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Recent posts by Jean Meira

Has not a right way.
You make your way...

I am telling only that the people are making.
You must follow your heart.
I know a few about VEDAS.
It is very interesting.
Don't you prefer take SCJD exam ?
Very few people are taking SCBC exam.
Really, HFS&JSP is a very good book.
It facilitates the learning by containing all exam objectives.
But isn't essential.

I used the Manning SCWD Study Guide and the site.
I took many mocks exam as Jdiscuss, JwebPlus, J2eecertificate.

Get attention with EL, JSTL and Custom Tags development objectives.
The exam is'nt hard, but requires very study and practice.

More later...
[ April 07, 2005: Message edited by: Jean Meira ]
Hi guys !!
I passed in SCWD with 84%.
I passed without HF&S book.

Thanks All in javaranch.
I am from Brazil too and i am wordering do the exam without the HFS&JSP.
The great advantage of this book is that you learn more easy.
I would like seeing it to evaluate better.
Of this way i will can tell if is really necessary read this book.
I want know too.
[ March 23, 2005: Message edited by: Jean Meira ]
I believe that this works:


[ March 22, 2005: Message edited by: Jean Meira ]
[ March 22, 2005: Message edited by: Jean Meira ]
It required J2EE Design Patterns in the exam too.
Among them are:

- Front Controller
- Business Delegate
- Service Locator
- Facade
- Itercepting Filter