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sri ramu

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since Jan 24, 2005
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Recent posts by sri ramu

hi ,

c when u are going for the Encryption u can go in 2 ways . one is by using the Text message as such as a String . Another way is we can do it by bit Streams. Y cant u try using a File stream as a Bit Stream and do tht encryption Part...
still had some queries mail me :

- replied by Sri Ramu SR.
16 years ago
hahaha..... c... dont ask these type of forums... try to do something and tell which but u had.... we can rectify tht... mostly...

-replied by SriRamu SR.
16 years ago
U need to install the jdk1.4 before installing the J2ME toolkit(which U downloaded from the Sun Website as u mentioned )... tht's it.. one rule is u should not include any spaces in the path for the directory in which u r installing the J2ME toolkit... it can be like (c:\wtk1.0) & not like (c:\my files\wtk1.2)
still u r facing some problems u can mail me... my mail id is

- replied by SriRamu SR.
16 years ago
Hello friends,

I just tried calling a mobile device from another.... In documentation, they defined that we can do using a static function platformRequest() in MIDlet class... while trying that, I got an message in my J2ME Toolkit "platformRequest is not configured" like that... i donno whether to set something in the settings.... i enabled all the optional package use... or else is there any to make a phone call through a mobile device to another?.. if there exist, can anyone help me in tht ...

In the Documentation of the J2ME toolkit , the Syntax of the platformRequest method is given as
public final boolean platformRequest(String URL)
throws ConnectionNotFoundException

My code as follows :

//I set the phone number like 5550000 in settings
boolean b = platformRequest("tel:+5550000");
catch(ConnectionNotFoundException e){System.out.println("Caught Exception inside "+ e);}

so , I donno where the Problem lies. Is that compulsory to do some Security permissions in the setting of the J2ME toolkit. If so can U plz tell that procedure. I'm bit trouble in making that logic a success one .

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contact number :- +91 94430 14916

--Posted by SriRamu SR.
16 years ago