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Recent posts by marcus don

Hi all,
I need to search programmatically (from java code)
inside xls, doc, pdf stored in blob fields.

Does exist a product that could be useful?

Does UltraSearch works fine?

Any Ideas?

18 years ago
Hi Ramy,
sorry for the late answer,
thank you for your help.

I didn't find a solution yet, but soon or later I'll solve it...

I still don't understand :roll: how to synchronize the mutable Hashtable of users with the List.

18 years ago
Hi Ramy,
thanks for your answer.

Your assumptions are corrects and well thought.
You catch the point.

I have got a chat application,
a vector contains all discovered members,
while the list display their names.
Selecting an item (a member) I can
  • send a message
  • ban the user
  • see the user profile

  • How do you think I can maintain an external index between the list
    and the members?

    How can I refresh the list, checking if all elements are the same,
    if not... updating them?


    Here I store chat members

    and this is the list

    Thanks again,
    18 years ago
    Hi all,
    I've got a Vector of objects.

    I've to display them in a javax.microedition.lcdui.List.

    Those objects may change their name, may be deleted, or may be added.
    The list should be properly updated.

    Here is the question:
    How can I be sure to point to the same object between this operations:
  • Select an Object (i.e. pressing the "select" soft button)
  • [list] retreive the object selected in the method[/list]
    using the index
  • doing some stuff with selected object retreived

  • if the update process can occurr suddenly???

    Any idea?


    [ March 03, 2006: Message edited by: marcus don ]
    18 years ago
    Hi all,
    in order to give a friendly and professional look and feel to your MIDlet as shown on

    do you use Canvas or do you use an ImageItem inside a Form?

    Have you encountered a web resource, where download some example?
    18 years ago
    Hi all,
    1)Which product from BEA should I buy in order to
    execute java portlets (jsr-168)?

    2)May a portlet deployed under apache pluto, work without extra effort on BEA (Write Once Run Anywhere)?

    3)Does exist something similar to josso ( for Bea (also commercial)?

    Thanx a lot
    18 years ago
    Hi all,
    how can I publish one or more news, events ecc... on my home page
    in a precise date and time ... i.e java.sql.Timestamp?

    Can Quartz be a solution?
    18 years ago
    Hi, thank you for you reply,
    may you please,
    suggest me a link to an article/resource/product/book/hint
    in order to be fully inspired before starting?

    I don't know (i.e.) if jaxme could be a smart solution or a simple way to
    bring my idea more complex.
    18 years ago
    I would like to create an application able to execute the same operation
    on different databases.
    Each database has a different structure.

    Can I create an XML file in order to store different query for the same operation?


    May be also a good programming technique insert host, driver name, userid,pwd... in order to build different db connections?
    18 years ago
    Hi Chandra Prakash,
    thank you for you reply.

    May you plese gimme another hint?
    May you please suggest me a link to a tutorial or code sample,
    in order to better understand how to implement a

    list would have its rows rendered as JLabels (with icons and text to its right).


    Thanks again,
    18 years ago
    Hi all,
    how would you structure an interface like this:

    Is this a simple
    - JFrame with a JPanel with GridBagLayout
    repeated 5 times ?

    Please, consider that row number could change, I mean I can receive not five
    but a larger number of Forecast (please see the picture).

    18 years ago

    It rocks!
    18 years ago
    No no...
    I'm still looking for an answer...

    How to implement this for loop without using external variables?
    Is it possibile?
    May you suggest me a cleaner way to do it?
    18 years ago
    This seems to be very ugly

    18 years ago