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Recent posts by meena latha

Hi all,
I am trying to learn Spring and hibernate using Eclipe IDE.
If anybody know about any good book or website link that will help me understand them and walk me through by creating a step by step small project please let me know.

I need to insert the same value into both the rows whose columnid is 1234 and 1235 using a single insert.

So after the insert it will look like this.

columnid titles_id title
1234 BU1237 Get Going
1235 BU1237 Get Going

i dont wat to do this using two insert,rather my single insert should insert value into these two rows.
17 years ago
I am stuck while doing an insert.
How do i insert value into two columns in the same table using a single insert

For Example

INSERT titles(title_id, title)
VALUES ('BU1237', 'Get Going!') where columnid='1234'

INSERT titles(title_id, title)
VALUES ('BU1237', 'Get Going!') where columnid='1235'

I need to insert the value into these two columns (columnid='1234'and columnid='1235')using a single insert.

Any suggestion on this is most welcomed.
17 years ago
Hi i am also trying the same example....
I am getting the same problem..........Please let me know if you have figured out what is the problem.
Thanks to all.It is working.I modified the validation.xml .
17 years ago
sorry the error got resolved .The problem was the the end tag for <var-value> was </var-name>.But the validation is not carried out.
17 years ago
Thanks.I have only one Action class thats the problem....However i have modified my validation.xml this way.

But now i am getting the following error.

what i am all doing is setting a property value to true when the submit button is clicked.Then i am checking that in my validation.xml.
Any suggestion is most welcomed.

[ July 10, 2006: Message edited by: meena latha ]
[ July 10, 2006: Message edited by: meena latha ]
17 years ago
Thanks for the reply.But when we are using the validation framework do we need to override the validation()..???
17 years ago

I wanted to validate a input text field.
I am using validation.xml to do this.
This is what i have written in my validation.xml

This works fine.But the problem is,i should not get the error message once the page is loaded .I should get it only when i hit the submit button.
How should i modify my validation.xml to do this.I should basically put
some check to see whether the submit button is hit or not.
Any help will be really useful.
17 years ago
Problem is that the first two message are always reaching the MDB,but the third message is reached but getting lost somewhere.TO be more clear,i can see in my console that the message count is getting increamented but the onMessage is not getting triggered.
I am facing a strange scenario in my application.
I am posting message to the message que,to which i have configured an MDB.
My analysis of the log file revealed that the messages are not reaching the MDB,
beacuse the onMessage() is not getting triggered.

The application is working fine in Development environment.
The only difference i see the test and dev console is that the
message consumer is set to 4 in test and it is set to 2 in dev.

Anybody please help me ,its becomeing critical for our acceptance.

Hi all.
I have no clear idea what this stubbing really means.
When i google i can to know that stubbing is done for testing data that are very expensive ..etc .And stubs are different for mocks.
But i not confused and do not have a clear picture.
Is there any link that i can look into to get in details or can anybody explain me what is stubbing and where it is used and so on.
18 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
I just modified the query like this.

18 years ago
I need to take value from 3 tables.
Right now i am trying to pick value from 2 tables.
Below is the query for that

now i need to pick the value from one more table whose num is the same as tableB 's num

if i do this i am not getting any value for the age eventhough there is some value for that particular num.

what i all need is to select the age from tableC and display it.
Is there any other way of written this query.
thanks in advance.
18 years ago
Hi all.

I am using weblogic 8.1.
I am getting the following error.

This is happening when we try to process multiple insert at the same time.
When we try to do 900 insert i am getting this error.

In my weblogic console under JTA it is configured like this.

Timeout Seconds: 30
Abandon Timeout Seconds: 86400
Before Completion Iteration Limit: 10
Max Transactions: 10000
Max Unique Name Statistics: 1000
Checkpoint Interval Seconds: 300

Above is the configuration in my localhost.
When i tried the same thing in out Test Server it works fine.
The Test server ,console everything is one and the same expect the
Timeout Seconds : 240.

So i changed the timeout in my localhost weblogic console and started the server once again,but it didnt help.

Any help/hint will be really useful.
18 years ago