Here is my web.xml file.

Could anyone please help me to know identify the problem.

10 years ago
Hi All,

I just wanted to know, if i call entrySet on HashMap 100 times (just for example), then is there any guarantee to get the array of entries (entryArray) with same order everytime.

I have code below;

Here mySchedules is some Map<Integer,Object> object.


Hi All,

I have a module in a web - application where my application login in some third-party tool (in background).
The problem is, if user closes the windows directly instead of log-off then it left the application logged-in in third-party tool.

I wanted to perform the same cleanup even on browser-close event.
for this i have tried with javascript and i have raised my hands.
But is ther any way via applet to intimate server so that i can perform cleanup.
If any one have done this please suggest.

11 years ago
i think ,you can break your action in to 2 action
1st for, just to redirect to Login.jsp,when user just click on Login Link.
2nd for, to validate and forward on action,when user enter userid/pass and hits submit button.
12 years ago
Dear Meet,
I think that is not because of chached errors...
that may be because , you are directly going to the Login Action without going thru JSP and as you have validatation hrnce it is fired and you are having Action Errors on the page...
12 years ago
Thanks Aladiyan & David,
Actually i was not awre of fieldValue.
I have done that using filedValue attribute of s:checkbox,

where employees is a List<EmployeeBean> and seletedIndex is a List<Integer>.
12 years ago
OK Mr. David,
Actually , i have declared a selectedIndex as List<Integer> in my action and want to collect those selected Indexes
and more with this is, till date i am not clear about Indexed property in S2.
and as per my understanding checkbox value in struts2 must be boolean like [please correct me if i am wrong]
<s:checkbox value="boolean" />
but in html i can supply any string type value...and OGNL convert and populate this selectedIndex List for me...
If you can please show me the code sample useing S2 checkbox, i will be thankful to you.

12 years ago
Ohh!!! I am sorry and definitely i will wait at least for a day to get the answer.

Why can't you just use a checkbox tag? If you're wrapping up the HTML inside an iterator I don't see what the issue is

i agree with you but i was looking inside struts to achive that...

ok i have done like this...

and it means we can't completely omit the old HTML tags...
any ways ...
12 years ago
Bazzzzz......... Ranchers..........
i will appreciate even a link of custom component.
12 years ago
Hello All,

actually i wanted to place a check box in iterator tag for each row to provide mutiple edit facility, and i am unable to do it with <s:checkbox>,i think this can be done with custom components.
i wanted to know what are steps to create a custom component in struts for JSP.
however i have done a lot of googling but didn't get some solid document regarding custom components.

12 years ago
Thanks David,

I was expecting this, what answer you have given.
Its bad Idea....
12 years ago